Location of Serbia

Serbia is a sovereign state situated at the crossroads between Central and Southeast Europe, covering the southern part of the Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans. Relative to its small territory, it is a diverse country distinguished by a transitional character, situated along cultural, geographic, climatic and other boundaries. Serbia is landlocked and borders Hungary to the north; Romania and Bulgaria to the east; North Macedonia and Albania to the south; and Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro to the west.Thanks to its highways (Corridors 10 and 11) and river network (the total length of navigable rivers and channels is 1,395 km), especially Danube river which passes through the country and its capital city Belgrade, Serbia is connected with other important countries such as Turkey, Greece, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Italy and many more. Serbia numbers around 7 million residents. [1] and its capital, Belgrade. The capital city Belgrade, with its rich history, is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the largest city in the region with a population of over 1,600,000 people. Besides Belgrade, some of the other important cities are: Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Subotica, Šabac, Čačak, Kruševac, Kraljevo, Užice.

For further information on the types of business entities in this country and their abbreviations, see "Business entities in Serbia".

Notable firms


This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country. The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy. Organizations which have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct.

Notable companies
     Active      State-owned      Defunct
Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
14. oktobar Industrials Industrial machinery Kruševac 2016 Heavy machinery
A1 Srbija Telecommunications Mobile telecommunications Belgrade 2007 Part of Telekom Austria
AIK Banka Financials Banks Belgrade 1995 Commercial bank
Air Serbia Consumer services Airlines Belgrade 1927 Largest airline of Serbia
Apatin Brewery Consumer goods Brewers Apatin 1756 Brewery
Aviogenex Consumer services Airlines Belgrade 1968 Charter airline, defunct 2015
Bambi Consumer goods Food products Požarevac 1967 Biscuits, chocolates
Banca Intesa Beograd Financials Banks Belgrade 1991 Bank
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Consumer services Airlines Belgrade 1992 Airport operations
Belgrade Stock Exchange Financials Investment Services Belgrade 1894 Stock exchange
BIP Consumer goods Brewers Belgrade 1839 Brewery
Carlsberg Srbija Consumer goods Brewers Bačka Palanka 1892 Brewery, part of Carlsberg Group (Denmark)
C-market Consumer services Food retailers & wholesalers Belgrade 1971 Supermarket chain
Color Press Group Consumer services Publishing Novi Sad 1992 Publisher
ComTrade Group Technology Software Belgrade 1996 Software, IT Solutions, Consulting
Crédit Agricole Srbija Financials Banks Novi Sad 1991 Part of Crédit Agricole (France)
DDOR Novi Sad Financials Full line insurance Novi Sad 1945 Insurance
Delta DMD Consumer goods Food products Belgrade 1997 Part of Delta Holding
Delta Holding Conglomerates Holding Belgrade 1991 Agribusiness, real-estate, retail and wholesale
Dijamant Consumer goods Food products Zrenjanin 1997 Edible oil
Direktna Banka Financials Banks Kragujevac 1995 Bank
Dunav osiguranje Financials Full line insurance Belgrade 1963 Insurance
EI Niš Industrials Electronic equipment Niš 1948 Electronics manufacturer
Elektromreža Srbije Utilities Conventional electricity Belgrade 2005 State-owned national electricity transmission
Elektroprivreda Srbije Utilities Conventional electricity Belgrade 1991 State-owned electrical utility
Elixir Group Consumer goods Farming & fishing Šabac 1990 Agribusiness
Emotion Production Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Belgrade 2003 Television
Endava Serbia Technology Software Belgrade 1992 Formerly PS Tech & Comtrade Digital now Part of Endava Group
Energoprojekt holding Industrials Heavy construction Belgrade 1951 Construction
EPS Elektrokosmet Utilities Conventional electricity Pristina 1989 De jure operating, part of EPS
EPS Surface Mining Kosovo Basic materials Coal Obilić, Kosovo 1991 De jure operating, part of EPS
EPS TPP Kosovo Utilities Conventional electricity Obilić, Kosovo 1991 De jure operating, part of EPS
Erste Bank Novi Sad Financials Banks Novi Sad 1864 Bank
Eurobank a.d. Financials Banks Belgrade 1997 Part of Eurobank Ergasias (Greece)
