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Formed13 January 2005; 18 years ago (2005-01-13)
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This is a combined list of the Spur (联络线), Parallel (并行线), Metropolitan Area Ring (都市圈环线) and City Ring (城市环线) routes of National Trunk Highway System Expressways of China. Auxiliary expressways are followed by two additional digits of their primary expressway and the GXX0X series routes are city beltways. Generally, odd-numbered routes have lower numbers in the east and higher numbers in the west; even-numbered routes have lower numbers in the north and higher numbers in the south.

Before 2017, those codes were followed by a cardinal point (N, S, E, W) and an additional digit if repeated starting with 2; associated auxiliary expressways were followed by two additional digits, but during the 13th National People's Congress in 2017, the SAC published a new recommendation national standard GB/T 917-2017, in this standard document, all auxiliary routes are ruled only having two additional digits, and therefore all parallel routes and most of city ring routes are having their codes changed.[1]

China contains large groups of areas that are sparsely populated; expressways in these areas are therefore usually not designated principals, except when connecting provincial capitals with Beijing (G6, G7) or part of the Eurasian Land Bridge (G30, also the more practical route for Xinjiang to connect with Central and Southern China). However, in plans for 2035 all prefecture-level capitals and an absolute majority of counties must connect to the NTHS network, even in those remote areas, resulting in extremely long branch expressways (spur routes) of the NTHS, including but not limited to G0611, G0612, G0613, G0615, G1013, G1816, G5511. They likely will exceed 1,000 (2,000 for G0612 and G0613) km when completed, while the longest branch Interstate does not exceed 250 km. The G4218 is estimated at 4,000 km and will be the longest spur route in the world when completed.

In this list under Number column, the gray colored routes are not yet completed. The routes are officially printed in the 2022 National Highway Network Plan.[2]

