This is a list of major cities in Madagascar with population (1993 census and 2018 census), region, and former province. These are listed in order of their 2018 population. Note that these are the populations of the cities themselves (i.e. administrative districts, except in the case of Ambovombe) and exclude the populations of suburban communes outside the cities; some of the communes adjacent to Antananarivo have more than 100,000 population themselves.

Name Former name 1993 Pop.[1] 2018 Pop.[1] Region Province
Antananarivo Tananarive 710,236 1,275,207 Analamanga Antananarivo
Toamasina Tamatave 137,782 326,286 Atsinanana Toamasina
Antsirabe 126,062 245,592 Vakinankaratra Antananarivo
Mahajanga Majunga 106,780 244,722 Boeny Mahajanga
Fianarantsoa 109,248 189,879 Haute Matsiatra Fianarantsoa
Toliara Tuléar 80,826 169,760 Atsimo-Andrefana Toliara
Antsiranana Diégo-Suarez 59,040 131,165 Diana Antsiranana

Smaller cities and towns

This is an alphabetically-ordered list of smaller cities and towns in Madagascar with population (1993 census and 2001 estimate), region, and province.

Name 1993 Pop.[1] 2001 Est.[1] Region Province
Ambalavao 19,714 26,000 Haute Matsiatra Fianarantsoa
Ambanja 21,498 27,000 Diana Antsiranana
Ambatoboeny (Ambato Boeny) 15,073 19,000 Boeny Mahajanga
Ambatofinandrahana 18,286 24,000 Amoron'i Mania Fianarantsoa
Ambatolampy 18,809 24,000 Vakinankaratra Antananarivo
Ambatomainty Melaky Mahajanga
Ambatondrazaka 27,711 36,000 Alaotra-Mangoro Toamasina
Ambenja Boeny Mahajanga
Ambilobe 10,275 13,000 Diana Antsiranana
Amboasary 24,531 31,000 Anosy Toliara
Ambohidratrimo 23,649 Analamanga Antananarivo
Ambohimahamasina Haute Matsiatra Fianarantsoa
Ambohimahasoa 11,670 Haute Matsiatra Fianarantsoa
Ambositra 21,350 28,000 Amoron'i Mania Fianarantsoa
Ampanihy 17,463 22,000 Atsimo-Andrefana Toliara
Amparafaravola 33,098 43,000 Alaotra-Mangoro Toamasina
Analalava 12,724 Sofia Mahajanga
Andapa 14,602 18,000 Sava Antsiranana
Andilamena 12,688 16,000 Alaotra-Mangoro Toamasina
Andramasina Vakinankaratra Antananarivo
Anjozorobe 12,574 16,000 Analamanga Antananarivo
Ankazoabo 17,650 22,000 Atsimo-Andrefana Toliara
Ankazobe 10,390 13,000 Analamanga Antananarivo
Anosibe An'ala 16,938 22,000 Alaotra-Mangoro Toamasina
Antalaha 23,949 30,000 Sava Antsiranana
Antanambao Manampotsy Atsinanana Toamasina
Antanifotsy 46,674 59,000 Vakinankaratra Antananarivo
Antsalova Melaky Mahajanga
Antsirambazaha (Andoany, Hell-Ville) Nosy Be (Nossi-bé) 15,923 20,000 Diana Antsiranana
Antsohihy 14,244 18,000 Sofia Mahajanga
Arivonimamo 14,527 18,000 Itasy Antananarivo
Bealanana 11,339 14,000 Sofia Mahajanga
Befandriana-Avaratra (Befandriana Nord) 17,625 Sofia Mahajanga
Befotaka Atsimo-Atsinanana Fianarantsoa
Bekily Androy Toliara
Beloha 15,651 20,000 Androy Toliara
Belo Tsiribihina (Belon'i Tsiribihina,
Belo sur Tsiribihina)
16,249 20,000 Menabe Toliara
Benenitra Atsimo-Andrefana Toliara
Beroroha 12,667 16,000 Atsimo-Andrefana Toliara
Besalampy 11,576 Melaky Mahajanga
Betafo 19,684 25,000 Vakinankaratra Antananarivo
Betioky 21,145 27,000 Atsimo-Andrefana Toliara
Betroka 17,652 Anosy Toliara
Boriziny (Port-Bergé) 23,237 Sofia Mahajanga
Fandriana 22,113 29,000 Amoron'i Mania Fianarantsoa
Farafangana 17,419 23,000 Atsimo-Atsinanana Fianarantsoa
Faratsiho 24,824 32,000 Vakinankaratra Antananarivo
Fenoarivo (Fenoarivobe, Fenoarivo Be,
Fenoarivo Afovoany)
12,956 16,000 Bongolava Antananarivo
Fenoarivo Atsinanana (Fénérive Est) 13,514 18,000 Analanjirofo Toamasina
Iakora Ihorombe Fianarantsoa
Ifanadiana 12,340 16,000 Vatovavy-Fitovinany Fianarantsoa
Ihosy 11,951 16,000 Ihorombe Fianarantsoa
Ikalamavony 10,974 14,000 Haute Matsiatra Fianarantsoa
Ikongo 22,772 30,000 Vatovavy-Fitovinany Fianarantsoa
Ivohibe Ihorombe Fianarantsoa
Kandreho Betsiboka Mahajanga
Maevatanana Betsiboka Mahajanga
Mahabo 18,019 Menabe Toliara
Mahanoro 25,620 33,000 Atsinanana Toamasina
Maintirano Melaky Mahajanga
Mampikony 25,288 Sofia Mahajanga
Manakara (Manakara-Atsimo) 24,970 33,000 Vatovavy-Fitovinany Fianarantsoa
Mananara Avaratra (Mananara Nord) 26,474 34,000 Analanjirofo Toamasina
Manandriana 13,328 18,000 Amoron'i Mania Fianarantsoa
Mananjary 19,474 26,000 Vatovavy-Fitovinany Fianarantsoa
Mandritsara 30,963 Sofia Mahajanga
Manja 20,691 Menabe Toliara
Manjakandriana 21,042 27,000 Analamanga Antananarivo
Maroantsetra 15,328 20,000 Analanjirofo Toamasina
Marolambo 16,806 22,000 Atsinanana Toamasina
Marovoay 20,910 27,000 Boeny Mahajanga
Miarinarivo Itasy Antananarivo
Miandrivazo 14,026 18,000 Menabe Toliara
Midongy-Atsimo (Midongy Sud) Atsimo-Atsinanana Fianarantsoa
Mitsinjo Boeny Mahajanga
Morafenobe Melaky Mahajanga
Moramanga 18,767 24,000 Alaotra-Mangoro Toamasina
Morombe 22,627 Atsimo-Andrefana Toliara
Morondava 25,021 31,000 Menabe Toliara
Nosy Varika 26,133 34,000 Vatovavy-Fitovinany Fianarantsoa
Sainte-Marie (Nosy-Boraha) Analanjirofo Toamasina
Sakaraha 14,839 19,000 Atsimo-Andrefana Toliara
Sambava 22,131 28,000 Sava Antsiranana
Soalala 14,397 Boeny Mahajanga
Soanierana Ivongo 25,229 33,000 Analanjirofo Toamasina
Soavinandriana 26,734 34,000 Itasy Antananarivo
Tôlanaro (Tolagnaro, Tola'aro, Faradofay) 30,690 39,000 Anosy Toliara
Tsaratanana 11,214 14,000 Betsiboka Mahajanga
Tsiombe 20,277 26,000 Androy Toliara
Tsiroanomandidy 17,883 23,000 Bongolava Antananarivo
Vangaindrano 16,546 22,000 Atsimo-Atsinanana Fianarantsoa
Vatomandry 15,959 Atsinanana Toamasina
Vavatenina 23,716 31,000 Analanjirofo Toamasina
Vohemar (Vohémar) 23,187 Sava Antsiranana
Vohibinany (Ampasimanolotra, Brickaville) 16,261 21,000 Atsinanana Toamasina
Vohipeno 14,613 Vatovavy-Fitovinany Fianarantsoa
Vondrozo 14,032 19,000 Atsimo-Atsinanana Fianarantsoa