Fabrika automobila Priboj Consumer goods Automobiles Priboj 1952 Automotive
Fabrika reznog alata Industrials Industrial suppliers Čačak 1953 Tools
FCA Srbija Consumer goods Automobiles Kragujevac 1953 Part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (UK)
Flores Consumer goods Distillers & vintners Kragujevac 1985 Alcoholic beverages
Forma Ideale Consumer goods Furnishings Kragujevac 1995 Furnishing manufacturer
Frikom Consumer goods Food products Belgrade 1975 Frozen goods
Futura plus Consumer services Retail Belgrade 2004 Convenience stores, part of Moj Kiosk Group
G4S Secure Solutions d.o.o. Industrials Business support services Belgrade 1942 Security
Galenika a.d. Health care Pharmaceuticals Belgrade 1945 Pharma
Goša FOM Industrials Railway Smederevska Palanka 1999 Rail vehicle manufacturer
GP Planum Industrials Heavy construction Zemun 1948 Construction
GSP Belgrade Consumer services Travel & tourism Belgrade 1892 Public transit
Halkbank Financials Banks Belgrade 1956 Part of Halk Bankası (TUR)
Heineken Srbija Consumer goods Brewers Zaječar 2007 Brewery, owned by Heineken International
Hemofarm a.d. Health care Pharmaceuticals Vršac 1960 Pharma
Hesteel Serbia Basic materials Iron & steel Belgrade 1913 Steel
HIP-Azotara Chemicals Mineral fertilizers Pančevo 1975
HIP-Petrohemija Chemicals Exploration & production Pančevo 1975
Ikarbus Industrials Commercial vehicles & trucks Belgrade 1923 Bus manufacturing
Imlek a.d. Consumer goods Food products Belgrade 1953 Milk and dairy
Impol Seval Basic materials Nonferrous metals Užice 1991 Aluminum
Industrija mesa Matijević Consumer goods Food products Novi Sad 1994 Meat
Jat Airways Consumer services Airlines Belgrade 1947 Airline, defunct 2013
Jaffa Crvenka Consumer goods Food products Kula 1975 Biscuits, chocolates
Jat Airways AVIO taxi Consumer services Airlines Belgrade 2002 Airline, defunct 2013
Jat Tehnika Industrials Aerospace Belgrade 1927 Aircraft maintenance and overhaul
Jubanka Financials Banks Belgrade 1991 Owned by AIK Banka and later incorporated
JUBMES banka Financials Banks Belgrade 1979 Commercial bank
Knjaz Miloš a.d. Consumer goods Soft drinks Aranđelovac 1811 Mineral water
Komercijalna banka Financials Banks Belgrade 1970 Bank
La Fantana Consumer goods Soft drinks Belgrade 2003 Water
Lasta Beograd Consumer services Travel & tourism Belgrade 1947 Public transportation
Lukoil Serbia Oil & gas Exploration & production Belgrade 1990 Oil and gas
Marbo Product Consumer goods Food products Belgrade 1995 Potato chips
Mašinska Industrija Niš Industrials Diversified industrials Niš 1884 Railroads, energy, machinery
Maxi Consumer services Food retailers & wholesalers Belgrade 2000 Supermarkets
Mercator Serbia Consumer services Food retailers & wholesalers Novi Sad 2002 Supermarkets
Metalac a.d. Consumer goods Kitchen utensil Gornji Milanovac 1959 Kitchen utensil manufacturing
Metals-banka Financials Banks Novi Sad 1990 Commercial bank, defunct 2010
Mihajlo Pupin Institute Technology Computer hardware Belgrade 1946 Computers
Mikroelektronika Technology Computer hardware Belgrade 1997 Hardware
Military Technical Institute Belgrade Industrials Defence Belgrade 1948 Research & Development of military hardware
Milan Blagojević - Namenska Industrials Defence Lučani 1949 Military chemicals
Millennium Team Industrials Heavy construction Belgrade 2003 Construction
MK Group Conglomerates Holding Belgrade 1995 Agribusiness, real-estate, banking and wholesale
Mlekara Subotica Consumer goods Food products Subotica 1955 Dairy, part of Imlek a.d.
Moj Kiosk Group Consumer services Retail Belgrade 1976 Convenience stores
Mostogradnja Industrials Heavy construction Belgrade 1997 Construction
MPC Holding Conglomerates Real estate Belgrade 1991 Real estate, logistics
MPP Jedinstvo Industrials Heavy construction Užice 1947 Construction
Naftna Industrija Srbije Oil & gas Exploration & production Novi Sad 1959 Oil and gas, owned by Gazprom Neft
National Bank of Serbia Financials Banks Belgrade 1884 National Bank
Nectar d.o.o. Consumer goods Soft drinks Bačka Palanka 1998 Beverages
Neobus Industrials Commercial vehicles & trucks Novi Sad 1952 Bus manufacturing, defunct 2012
Niš Constantine the Great Airport Consumer services Airlines Niš 1990 Airport operations
Niš-Ekspres Consumer services Travel & tourism Niš 1951 Public transportation
Nordeus Technology Software Belgrade 2010 Game developer, Social Media
Novosti a.d. Consumer services Publishing Belgrade 1953 Newspapers
OTP banka Srbija a.d. Financials Banks Belgrade 1977 Part of OTP Bank (Hungary)