Spur Expressways

Number Name Chinese Name Origin Terminus Length Formed Notes
G0111 Qinbin Expressway 秦滨高速 Qinhuangdao, HE Zhanhua, Binzhou, SD 387 km (240 mi) 2021 Added in 71118, was S31. Should not be confused with G111
G0112 Changliao Expressway 长辽高速 Changchun, JL Liaoyuan, JL 2022 Added in 2022 plan
G0211 Jinshi Expressway 津石高速 Tianjin, TJ Shijiazhuang, HE 258.8 km (160.8 mi) 2022 Added in 71118
G0212 Wubin Expressway 武滨高速 Wuqing, TJ Binhai, TJ 1993 Added in 2022 plan, was S40
G0311 Jiliao Expressway 济聊高速 Jinan, SD Liaocheng, SD 147 km (91 mi) 2020 Added in 2022 plan, former portion of S1
G0411 Anchang Expressway 安长高速 Anyang, HA Changzhi, SX 2018 Added in 2022 plan (was G2212 in provincial plan)
G0412 Shennan Expressway 深南高速 Shenzhen, GD Nanning, GX Added in 2022 plan
G0413 Xinxin Expressway 新忻高速 Xinle, HE Xinzhou, SX Added in 2022 plan
G0511 Dedu Expressway 德都高速 Deyang, SC Dujiangyan, SC 89.6 km (55.7 mi) 2021 Added in 71118
G0512 Chengle Expressway 成乐高速 Chengdu, SC Leshan, SC 89 km (55 mi) 2021 (except Chengdu–Pengshan) Added in 71118, was S7 until 2017
G0513 Pingluo Expressway 平洛高速 Pingyao, SX Luoyang, HA 2020 (Qinshui–Luoyang) Added in 2022 plan
G0611 Zhangwen Expressway 张汶高速 Zhangye, GS Wenchuan, SC 1,100 km (680 mi)(estimate) 2022 (Zhangye–Tongren) Added in 71118; was S88 and S92
G0612 Xihe Expressway 西和高速 Xining, QH Hotan, XJ 2,400 km (1,500 mi)(estimate) 2022 (except Huangyuan–Ulan) Added in 71118; was S2011
G0613 Xili Expressway 西丽高速 Xining, QH Lijiang, YN 2,300 km (1,400 mi)(estimate) 2021 (except Yushu–Shangri'La) Added in 71118
G0615 Dekang Expressway 德康高速 Delingha, QH Kangding, SC 1,300 km (810 mi) (before extension) 2024 Added in 71118 and extended in 2022 plan; was S24, S87 and S2014
G0616 Wugan Expressway 乌甘高速 Urad Front Banner, NM port of Ganqimaodu, NM Added in 2022 plan, connects to roads in Mongolia via Ganqimaodu Port; was S39
G0711 Wuruo Expressway 乌若高速 Ürümqi, XJ Ruoqiang, XJ 754 km (469 mi) 2026 Added in 71118
G0712 Ece Expressway 额策高速 Ejin Banner, NM port of Ceke, NM Added in 2022 plan, connects to roads in Mongolia via Ceke Port
G1011 Hatong Expressway 哈同高速 Harbin, HL Tongjiang, HL 566 km (352 mi) 2011 AH33
G1012 Jianhei Expressway 建黑高速 Jiansanjiang, HL Heixiazi Island, HL 217 km (135 mi) 2016 Added in 71118, connects to roads via Heixiazi Port (Russia); was S14 until 2017
G1013 Haizhang Expressway 海张高速 Hailar, NM Zhangjiakou, HE 1,500 km (930 mi)(estimate) 2014 (Xilinhot–Zhangjiakou) Added in 71118; was S20, S21 and S27
G1015 Tieke Expressway 铁科高速 Tieli, HL Horqin Right Middle Banner, NM 900 km (560 mi)(estimate) 2020 (Yushu–Tongyu) Added in 71118; was S13, S14 and S22
G1016 Shuangbao Expressway 双宝高速 Shuangyashan, HL Baoqing, HL Added in 2022 plan
G1017 Haijia Expressway 海加高速 Hailar, NM Jiagedaqi, HL Added in 2022 plan
G1111 Heha Expressway 鹤哈高速 Hegang, HL Harbin, HL 457 km (284 mi) 2011 (except Hegang–Yichun)
G1112 Jishuang Expressway 集双高速 port of Ji'an, JL Shuangliao, JL 350 km (220 mi)(estimate) 2021 Connects to roads in North Korea via Ji'an Port.
G1113 Danfu Expressway 丹阜高速 port of Dandong, LN Fuxin, LN 450 km (280 mi)(estimate) 2007 (except Xinmin–Fuxin) part of AH1 (between Dandong and Shenyang)
Connects to Pyongyang–Sinuiju Motorway in North Korea via New Yalu River Bridge Port.
G1115 Jijian Expressway 鸡建高速 Jixi, HL Jiansanjiang, HL 2016 Added in 2022 plan; was S11
G1116 Yibei Expressway 伊北高速 Yichun, HL Bei'an, HL 2013 Added in 2022 plan
G1117 Suibei Expressway 绥北高速 Suihua, HL Bei'an, HL 2016 Added in 2022 plan
G1118 Fuchang Expressway 抚长高速 Fusong, JL port of Changbai, JL 2016 (except Changbai Airport–Changbai Port) Added in 2022 plan, connects to roads in North Korea via Changbai Port.
G1119 Bailin Expressway 白临高速 Baishan, JL port of Linjiang, JL 2016 (a little section in Baishan) Added in 2022 plan, connects to roads in North Korea via Linjiang Port.
G1131 Muyan Expressway 牡延高速 Xingshan, Mudanjiang, HL Yanji, JL 2016 (Wangqing–Yanji) Added in 2022 plan
G1211 Jihei Expressway 吉黑高速 Jilin, JL port of Heihe, HL 900 km (560 mi)(estimate) 2018 (except Shulan–Harbin (south) and Harbin (north)–Bei'an) part of AH31 (between Heihe and Harbin)
Connects to R461 and R468 highways in Russia via Heihe Port.
G1212 Shenji Expressway 沈吉高速 Shenyang, LN Jilin, JL 372 km (231 mi) 2011
