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This is a list of notable educational video games.

There is some overlap between educational games and interactive CD-ROMs and other programs (based on player agency), and between educational games and related genres like simulations and interactive storybooks (based on how much gameplay is devoted to education). This list aims to list games which have been marketed as educational.

Often, educational video game properties become part of larger franchises, for example Carmen Sandiego, Oregon Trail, and Math Blaster.

Educational games for children and adolescent

Title Developer Subject Franchise Year
A to Zap! Featuring the Sunbuddies[1] ImageBuilder Software N/A 1995
Animal Jam[2] WildWorks N/A 2010
Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree Nintendo EAD Group No. 4 Big Brain Academy 2007
Big Brain Academy Nintendo EAD Group No. 4 Big Brain Academy 2005
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund Geography (World) Carmen Sandiego[3] 1985
Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund Geography (USA) Carmen Sandiego[3] 1986
Where in Europe Is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund Geography (Europe) Carmen Sandiego[3] 1988
Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund History Carmen Sandiego[3] 1989
Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time Broderbund History Carmen Sandiego[3] 1997
Carmen Sandiego Word Detective Broderbund Language Carmen Sandiego[3] 1997
Carmen Sandiego Math Detective Broderbund Mathematics Carmen Sandiego[3] 1998
Chill Manor[4] Animation Magic I.M. Meen 1996
The ClueFinders[5] The Learning Company Common Core The ClueFinders[5] 1998-2002
Dr. Brain[6] Sierra On-Line and Knowledge Adventure Dr. Brain 1992-1999
Brain Age[7] Nintendo SPD and Nintendo EPD Brain Age 2005-2020
Dread Dragon Droom Humberside N/A 1985
EcoQuest[8] Sierra On-Line Sierra Discovery Series 1991 and 1993
GCompris (GPL) Bruno Coudoin N/A 2000
Genomics Digital Lab[9] Spongelab Interactive N/A 2009
Get Water!'[10] Decode Global Studio N/A 2013
Gizmos & Gadgets! The Learning Company Science Super Solvers/Super Seekers 1993
Gus Goes to Cybertown Modern Media Ventures Gus Goes to... 1993
History of Biology Spongelab Interactive Biology N/A 2010
Immune Attack Federation of American Scientists, Escape Hatch Entertainment N/A 2008
Inanimate Alice Kate Pullinger N/A 2005
InLiving Creative North Studios, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing N/A 2008
I.M. Meen Animation Magic I.M. Meen 1995
JumpStart Kindergarten Fanfare Software, JumpStart Games JumpStart 1994
Lola Panda BeiZ Ltd. Lola Panda 2012-2014
Math Blaster! Davidson & Associates Mathematics Blaster Learning System 1983
Math for the Real World Davidson and Associates Mathematics N/A 1997
Meister Cody Kaasa health CODY Assessment N/A 2013
Number Munchers Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium Mathematics Munchers 1986
The Oregon Trail Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger History The Oregon Trail 1971
PlaceSpotting Geography Based on Google Maps 2007
Pax Warrior[11] 23 YYZee Rwandan genocide N/A
Quest Atlantis N/A
The Magic School Bus Microsoft Common Core The Magic School Bus 1994-2000
Treasure Mountain![12] The Learning Company Super Solvers/Super Seekers 1990
Tuxmath (GPL) Bill Kendrick et al. Mathematics
Mathletics Mathematics N/A 2005
Storybook Weaver MECC Storybook creation N/A 1994
Swamp Gas Visits the United States of America Inline Design Geography (USA) N/A 1990
Time Riders in American History The Learning Company History (USA) N/A 1992
WolfQuest Minnesota Zoo, Eduweb Animals (Wolves) N/A 2007
Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Broderbund Logic Zoombinis 1996
Bug Adventure Knowledge Adventure Animals (Bugs) N/A 1994
Reader Rabbit The Learning Company Language Reader Rabbit 1983

Educational games for adults


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