Pekabeta Consumer services Food retailers & wholesalers Belgrade 2002 Supermarket, defunct 2012
Philip Morris Operations Consumer goods Tobacco Niš 1930
Pink International Company Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Belgrade 1998 Broadcaster
Pivara MB Consumer goods Brewers Novi Sad 2003 Brewery, defunct 2008
PKB Corporation Consumer goods Farming & fishing Belgrade 1945 Agribusiness
Politika a.d. Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Belgrade 1904 Media
Pošta Srbije Industrials Delivery services Belgrade 1840 Postal services
Poštanska štedionica Financials Banks Belgrade 1921 Commercial bank
Prince Aviation Consumer services Airlines Belgrade 1990 Charter airline
PPT-Namenska Industrials Defense Trstenik 1999
PPT-Petoletka Industrials Industrial machinery Trstenik 2016 Hydraulics and pneumatics
Prvi Partizan Industrials Defense Užice 1928 Ammunition
Putevi Srbije Industrials Heavy construction Belgrade 2006 Construction
Putevi Užice Industrials Heavy construction Užice 1962 Construction
P.S. Fashion Consumer goods Clothing & accessories Čačak 1996 Clothing
Radio Television of Serbia Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Belgrade 1992 Media
Radijus Vektor Technology Internet Belgrade 1998 High speed internet
Raiffeisenbank Beograd Financials Banks Belgrade 2001 Part of Raiffeisen Zentralbank (Austria)
Robne kuće Beograd Consumer services Broadline retailers Belgrade 1966 Department stores
RT-RK Technology Software Novi Sad 1991 Automotive Software and Consumer Electronics
RTV BK Telecom Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Belgrade 1994 Defunct 2007
Rubin Consumer goods Distillers & vintners Kruševac 1955 Alcoholic beverages
Sberbank Srbija Financials Banks Belgrade 1991 Part of Sberbank of Russia
Schneider Electric DMS Technology Software Novi Sad 2002 Part of Schneider Electric
Securitas Services d.o.o. Industrials Business support services Belgrade 2003 Security
Serbia Broadband Telecommunications Fixed-line telecommunications Belgrade 2000 Cable TV and Internet
Serbian Railways Industrials Railroads Belgrade 1881 Railway
Serbian Railways Infrastructure Industrials Railroads Belgrade 2015 Railway
Severtrans Consumer services Travel & tourism Sombor 1947 Public transportation
SIMPO Consumer goods Furnishings Vranje 1963 Furnishing manufacturer
Sloboda Čačak Industrials Defense Čačak 1951 Ammunition
SMATSA Industrials Transportation services Belgrade 2003[2] Air traffic control
Sojaprotein Consumer goods Farming & fishing Bečej 1977 Agribusiness; soy
Srbija Kargo Industrials Railroads Belgrade 2015 Railway
Srbija Voz Industrials Railroads Belgrade 2015 Railway
Srbijagas Oil & gas Exploration & production Novi Sad 2005 Natural gas
Srbijašume Basic materials Forestry Belgrade 1991 Forestry management
Štark Consumer goods Food products Belgrade 1922 Food production
Swisslion Group Consumer goods Food products Novi Sad 1962 Food
Tanjug Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Belgrade 1943 Media
Tarkett Consumer services Furnishings Bačka Palanka 2002 Flooring manufacturer
Telekom Srbija Telecommunications Fixed-line telecommunications Belgrade 1997 Telecom
Telenor Serbia Telecommunications Mobile telecommunications Belgrade 1994 Part of Telenor (Norway)
Tigar Tyres Consumer goods Automobiles & Parts Pirot 2002 Tires
Trayal Corporation Consumer goods Automobiles & Parts Kruševac 1889 Tires, explosives, protective wear
UniCredit Bank Serbia Financials Banks Belgrade 2001 Bank
United International Airlines Industrials Delivery services Belgrade 2007 Cargo airline, defunct 2008
Univer-Export Consumer services Food retailers & wholesalers Novi Sad 1990 Supermarket
Valjaonica bakra Sevojno Basic materials Nonferrous metals Užice 1950 Copper
Valjevska Pivara Consumer goods Brewers Valjevo 1952 Brewery
Victoria Group Consumer goods Farming & fishing Belgrade 2001 Agribusiness, wholesale
Vojvođanska banka Financials Banks Novi Sad 1868 Defunct commercial bank, merged into Vojvođanska banka a.d.
Vojvođanska banka a.d. Financials Banks Novi Sad 2019 Part of OTP Bank (Hungary)
Yugoimport SDPR Industrials Defense Belgrade 1949 Defense related equipment
Yura Corporation Industrials Electronic equipment Rača 2010 Cable manufacturer
Zastava Arms Industrials Defense Kragujevac 1853 Firearms
Zastava Trucks Industrials Commercial vehicles & trucks Kragujevac 1953 Trucks
Zijin Bor Copper Basic materials Nonferrous metals Bor 1904 Copper


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