G1213 Beimo Expressway 北漠高速 Bei'an, HL Mohe, HL 750 km (470 mi)(estimate) 2011 (Bei'an–Wudalianchi) Added in 71118, was a part of S12
G1215 Songchang Expressway 松长高速 Songjiang, Antu, JL Changbai Mountain, JL Added in 71118
G1216 Wu'a Expressway 乌阿高速 Ulanhot, NM Alide'er, Horqin RFB, NM 78 km (48 mi) part of AH32
Added in 71118
G1511 Rilan Expressway 日兰高速 Rizhao, SD Lankao, HA 2002
G1512 Yongjin Expressway 甬金高速 Ningbo, ZJ Jinhua, ZJ 185 km (115 mi) 2005
G1513 Wenli Expressway 温丽高速 Wenzhou, ZJ Lishui, ZJ 116 km (72 mi) 2012
G1514 Ningshang Expressway 宁上高速 Ningde, FJ Shangrao, JX 353.366 km (219.571 mi) 2012
G1515 Yanjing Expressway 盐靖高速 Yancheng, JS Jingjiang, JS 168.62 km (104.78 mi) 2008 Added in 71118; was S29
G1516 Yanluo Expressway 盐洛高速 Dafeng, Yancheng, JS Luoyang, HA 2023 Added in 71118; was S4, S6, S9 and S18
G1517 Puyan Expressway 莆炎高速 Meizhou Bay, Putian, FJ Yanling, HN 706 km (439 mi) 2022 Added in 71118, was S1512, S2511, S2526 and S50
G1518 Yanbeng Expressway 盐蚌高速 Yancheng, JS Bengbu, AH 2022 (Jinhu–Xuyi, Wuhe–Bengbu) Added in 2022 plan
G1519 Tongru Expressway 通如高速 Nantong, JS Rudong, JS 2022 Added in 2022 plan; was S15
G1531 Huci Expressway 沪慈高速 Shanghai, SH Cixi, ZJ Added in 2022 plan
G1532 Quanmei Expressway 泉梅高速 Quanzhou port, Quanzhou, FJ Meizhou, GD 2013 Added in 2022 plan
G1533 Quanjin Expressway 泉金高速 Quanzhou, FJ Jinmen, TW (de jure) Added in 2022 plan
G1534 Xiajin Expressway 厦金高速 Xiamen, FJ Jinmen, TW (de jure) Added in 2022 plan
G1535 Chaonan Expressway 潮南高速 Chaozhou, GD Nanchang, JX 2019 (Meizhou–Pingyuan) Added in 2022 plan
G1536 Guanguang Expressway 莞广高速 Dongguan, GD Guangzhou, GD Added in 2022 plan
G1611 Kecheng Expressway 克承高速 Hexigten, NM Chengde, HE 2023 Added in 71118; was S17
G1612 Xi'er Expressway 锡二高速 Xilinhot, NM Erenhot, NM Added in 2022 plan; was S20
G1811 Huangshi Expressway 黄石高速 Huanghua, HE Shijiazhuang, HE 281.54 km (174.94 mi) 2000
G1812 Cangyu Expressway 沧榆高速 Cangzhou, HE Yulin, SN 550.13 km (341.83 mi) 2011 Added in 71118, was S68
G1813 Weiqing Expressway 威青高速 Weihai, SD Jimo, Qingdao, SD 250 km (160 mi) 2014 Added in 71118; was S24
G1815 Weiri Expressway 潍日高速 Weifang, SD Rizhao, SD 184.65 km (114.74 mi) 2020 Added in 71118; was S23
G1816 Wuma Expressway 乌玛高速 Wuhai, NM Maqên, QH 2016 (except Wuhai–Shizuishan (but some sections near Qipanjing is completed), and Hezuo–Maqên) Added in 71118; was S47
G1817 Wuyin Expressway 乌银高速 Wuhai, NM Yinchuan, NX 2020 (except Bayin Hutuge–Alxa Left Banner) Added in 71118; was S33
G1818 Binde Expressway 滨德高速 Binzhou, SD Dezhou, SD 143.8 km (89.4 mi) 2012 Added in 2022 plan; was S12
G2011 Qingxin Expressway 青新高速 Qingdao, SD Xinhe, Pingdu, SD 109 km (68 mi) 2007
G2012 Dingwu Expressway 定武高速 Dingbian, SN Wuwei, GS 2013
G2211 Changyan Expressway 长延高速 Licheng, Changzhi, SX Yan'an, SN 418.67 km (260.15 mi) 2024 Added in 71118, should not be confused with G1221
G2511 Xinlu Expressway 新鲁高速 Xinmin, LN Lubei, Jarud, NM 281 km (175 mi) 2017
G2512 Fujin Expressway 阜锦高速 Fuxin, LN Jinzhou, LN 117.23 km (72.84 mi) 2002
G2513 Huaixu Expressway 淮徐高速 Huai'an, JS Xuzhou, JS 222 km (138 mi) 2005
G2515 Luhuo Expressway 鲁霍高速 Lubei, Jarud, NM Holingol, NM Added in 71118
G2516 Donglü Expressway 东吕高速 Kenli, Dongying, SD Fenyang, Lüliang, SX 546.228 km (339.410 mi) 2030 Added in 71118, was S78 and S80
G2517 Shaxia Expressway 沙厦高速 Shaxian, FJ Xiamen, FJ 243 km (151 mi) 2017 Added in 71118, was S30
G2518 Shencen Expressway 深岑高速 Shenzhen, GD Cenxi, GX 2024 Added in 71118; was S50
G2519 Kangshen Expressway 康沈高速 Kangping, LN Shenyang, LN 92.2 km (57.3 mi) 2021 Added in 2022 plan; was S2
G2531 Hangshang Expressway 杭上高速 Hangzhou, ZJ Shangrao, JX Added in 2022 plan
G3011 Liuge Expressway 柳格高速 Liuyuan, GS Golmud, QH 650 km (400 mi) 2022
G3012 Tuhe Expressway 吐和高速 Turpan, XJ Hotan, XJ 1,931 km (1,200 mi) 2019 part of AH4 (between Toksun and Kashgar)
G3013 Ayi Expressway 阿伊高速 Artux, XJ port of Erkeshtam, XJ 97 km (60 mi) 2013 part of AH61 and AH65
Connects to A371 highway in Kyrgyzstan via Erkeshtam Port, shortened in 2022 plan.
G3014 Kui'a Expressway 奎阿高速 Kuytun, XJ Altay, XJ 563 km (350 mi) 2014 part of AH67 (between Kuytun and Karamay)
G3015 Kuita Expressway 奎塔高速 Kuytun, XJ Baketu port, Tacheng, XJ 245 km (152 mi) 2014 Connects to A356 highway in Kazakhstan via Baketu Port.
G3016 Qingyi Expressway 清伊高速 Qingshuihe, Huocheng, XJ Yining, XJ 53 km (33 mi) 2009
