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Districts of Mizoram as of 2019 (outdated)

The Indian state of Mizoram is divided into 11 districts.


When Mizoram became a union territory on 21 January 1972, it was divided into three districts: Aizawl, Lunglei and Chhimtuipui. Later five more districts were carved out of the already existing three districts.

Administrative structure

A district of Mizoram is headed by a Deputy Commissioner who is in charge of the administration in that particular district. He has to perform triple functions as he holds three positions as the deputy commissioner, the district magistrate and the district collector. As a deputy commissioner he is the executive head of the district. The district magistrate is responsible for maintaining the law and order situation in the district. As the collector he is the chief revenue officer responsible for revenue collection and recovery.

A superintendent of police controls the police administration of each district.

A district is divided into one or more subdivisions, further divided into tehsils and blocks.


Code[1] District Headquarters Headquarters Coordinates Established Subdivisions Area Population 2001 Population Density Map
AI Aizawl Aizawl 23.8789° N, 92.8976° E 3,577 km2 (1,381 sq mi) 339,812 95/km2 (250/sq mi)
CH Champhai Champhai 23.4566° N, 93.3282° E 1998[2] 3,168 km2 (1,223 sq mi) 101,389 32/km2 (83/sq mi)
HN Hnahthial Hnahthial 22.9653° N, 92.9301° E 2019 NA NA NA
KW Khawzawl Khawzawl 23.5345° N, 93.1830° E 2019 NA NA NA
KO Kolasib Kolasib 24.2246° N, 92.6760° E 1998[3] 1,386 km2 (535 sq mi) 60,977 44/km2 (110/sq mi)
LA Lawngtlai Lawngtlai 22.5284° N, 92.8926° E 2,519 km2 (973 sq mi) 73,050 29/km2 (75/sq mi)
LU Lunglei Lunglei 22.8671° N, 92.7655° E 4,572 km2 (1,765 sq mi) 137,155 30/km2 (78/sq mi)
MA Mamit Mamit 23.9294° N, 92.4906° E 1998[4] 2,967 km2 (1,146 sq mi) 62,313 21/km2 (54/sq mi)
SI Saiha Siaha 22.4897° N, 92.9793° E 1998 1,414 km2 (546 sq mi) 60,823 43/km2 (110/sq mi)
ST Saitual Saitual 23.9704° N, 92.5758° E 2019 NA NA NA
SE Serchhip Serchhip 23.3417° N, 92.8502° E 1998 1,424 km2 (550 sq mi) 55,539 39/km2 (100/sq mi)
Total 21,087 km2 (8,142 sq mi) 888,573 42/km2 (110/sq mi)

Notes: The Government of Mizoram had ordered creation of offices of the Deputy Commissioners of Hnahthial, Saitual and Khawzawl Districts vide a notification dated 3 June 2019, after which the three Districts started becoming operational.[5]

Proposed districts


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