Although a relatively small territory, Albania has extensive lowlands, plains, hills, low and high mountains, many valleys, bays, caves and deep canyons. Below is a list of bays in the country:

List of bays in Albania

  National Park or part of a National Park
Name Image Description Location
Grama Bay
Gjiri i Gramës
Grama Bay (Albanian: Gjiri i Gramës) lies along the Ionian Sea within the Mediterranean Sea of the shoreline on the western slope of the Karaburun Peninsula in southwestern Albania. It enters a few hundred metres to the ground, forming a rocky coastline. During the antiquity, Grama Bay has served as a shelter for ships that were in complicacy (see rock inscriptions of the Grama Bay).[1] Today, it is known for its excellent beaches and ancient caves, which dates back to the Bronze Age.
List of bays of Albania
Gjipe Bay
Gjiri i Gjipesë
Gjipe Bay (Albanian: Gjiri i Gjipesë) is situated between the villages of Dhërmi and Vuno along the renowned Albanian Riviera, forming the border between the Adriatic and Ionian sea. The caves and canyon are one of the main attractions within the bay. Gjipe Canyon has a length of 800 metres (2,600 ft) and a width that can varies between 10 metres (33 ft) and 20 metres (66 ft).[2] It represents a narrow strait, created by the activity of the brook flowing through its narrow pass.
List of bays of Albania
Skaloma Beget Bay
Gjiri Skaloma Beget
The rocky Skaloma Beget Bay (Albanian: Gjiri Skaloma Beget) is situated inside the Karaburun Peninsula along the Albanian Riviera. It is known for its coral reef system and white-sandy beaches. The landmass bordering the bay to the north and south is characterized as hilly and mountainous.
List of bays of Albania
Kakoma Bay
Gjiri i Kakomesë
The Kakoma Bay (Albanian: Gjiri i Kakomesë) lies west of Nivica Bubar, between Kapo Qefali and Krorza and some few kilometres north of the city of Sarandë. Due to its impressive location, crystal blue waters, and virgin nature, Kakoma Bay is a popular tourist attraction. It was formed by the tectonic processes and the activity of the karst. Its width varies from 300 to 400 metres.[3] The mountain slope in the south of the bay is clothed with well preserved vegetation and biodiversity, while the northern one is rocky, covered with coniferous and deciduous forests.
List of bays of Albania
Vlorë Bay
Gjiri i Vlorës
List of bays of Albania

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