G3017 Wujin Expressway 武金高速 Wuwei, GS Jinchang, GS 2010 Added in 71118
G3018 Jing'a Expressway 精阿高速 Jinghe, XJ port of Alashankou, XJ 78 km (48 mi) 2022 part of AH68
Added in 71118, connects to A355 highway in Kazakhstan via Alashankou Port.
G3019 Bo'a Expressway 博阿高速 Bole, XJ port of Alashankou, XJ 73 km (45 mi) Added in 71118, connects to A355 highway in Kazakhstan via Alashankou Port.
G3031 Shanggu Expressway 商固高速 Shangqiu, HA Gushi, HA 2019 (except Tiancheng-Huaibin) Added in 2022 plan
G3032 Yonghai Expressway 永海高速 Yongdeng, GS Haiyan, QH Added in 2022 plan
G3033 Kuiku Expressway 奎库高速 Kuytun, XJ Kuqa, XJ Added in 2022 plan
G3035 Yixin Expressway 伊新高速 Yining, XJ Xinyuan, XJ 2019 Added in 2022 plan, was S12
G3036 Aa Expressway 阿阿高速 Aksu, XJ Aral, XJ Added in 2022 plan
G3511 Hebao Expressway 菏宝高速 Heze, SD Fengxiang, Baoji, SN 872.2 km (542.0 mi) 2023 Added in 71118; was S28, S32, and S88
G3512 Xungan Expressway 寻赣高速 Xunwu, JX Ganzhou, JX Added in 2022 plan
G3611 Ningxin Expressway 宁信高速 Nanjing, JS Xinyang, HA 2018 (except Nanjing-Lai'an and Changfeng-Huaibin) Added in 2022 plan
G3612 Pingyi Expressway 平宜高速 Pingdingshan, HA Yichang, HB 2005 (Fangcheng-Xiangyang) Added in 2022 plan
G3613 Luonei Expressway 洛内高速 Luoyang, HA Neixiang, HA 2012 (except Luanchuan-Neixiang) Added in 2022 plan
G3615 Luolu Expressway 洛卢高速 Luoyang, HA Lushi, HA 2012 Added in 2022 plan; was S92
G4011 Yangli Expressway 扬溧高速 Yangzhou, JS Liyang, JS 2012
G4012 Lining Expressway 溧宁高速 Liyang, JS Fu'an, Ningde, FJ 2023 Added in 71118; was S1, S1511, S48 and S51
G4013 Yangyue Expressway 扬乐高速 Yangzhou, JS Yueqing, ZJ 2022 (except Danyang-Jintan and Tonglu-Yiwu) Added in 2022 plan
G4015 Danning Expressway 丹宁高速 Danfeng, SN Ningshan, SN 2021 (Shanyang-Zhashui) Added in 2022 plan
G4211 Ningwu Expressway 宁芜高速 Nanjing, JS Wuhu, AH 2005
G4212 He'an Expressway 合安高速 Hefei, AH Anqing, AH 2002
G4213 Ma'an Expressway 麻安高速 Macheng, HB Ankang, SN 665 km (413 mi) 2022 Added in 71118; was S28
G4215 Rongzun Expressway 蓉遵高速 Chengdu, SC Zunyi, GZ 2014 Added in 71118; was S4
G4216 Rongli Expressway 蓉丽高速 Chengdu, SC Lijiang, YN 895 km (556 mi) 2022 (except Muchuan–Huidong) Added in 71118; was S59
G4217 Chengchang Expressway 蓉昌高速 Chengdu, SC Chamdo, XZ 2021 (except Barkam–Chamdo) Added in 71118; was S9 and S36
G4218 Yaye Expressway 雅叶高速 Ya'an, SC Kargilik, XJ 1,543 km (959 mi)(without Nyingchi-Xinduqiao and Shigatse-Yecheng sections)
4,000 km (2,500 mi)(said sections included, estimate)
2021 (Ya'an–Kangding; Nyingchi–Lhasa(East); Lhasa(West)–Qüxü; Shigatse Peace Airport–Shigatse Center) Added in 71118
G4219 Qunai Expressway 曲乃高速 Qüxü, XZ Nêdong, XZ 2017 Added in 71118
G4231 Ningjiu Expressway 宁九高速 Nanjing, JS Jiujiang, JX 2010 (Pengze-Jiujiang) Added in 2022 plan
G4511 Longhe Expressway 龙河高速 Longnan, JX Heyuan, GD 127.45 km (79.19 mi) 2005
G4512 Shuangnen Expressway 双嫩高速 Shuangliao, JL Nenjiang, HL 714.203 km (443.785 mi) 2020 Added in 71118; was S19 and S47, some signs were wrongly numbered G47 in Jilin
G4513 Naiying Expressway 奈营高速 Naiman, NM Yingkou, LN 300.705 km (186.849 mi) 2013 (except Fuxingdi–Fuxin) Added in 71118; was S13 and S21
G4515 Chisui Expressway 赤绥高速 Chifeng, NM Suizhong, LN 176 km (109 mi) 2023 Added in 71118
G5011 Wuhe Expressway 芜合高速 Wuhu, AH Hefei, AH 110 km (68 mi) 2000
G5012 Enguang Expressway 恩广高速 Lichuan, Enshi, HB Guangyuan, SC 2017 Added in 71118; was S22
G5013 Yurong Expressway 渝蓉高速 Chongqing, CQ Chengdu, SC 2017 Added in 71118; was S3
G5015 Wuyue Expressway 武岳高速 Wuhan, HB Yueyang, HN 2009 Added in 2022 plan
G5016 Yihua Expressway 宜华高速 Yichang, HB Huarong, HN 2016 Added in 2022 plan
G5511 Ji'a Expressway 集阿高速 Jining, NM Arun, NM 2022 (Ulanhot–Arun)
G5512 Jinxin Expressway 晋新高速 Jincheng, SX Xinxiang, HA 138 km (86 mi) 2004
G5513 Changzhang Expressway 长张高速 Changsha, HN Zhangjiajie, HN 309.762 km (192.477 mi) 2005
G5515 Zhangnan Expressway 张南高速 Zhangjiajie, HN Nanchong, SC 590 km (370 mi) 2022 (except Sangzhi–Xianfeng) Added in 71118; was S28
G5516 Suzhang Expressway 苏张高速 Sonid Right Banner, NM Zhangjiakou, HE 335.6 km (208.5 mi) 2022 Added in 71118; was S42
G5517 Changchang Expressway 常长高速 Changde, HN Changsha, HN 50.787 km (31.558 mi) 2022 (Yiyang–Changsha) Added in 2022 plan, was S28
G5518 Jintong Expressway 晋潼高速 Jincheng, SX Tongguan, SN 2022 (Yuncheng–Yongji) Added in 2022 plan
