Weymann, competitor in the Michelin Grand Prix 1910, shortly after departure from Issy-les-Moulineaux
Weymann, competitor in the Michelin Grand Prix 1910, shortly after departure from Issy-les-Moulineaux

This list of aviation awards is an index to articles about notable awards given in the field of aviation. It includes a list of awards for winners of competitions or records, a list of awards by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, various other awards and list of aviation halls of fame.

Competitions and records

Awards for speed and distance of flights were popular in the early days of aviation, and some continue today.

Country Award Sponsor Given for
United States Barringer Trophy Soaring Society of America longest distance soaring flight other than those flown at the US National Contest[1]
United States Bendix Trophy Bendix Corporation Transcontinental, point-to-point race[2][3]
France Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe Aéro-Club de France Speed trial for powered aircraft over a distance of 200 kilometres, to be flown as an outward leg of 100 km followed by a return to the starting point[4][5]
United Kingdom Daily Mail aviation prizes Daily Mail newspaper Various competitions[6][7]
International De la Vaulx Medal Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Holders of recognized absolute world aviation records[8]
United States Dole Air Race James Dole Air race across the Pacific Ocean from northern California to the Territory of Hawaii[9]
France Femina Cup Femina (French magazine) Woman who, by sunset on 31 December each year, had made the longest flight, in time and distance, without landing[10]
United States Gordon Bennett Trophy James Gordon Bennett Jr. Fastest time over a measured distance (time trial)[11][12]
United States Hearst Transcontinental Prize William Randolph Hearst First aviator to fly coast to coast across the United States, in either direction, in fewer than 30 days from start to finish. The prize expired in November 1911 without a winner.[13][14][15]
Germany Hindenburg Cup Paul von Hindenburg Achievements in powered flight[16]
United States Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition American Helicopter Society (AHS) International First human powered helicopter to meet a set of extremely challenging flight requirements[17]
International Lilienthal Gliding Medal Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Remarkable performance in gliding, or eminent services to the sport of gliding over a long period of time[18]
International Edison Award Edison Awards Honoring excellence in innovation
United States Mackay Trophy United States Air Force Most meritorious flight of the year[19]
France Michelin Cup Michelin Various long distance flight competition[20][21][22]
United States Orteig Prize Raymond Orteig First Allied aviator(s) to fly non-stop from New York City to Paris or vice versa[23]
United States Richard C. du Pont Memorial Trophy Soaring Society of America Winner of U.S. National Open Class Soaring Championship[24]
France Schneider Trophy Jacques Schneider Winner of a race for seaplanes and flying boats (see also Schneider Trophy aircraft)[25]
United States Thompson Trophy Thompson Products The race was 10 miles (16 km) long with 50-foot-high (15 m) pylons marking the turns, and emphasized low altitude flying and maneuverability at high speeds[26][27]

Society of Experimental Test Pilots awards

The Society of Experimental Test Pilots, an international organization based in the United States, offers or has offered various awards.

Award Given for
European Flight Test Safety Award Individuals who made significant contributions in the area of safety within flight testing[28]
Friend of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots Award Exceptional and notable contribution to the operation and the objectives of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots[29]
Herman R. Salmon Award Most outstanding technical paper published in Cockpit magazine[30]
Iven C. Kincheloe Award Outstanding professional accomplishment in the conduct of flight testing[31]
James H. Doolittle Award Outstanding accomplishment in technical management or engineering achievement in aerospace technology[32]
Ray E. Tenhoff Award Most outstanding technical paper presented at the annual Society of Experimental Test Pilots Symposium[33][34]
Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award People who have significantly contributed to the safety of flight test operations[35]