Most visited cities in Madagascar

Madagascar boasts several captivating tourist destinations that draw numerous visitors each year.

  1. Nosy Be Island: Positioned off the northwest coast, Nosy Be Island stands out as the largest and most picturesque seaside resort in Madagascar. Its tropical climate and expansive beaches make it an idyllic destination for beachgoers seeking relaxation and adventure.
  2. Morondava and the Avenue des Baobabs: The Avenue des Baobabs is a striking natural wonder, featuring a collection of majestic baobab trees lining the dusty road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in the Menabe region. This awe-inspiring locale offers visitors a magical experience amidst the towering giants of the plant kingdom.
  3. Sainte Marie Island: Nestled in eastern Madagascar, Sainte Marie Island allures travelers with its inviting beaches and vibrant coral reefs, perfect for diving enthusiasts. Additionally, the island is renowned for its whale-watching opportunities, attracting a multitude of tourists eager to witness these magnificent marine creatures.
  4. Ranohira (Isalo National Park): As Madagascar's most frequented park, Ranohira, also known as Isalo National Park, presents a stunning landscape characterized by sandstone formations dating back to the Jurassic period, intricate canyons, lush oases, and resilient tapia forests. It serves as an ideal habitat for observing lemurs in their natural habitat, offering visitors an unforgettable wildlife experience.

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