G5611 Dali Expressway 大丽高速 Dali, YN Lijiang, YN 2013
G5612 Dalin Expressway 大临高速 Dali, YN Lincang, YN 2023 (except Nanjian-Yunxian) Added in 71118
G5613 Baolu Expressway 保泸高速 Baoshan, YN Lushui, YN 2021 Added in 71118
G5615 Tianhou Expressway 天猴高速 Tianbao port, Malipo, YN Houqiao port, Tengchong, YN 2022 (except Tianbao–Malipo and Gasa–Zhenyuan) Added in 71118, connects to QL2 in Vietnam via Tianbao Port, and roads in Myanmar via Houqiao Port.
G5616 Anji Expressway 安吉高速 Anxiang, HN Jishou, HN 2021 Added in 2022 plan
G5617 Linmeng Expressway 临勐高速 Lincang, YN Menghai, YN 2022 (Lincang-Shuangjiang) Added in 2022 plan
G5618 Linqing Expressway 临清高速 Lincang, YN Qingshuihe port, Gengma, YN 2021 Added in 2022 plan, connects to roads in Myanmar via Qingshuihe Port.
G5911 Shuotai Expressway 朔太高速 Shuozhou, SX Taiyuan, SX 2012 (Xilingjing–Taiyuan) Added in 2022 plan
G5912 Fangwu Expressway 房五高速 Fangxian, HB Wufeng, JX Added in 2022 plan
G6011 Nanshao Expressway 南韶高速 Nanchang, JX Shaoguan, GD 2017 Added in 71118; was S59, S66 and S4503
G6012 Qumi Expressway 曲弥高速 Qujing, YN Mile, YN 2020 Added in 2022 plan
G6511 Anqing Expressway 安清高速 Ansai, SN Qingjian, SN 2020 (Zichang–Qingjian) Added in 2022 plan
G6512 Xiucong Expressway 秀从高速 Xiushan, CQ Congjiang, GZ 2016 (except Xinhuang–Tianzhu) Added in 2022 plan
G6517 Wuliu Expressway 梧柳高速 Wuzhou, GX Liuzhou, GX 212.55 km (132.07 mi) 2017 Added in 71118; was S19 (in province planning) and G6511 in GB/T 917-2013; later switched to G6517 because 11 is an unlucky number in Wuzhou dialect
G6911 Anlai Expressway 安来高速 Pingli, Ankang, SN Laifeng, HB 446.26 km (277.29 mi) 2023 Added in 71118; was S11 and S73
G7011 Shitian Expressway 十天高速 Shiyan, HB Tianshui, GS 2015
G7012 Fuji Expressway 抚吉高速 Fuzhou, JX Ji'an, JX 2012 Added in 2022 plan; was S46
G7013 Shanan Expressway 沙南高速 Shaxian, FJ Nanping, FJ Added in 2022 plan; was S20
G7211 Nanyou Expressway 南友高速 Nanning, GX port of Youyiguan, GX 2005 part of AH1
connects to CT01 expressway in Vietnam via Youyiguan Port.
G7212 Liubei Expressway 柳北高速 Liuzhou, GX Beihai, GX 2017 Added in 71118
G7511 Qindong Expressway 钦东高速 Qinzhou, GX port of Dongxing, GX 76.28 km (47.40 mi) 2013 connects to CT06 expressway in Vietnam via Dongxing Port
G7512 Zhurong Expressway 筑蓉高速 Guiyang, GZ Chengdu, SC 2021 (except Guiyang–Gulin) Added in 2022 plan
G7611 Duxiang Expressway 都香高速 Duyun, GZ Shangri-La, YN 2022 (except Jinyang–Shangri'La) Added in 71118, was S88 and S92
G7612 Naxing Expressway 纳兴高速 Nayong, GZ Xingyi, GZ 2020 (except Nayong–Qinglong) Added in 71118; was S65
G8011 Kaihe Expressway 开河高速 Kaiyuan, YN port of Hekou, YN 2013 part of AH14
Connects to CT05 expressway in Vietnam via Hekou Port.
G8012 Michu Expressway 弥楚高速 Mile, YN Chuxiong, YN 2022 Added in 71118
G8013 Yanwen Expressway 砚文高速 Yanshan, YN Wenshan, YN 2017 Added in 71118
G8511 Kunmo Expressway 昆磨高速 Kunming, YN port of Mohan, YN 692 km (430 mi) 2017 part of AH3
Connects to Route 13 in Laos via Mohan Port.
Part of the Kunming-Bangkok Expressway via Laos and Thailand to Bangkok.
G8512 Jingda Expressway 景打高速 Jinghong, YN Daluo port, Menghai, YN 54.229 km (33.696 mi) 2021 (Jinghong–Menghai) part of AH3 branch
Added in 71118, connects to roads in Myanmar via Daluo Port.
G8513 Pingmian Expressway 平绵高速 Pingliang, GS Mianyang, SC 2022 (except Jiuzhaigou–Jiangyou) Added in 71118; was S73
G8515 Guanglu Expressway 广泸高速 Guang'an, SC Luzhou, SC 2020 (except Wusheng–Tongnan) Added in 71118; was S33; multiplexed with G75 and G9909 Between Wusheng-Yongchuan
G8516 Barong Expressway 巴蓉高速 Bazhong, SC Chengdu, SC 308 km (191 mi) 2012 Added in 2022 plan; was S2
G8517 Pingxing Expressway 屏兴高速 Xinshi, Pingshan, SC Xingyi, GZ 2022 (except Pingshan–Yibin) Added in 2022 plan
G9111 Benji Expressway 本集高速 Benxi, LN Ji'an, JL 2022 (Jilin section) Added in 71118; was S18
G9211 Yongzhou Expressway 甬舟高速 Ningbo, ZJ Zhoushan, ZJ 2009
G9411 Guanfo Expressway 莞佛高速 Dongguan, GD Foshan, GD 2010
G9511 Lailai Expressway 涞涞高速 Laishui, HE Laiyuan, HE 2012 Added in 71118
G9811 Haile Expressway 海乐高速 Haikou, HI Ledong, HI 2018 Added in 71118 and shortened in 2022 plan; was S21
G9812 Haiqiong Expressway 海琼高速 Haikou, HI Qionghai, HI 2019 Added in 71118; was S11
G9813 Wanyang Expressway 万洋高速 Wanning, HI Yangpu, HI 2019 Added in 71118; was S16

