This is a list of Montenegrin banks.

Central bank

Commercial banks

There are eleven banks operating in Montenegro, all headquartered in the capital, Podgorica.[1]

Bank Capital Headquarters
1 Crnogorska komercijalna banka - OTP Bank group Hungary Podgorica
2 Hipotekarna banka Montenegro Podgorica
3 Prva banka Crne Gore Montenegro Podgorica
4 Erste Bank AD Podgorica Austria Podgorica
5 NLB Banka Podgorica Slovenia Podgorica
6 Addiko Bank Austria Podgorica
7 Universal Capital Bank AD Podgorica Montenegro Podgorica
8 Lovćen banka AD Montenegro Podgorica
9 Zapad banka AD Ukraine Podgorica
10 ZIRAAT Bank Montenegro Turkey Podgorica
11 Adriatic Bank United States Podgorica

Former banks


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