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This is a list of cancelled games for the VIC-20, Commodore 64, Amiga, and CD32. Some of these games were never released on any platform, while others had at least one release but were never ported or remade for the platform they were planned for.


Title(s) Cancellation date Developer Publisher
Cubic Critters 1982[1][2] Commodore International Commodore International
Hungry Horace 1983 Beam Software Melbourne House
Monster Muncher 1983 Spectrum Games Limited
Pursuit of the Pink Panther 1983 Roklan Corporation
Space Vultures 1982[2] Commodore International Commodore International
Trivia UK 1985 Anirog
Q-Bert Qubes Parker Brothers

Commodore 64

Title(s) Cancellation date Developer Publisher
Bomberman 1991[3][4] Hudson Soft Ubisoft
Bubbler 1987[5] Ultimate Play the Game Lynsoft
Devious Designs 1991[4] Image Works Image Works
Hooray for Henrietta 1991 Scetlander Scetlander
King Arthur's Quest 1985[6] Hill MacGibbon
Solar Jetman 1991[4] Rare Tradewest
Throne of Fire 1987[7] Consult Computer Systems Melbourne House
Warriors 1988[4] Rainbow Arts


Title(s) Cancellation date Developer Publisher
Pussies Galore 1995[8] Amber Developments Team17
Thalimar: Land of Chaos 1999[9] Paweł 'Zombie' Ząbek


Title(s) Cancellation date Developer Publisher
Pussies Galore 1995[8] Amber Developments Team17


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