Parallel Expressways

Number Name Chinese Name Origin Terminus Length Formed Notes
G0121 Jingqin Expressway 京秦高速 Beijing, BJ Qinhuangdao, HE 2023 Added in 71118, was G1N during 2013~2017 and S60 before that
G0122 Qinshen Expressway 秦沈高速 Qinhuangdao, HE Shenyang, LN Added in 2022 plan
G0321 Deshang Expressway 德上高速 Dezhou, SD Shangrao, JX 947.381 km (588.675 mi) 2022 Added in 71118, was G3W during 2013~2017
G0322 Jingde Expressway 京德高速 Beijing, BJ Dezhou, SD 2022 (Gu'an-Renqiu) Added in 2022 plan
G0323 Jihe Expressway 济合高速 Jining, SD Hefei, AH 2021 (Jining-Xuzhou, Guzhen-Bengbu) Added in 2022 plan
G0421 Xuguang Expressway 许广高速 Xuchang, HA Guangzhou, GD 2022 Added in 71118, was G4W2 during 2013~2017
G0422 Wushen Expressway 武深高速 Wuhan, HB Shenzhen, GD 2018 Added in 71118, was G4E during 2013~2017
G0423 Leguang Expressway 乐广高速 Lechang, GD Guangzhou, GD 2014 Added in 71118, was G4W3 during 2013~2017 and S1 before that
G0424 Jingwu Expressway 京武高速 Beijing, BJ Wuhan, HB 2022 (Beijing-Xiong'an, Zhongmu-Zhengyang) Added in 2022 plan
G0425 Guang'ao Expressway 广澳高速 Guangzhou, GD port of Macau, MO 2018 Connects to Lotus Road via Hengqin Port and Cotai Frontier Post, was G4W during 2013~2017
G1221 Yanchang Expressway 延长高速 Yanji, JL Changchun, JL 2020 (except Dapuchaihe-Changchun) Added in 71118, was G12S during 2013~2017, should not be confused with G2211
G1521 Changjia Expressway 常嘉高速 Changshu, JS Jiashan, ZJ 2020 Added in 71118, was G15W2 during 2013~2017 and S5 before that
G1522 Changtai Expressway 常台高速 Changshu, JS Taizhou, ZJ 339 km (211 mi) 2013 Was G15W during 2013~2017
G1523 Yongguan Expressway 甬莞高速 Ningbo, ZJ Dongguan, GD 1,835 km (1,140 mi) 2022 Added in 71118, was G15W3 during 2013~2017
G3021 Linxing Expressway 临兴高速 Lintong, SN Xingping, SN 2015 Added in 71118, was G30N during 2013~2017
G4221 Huwu Expressway 沪武高速 Shanghai, SH Wuhan, HB 2022 (except Wuwei-Lujiang) Added in 71118, was G42S during 2013~2017
G4222 Hexiang Expressway 和襄高速 Hexian, AH Xiangyang, HB Added in 2022 plan
G4223 Wuyu Expressway 武渝高速 Wuhan, HB Chongqing, CQ Added in 2022 plan
G5021 Shiyu Expressway 石渝高速 Shizhu, CQ Chongqing, CQ 2012 Added in 71118, was G50S during 2013~2017
G5621 Kunda Expressway 昆大高速 Kunming, YN Dali, YN Added in 2022 plan
G6021 Hangchang Expressway 杭长高速 Hangzhou, ZJ Changsha, HN 2022 Added in 71118, was G60N during 2013~2017
G6022 Lilou Expressway 醴娄高速 Liling, HN Loudi, HN 2024 Added in 2022 plan
G6023 Nanfeng Expressway 南凤高速 Nanchang, JX Fenghuang, HN 2021 Added in 2022 plan
G6025 Dongsan Expressway 洞三高速 Dongkou, HN Sansui, GZ 2015 (Tianzhu-Sansui) Added in 2022 plan
G6521 Yulan Expressway 榆蓝高速 Yulin, SN Yushan, Lantian, SN 2021 Added in 71118, was G65E during 2013~2017
G6522 Yanxi Expressway 延西高速 Yan'an, SN Xi'an, SN 320 km (200 mi) 2016 Added in 2022 plan, was G65 while current G65 was G65W
G7021 Ningwu Expressway 宁武高速 Ningde, FJ Wuhan, HB 2019 (except Ningde-Shunchang and Zhangshu-Yangxin) Added in 2022 plan; was S10, S42 and S9
G7221 Hengnan Expressway 衡南高速 Hengyang, HN Nanning, GX 2023 Added in 2022 plan
G7521 Yuzhu Expressway 渝筑高速 Chongqing, CQ Guiyang, GZ 2022 Added in 2022 plan[3][4]
G7522 Zhubei Expressway 筑北高速 Guiyang, GZ Beihai, GX Added in 2022 plan
G9221 Hangyong Expressway 杭甬高速 Hangzhou, ZJ Ningbo, ZJ 2024 Added in 71118, was G92N from 2013-2017, should not be confused with Hangzhou-Ningbo section of G92

