This article lists the cantonal executives of Switzerland. Each canton of Switzerland has its own executive body, as well as legislative body. The Federal Council is the executive of the Swiss federal government, and is included for purposes of comparison.

The cantonal executives are collegial bodies, each with 5 or 7 members. They are generally called Regierungsrat (Executive Council) in German-speaking cantons and Conseil d'État (State Council) in French-speaking cantons.


Presidents of the executives

In Switzerland the presidency of the cantonal (and the federal) governments functions as primus inter pares. That means that they preside over meetings and can cast tie breaking votes but other than that are equally powerful members of the executive. If nothing else is noted the official name of the office of president of the cantonal executive is president.

The noted elections can but do not have to directly elect the president. If so the president remains president for all 4 years between elections (e.g. Basel-Stadt). In the other cantons the presidency rotates according to seniority (e.g. Zürich).


The date of the elections is not the same as the date of the start of the tenure. For example the elections in Aargau were held in 2020 but the tenure of the new Executive began on 1 January 2021.

The below list is up to date as of 29 October 2021.

Canton Executive
Official name(s)
Members President Party Last election Next election
AG Aargau Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
5[1] Stephan Attiger[2] FDP 2020 2024
Appenzell Ausserrhoden
AR Appenzell Ausserrhoden Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
7[3] Dölf Biasotto[2] FDP 2019 2023
Appenzell Innerrhoden
AI Appenzell Innerrhoden State Commission
Standeskommission  (German)
7[4] Roland Dähler[2] independent
BL Basel-Landschaft Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
5[5] Thomas Weber SVP 2019
BS Basel-Stadt Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
7[6] Beat Jans[7] SP 2020 2024
BE Bern Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
Conseil exécutif  (French)
7[8] Beatrice Simon-Jungi[9] Centre 2018 2022
FR Fribourg Council of State
Conseil d'État  (French)
Staatsrat  (German)
7[10] Jean-François Steiert SP 2017 2021
GE Geneva Council of State
Conseil d'État  (French)
7[11] Serge Dal Busco Centre
GL Glarus Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
7[12] Marianne Lienhard[2] SVP 2018 2022
GR Grisons Executive Council
Regierung  (German)
Regenza  (Romansh)
Governo  (Italian)
5[13] Mario Cavigelli Centre 2018 2022
JU Jura Government
Gouvernement  (French)
5[14] Nathalie Barthoulot SP 2020 2024
LU Lucerne Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
5[15] Marcel Schwerzmann independent
NE Neuchâtel Council of State
Conseil d'État  (French)
5[16] Laurent Favre FDP 2017 2021
NW Nidwalden Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
7[17] Karin Kayser-Frutschi The Centre 2018 2022
OW Obwalden Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
5[18] Daniel Wyler SVP 2018 2022
SH Schaffhausen Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
5[19] Walter Vogelsanger SP 2018 2022
SZ Schwyz Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
7[20] Petra Steimen-Rickenbacher[2] FDP 2019 2023
SO Solothurn Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
5[21] Susanne Schaffner[2] SP 2017 2021
St. Gallen
SG St. Gallen Government
Regierung  (German)
7[22] Marc Mächler[7] FDP 2020 2024
TG Thurgau Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
5[23] Monika Knill-Kradolfer[7] SVP
TI Ticino Council of State
Consiglio di Stato  (Italian)
5[24] Manuele Bertoli SP
UR Uri Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
7[25] Urban Camenzind[2] Centre 2020 2024
VS Valais Council of State
Conseil d'État  (French)
Staatsrat  (German)
5[26] Frédéric Favre FDP
VD Vaud Council of State
Conseil d'État  (French)
7 Nuria Gorrite SP
ZG Zug Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
7[27] Martin Pfister[2] Centre 2019 2023
ZH Zürich Executive Council
Regierungsrat  (German)
7[28] Jacqueline Fehr[9] SP 2019 2023
CH Confederation Federal Council
Bundesrat  (German)
Conseil fédéral  (French)
Consiglio federale  (Italian)
Cussegl federal  (Romansh)
7[29] Ignazio Cassis FDP 2019 2023

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