Other awards

Country Award Sponsor Given for
United States A. Leo Stevens Parachute Medal National Air Races Contributions to parachute design and techniques[36][37]
Brazil Order of Aeronautical Merit Brazilian Air Force Distinguished service and exceptional contributions to the Brazilian Air Force[38]
United Kingdom Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards World Leadership Forum Writers and broadcasters working in the aerospace and aviation field[39][40]
United Kingdom Britannia Trophy Royal Aero Club Aviators accomplishing the most meritorious performance in aviation during the previous year[41][42]
United States Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award Federal Aviation Administration Lifetime accomplishments of senior aviation mechanics[43]
United States Cheney Award United States Air Force Act of valor, extreme fortitude or self-sacrifice in a humanitarian interest, performed in connection with aircraft, but not necessarily of a military nature[44][45]
United States Chief of Naval Operations Aviation Safety Award United States Navy Safety based on aircraft flight mishap rates, ground mishaps, currency of safety programs, and flight exposure, etc.[46]
United States Collier Trophy National Aeronautic Association Greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of air or space vehicles[47]
United States Dale Wright Award National Air Traffic Controllers Association Professional and exceptional career service to NATCA and the National Airspace System[48]
International Edward Warner Award International Civil Aviation Organization Aviation pioneers or organizations that have contributed to civil aviation[49]
United States Endeavor Award Angel Flight West, California Science Center Volunteer pilots and organizations that coordinate their gifts of flight to serve those in need[50]
International FAI Gold Air Medal Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Great contributions to the development of aeronautics by their activities, work, achievements, initiative or devotion to the cause of aviation[51]
United States Paul E. Garber Award Civil Air Patrol CAP members who have dedicated themselves to leadership and personal development in the CAP[52]
United States General Aviation Awards Program Federal Aviation Administration Individual general aviation professionals on the local, regional, and national levels for their contributions to aviation, education, and flight safety[53][54]
United States Daniel Guggenheim Medal American Society of Mechanical Engineers etc. Persons who make notable achievements in the advancement of aeronautics[55]
United States Harmon Trophy National Aeronautic Association World's outstanding aviator, aviatrix, and aeronaut (balloon or dirigible)[56]
United States Howard Hughes Memorial Award Aero Club of Southern California Aerospace leader whose accomplishments over a long career have contributed significantly to the advancement of aviation or space technology[57]
United States John J. Montgomery Award National Society of Aerospace Professionals, San Diego Air & Space Museum Aerospace achievement[58]
United States L. Welch Pogue Award for Lifetime Achievement in Aviation Aviation Week & Space Technology Visionary and preeminent leader of contemporary aviation[59][60][61]
United States Langley Gold Medal Smithsonian Institution Outstanding contributions to the sciences of aeronautics and astronautics[62]
United States Living Legends of Aviation Kiddie Hawk Air Academy Significant contributions to aviation[63]
Germany Ludwig Prandtl Ring Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt Outstanding contribution in the field of aerospace engineering[64]
United States Maintenance Trophy Lockheed Martin Teams are examined on their flight line operations, the quality of their support elements, engineering skills and a team interview[65]
United States Octave Chanute Award American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Pilot(s) or test personnel that contributed to the advancement of the art, science, or technology of aeronautics[66]
United States Onizuka Prop Wash Award U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School Student at the USAF TPS who contributed most to class spirit and morale[67][68]
Australia Oswald Watt Gold Medal Royal Federation of Aero Clubs of Australia A most brilliant performance in the air or the most notable contribution to aviation by an Australian or in Australia[69]
United States Pilot Proficiency Award Program Federal Aviation Administration General aviation pilots knowledge and proficiency (safety)[70]
International Polaris Award International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations Airline crews in recognition for acts of exceptional airmanship, heroic action or a combination of these two attributes[71]
International Salute to Excellence Helicopter Association International Outstanding achievements in the international helicopter community[72][73]
United Kingdom Segrave Trophy Royal Automobile Club Outstanding Skill, Courage and Initiative on Land, Water and in the Airfirst person to hold both the land and water speed records simultaneously.[74][75]
Americas SICOFAA Legion of Merit Medal System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces Military members or civilians who have contributed to and promoted the interests of SICOFAA[76]
United States and Canada Superior Airmanship Award Air Line Pilots Association, International Superior airmanship (safety)[77][78]
United States Tony Jannus Award Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society Individual achievement in scheduled commercial aviation by airline executives, inventors and manufacturers, and government leaders[79][80]
United States William J. Kossler Award Vertical Flight Society Greatest achievement in practical application or operation of rotary wing aircraft[81]
United States Wright Brothers Medal SAE International Notable contributions in the engineering, design, development, or operation of air and space vehicles[82][83][84]
United States Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy National Aeronautic Association Significant public service of enduring value to aviation in the United States[85]

North American aviation halls of fame

State/province Hall of fame Sponsor / Location
Alberta, Canada Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame Reynolds-Alberta Museum
Arizona Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame Pima Air & Space Museum
California Aerospace Walk of Honor City of Lancaster, California
Colorado Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame Colorado Aviation Historical Society
Delaware Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame Friends of Bellanca Airfield
Florida United States Astronaut Hall of Fame Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Georgia Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame Museum of Aviation (Warner Robins)
Iowa Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame Iowa Aviation Museum
Minnesota Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame North aviation museum, Flying Cloud Airport
Florida Naval Aviation Hall of Honor National Naval Aviation Museum
Kansas Kansas Aviation Hall of Fame Kansas Aviation Museum
New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey Teterboro Airport
New York Empire State Aviation Hall of Fame Empire State Aerosciences Museum
New York Soaring Hall of Fame National Soaring Museum
North Carolina North Carolina Aviation Hall of Fame North Carolina Aviation Museum
Ohio National Aviation Hall of Fame National Aviation Hall of Fame
Ohio Women in Aviation International Pioneer Hall of Fame Women in Aviation International
Oklahoma Oklahoma Aviation and Space Hall of Fame Science Museum Oklahoma
South Dakota South Dakota Aviation Hall of Fame South Dakota Air and Space Museum
Texas Texas Aviation Hall of Fame Lone Star Flight Museum
Utah Utah Aviation Hall of Fame Hill Aerospace Museum

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