Metropolitan Area Ring Expressways

All are added in 2022 plan.

Number Name Chinese Name Terminus Length Formed Notes
G9901 Harbin Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 哈尔滨都市圈环线高速 Encircles Shuangcheng, Songbei, Hulan and Acheng districts of Harbin, HL
G9902 Changchun Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 长春都市圈环线高速 Encircles Dehui, Jiutai, Shuangyang, Yitong, Gongzhuling and Nong'an of Jilin 376 km Formerly Jilin S96
G9903 Hangzhou Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 杭州都市圈环线高速 Encircles Deqing, Tongxiang, Haining, Shaoxing, Zhuji and Fuyang of Zhejiang 272 km
G9904 Nanjing Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 南京都市圈环线高速 Encircles Lai'an, Tianchang, Yizheng, Jurong, Nanjing, Quanjiao and Chuzhou of Anhui and Jiangsu
G9905 Zhengzhou Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 郑州都市圈环线高速 Encircles Xingyang, Zhongmu, Weishi, Xinzheng and Xinmi of Henan
G9906 Wuhan Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 武汉都市圈环线高速 Encircles Huarong, Liangzihu, Hannan, Hanchuan, Xiaogan and Xinzhou of Hubei
G9907 Changzhutan Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 长株潭都市圈环线高速 Encircles Ningxiang, Liuyang, Liling, Xiangxiang and Shaoshan cities of Changzhutan
G9908 Xi'an Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 西安都市圈环线高速 Encircles Lantian, Huyi, Zhouzhi, Wugong, Qianxian, Fuping and Weinan of Shaanxi Completely multiplexed with G3021
G9909 Chongqing Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 重庆都市圈环线高速 Encircles Yongchuan, Tongliang, Hechuan, Changshou, Fuling, Nanchuan and Qijiang districts of Chongqing, CQ 475 km Formerly Chongqing S80 and Chongqing S0101
G9910 Chengdu Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 成都都市圈环线高速 Encircles Dujiangyan, Shifang, Deyang, Zhongjiang, Pengshan and Pujiang of Sichuan 438 km Formerly Sichuan SA3; complete
G9911 Jinan Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 济南都市圈环线高速 Encircles Changqing, Qihe, Yucheng, Linyi, Jiyang and Zhangqiu of Shandong
G9912 Hefei Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway 合肥都市圈环线高速 Encircles Feidong, Chaohu and Feixi of Hefei, AH

City Ring Expressways

In 2022, some ring expressways of coastal cities were removed due to geographical constraints, along with Lhasa's, due to its extremely rugged and mountainous terrain, and Shenzhen's, probably due to EIA problems regarding Hong Kong Frontier Closed Areas.

Number Name Chinese Name Terminus Length Formed Notes
G0401 Changsha Ring Expressway 长沙绕城高速 Encircles Changsha, HN 102 km (63 mi) 2013
G0601 Xining Ring Expressway 西宁绕城高速 Encircles Xining, QH 2015
G0602 Lhasa Ring Expressway 拉萨绕城高速 Encircles Lhasa, XZ cancelled Was G0601 during 2013~2017; removed in 2022 plan
G1001 Harbin Ring Expressway 哈尔滨绕城高速 Encircles Harbin, HL 91 km (57 mi) 2009
G1101 Dalian Ring Expressway 大连绕城高速 Encircles Dalian, LN cancelled Removed in 2022 plan
G1501 Shenyang Ring Expressway 沈阳绕城高速 Encircles Shenyang, LN 1995
G1502 Qingdao Ring Expressway 青岛绕城高速 Encircles Qingdao, SD cancelled Was G1501 from 2013-2017; removed in 2022 plan
G1503 Shanghai Ring Expressway 上海绕城高速 Encircles Shanghai, SH 209 km (130 mi) 2022 Was G1501 from 2013-2017 and A30 before that
G1504 Ningbo Ring Expressway 宁波绕城高速 Encircles Ningbo, ZJ 2011 Was G1501 during 2013~2017
G1505 Fuzhou Ring Expressway 福州绕城高速 Encircles Fuzhou, FJ 2014 (northwestern section) Was G1501 during 2013~2017
G1506 Xiamen Ring Expressway 厦门绕城高速 Encircles Xiamen, FJ cancelled Was G1503 during 2013~2017; removed in 2022 plan
G1507 Shenzhen Ring Expressway 深圳绕城高速 Encircles Shenzhen, GD cancelled Was G2501 during 2013~2017; removed in 2022 plan
G1508 Guangzhou Ring Expressway 广州绕城高速 Encircles Guangzhou, GD 2010 part of AH1
Was G1501 during 2013~2017
G2001 Jinan Ring Expressway 济南绕城高速 Encircles Jinan, SD 2002
G2002 Shijiazhuang Ring Expressway 石家庄绕城高速 Encircles Shijiazhuang, HE Was G2001 during 2013~2017
G2003 Taiyuan Ring Expressway 太原绕城高速 Encircles Taiyuan, SX 2017 (southern and northwestern sections) Was G2001 during 2013~2017
G2004 Yinchuan Ring Expressway 银川绕城高速 Encircles Yinchuan, NX 59 km (37 mi) 2008 Was G0601 from 2013-2017
G2201 Lanzhou Ring Expressway 兰州绕城高速 Encircles Lanzhou, GS 2019 Was G3001 during 2013~2017
G2501 Changchun Ring Expressway 长春绕城高速 Encircles Changchun, JL 57 km (35 mi) 2002 Was G0102 during 2013~2017
G2502 Tianjin Ring Expressway 天津绕城高速 Encircles Tianjin, TJ 2016 Was G2501 during 2013~2017
G2503 Nanjing Ring Expressway 南京绕城高速 Encircles Nanjing, JS 2012 Was G2501 during 2013~2017
G2504 Hangzhou Ring Expressway 杭州绕城高速 Encircles Hangzhou, ZJ 2003 Was G2501 during 2013~2017
G3001 Zhengzhou Ring Expressway 郑州绕城高速 Encircles Zhengzhou, HA 106 km (66 mi) 2005
G3002 Xi'an Ring Expressway 西安绕城高速 Encircles Xi'an, SN 2003 Was G3001 during 2013~2017
G3003 Ürümqi Ring Expressway 乌鲁木齐绕城高速 Encircles Ürümqi, XJ 2016 (eastern section) Was G3001 during 2013~2017
G4001 Hefei Ring Expressway 合肥绕城高速 Encircles Hefei, AH 2008
G4201 Wuhan Ring Expressway 武汉绕城高速 Encircles Wuhan, HB 2007
G4202 Chengdu Ring Expressway 成都绕城高速 Encircles Chengdu, SC 2001 Was G4201 during 2013~2017
G4501 Beijing Ring Expressway 北京绕城高速 Encircles Beijing, BJ 220 km (140 mi) 2009
G5001 Chongqing Ring Expressway 重庆绕城高速 Encircles Chongqing, CQ 2009
G5601 Kunming Ring Expressway 昆明绕城高速 Encircles Kunming, YN 2014
G5901 Hohhot Ring Expressway 呼和浩特绕城高速 Encircles Hohhot, NM 102 km (63 mi) 2008 Was G0601 during 2013~2017
G6001 Nanchang Ring Expressway 南昌绕城高速 Encircles Nanchang, JX 2007 (except southern section)
G6002 Guiyang Ring Expressway 贵阳绕城高速 Encircles Guiyang, GZ 2007 Was G6001 during 2013~2017
G7201 Nanning Ring Expressway 南宁绕城高速 Encircles Nanning, GX 2003
G9801 Haikou Ring Expressway 海口绕城高速 Encircles Haikou, HI cancelled Was G1501 during 2013~2017; removed in 2022 plan

Provincial expressways with incorrect use of NTHS codes

  1. "G1201" Jilin Ring Expressway (吉林绕城高速) - real G12, G1211 and G1212
  2. "G1202" Songyuan Ring Expressway (松原绕城高速) - real G12, G45 and G1015
  3. "G3022" Weinan Transit Expressway (渭南过境高速) - no real number
  4. "G3023" Xixing Expressway (西兴高速)Was G30 before 2022 - no real number
  5. "G3024" Baoji Transit Expressway (宝鸡过境高速) Was G30 before 2019[5] - no real number


  1. "G0501" S2202 Linfen Ring Expressway (临汾绕城高速)
  2. "G1204" S17 Baicheng Ring Expressway (白城绕城高速)
  3. "G1502" Quanzhou Ring Expressway (泉州绕城高速) real S11, S56, and S58; removed in 2022
  4. "G15E" S15 Shenhai Expressway Zini Expressway (沈海高速 紫泥高速)
  5. "G1801" S5901 Shuozhou Ring Expressway (朔州绕城高速)
  6. "G2002" S2003 Yangquan Ring Expressway (阳泉绕城高速)
  7. "G2201" S2201 Changzhi Ring Expressway (长治绕城高速)
  8. "G4202" SA2 Chengdu 2nd Ring Expressway (成都第二绕城高速)[1]
  9. "G4203" SA3 G9910 Chengdu Metropolitan Area Ring Expressway (成都都市圈环线高速)
  10. "G47" S47 Nenjiang-Dandong Expressway (嫩丹高速公路) part of G4512 Shuangliao-Nenjiang Expressway
  11. "G5501" S5501 Datong Ring Expressway (大同绕城高速)
  12. "G76S1" S76 Dongxiao Expressway (东肖高速公路)

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1.^ This was during the time before 71118, when the sequence of beltways in Chengdu in the NTHS system from inner to outermost was G4201 - G4202 - G4203. Of these, only G4201 was ever a legitimate NTHS expressway. But after G4201 changed its number to G4202 as part of 71118, the former G4202 (described here) and G4203 were demoted to provincial S routes named SA2 and SA3 respectively. As of late 2022, SA2 remains a provincial expressway, but SA3 has been superseded by G9910.


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