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This is a list of fictional humanoid species originating in video games, and is subsidiary to lists of humanoids. It is a collection of various notable humanoid species that are featured in video games, including arcade games, personal computer games, or console games.

Species Game Notes
Amani TERA A draconic race known for their constant war and extreme strength. They were once slaves, serving as conquerors for their masters. They set themselves free and learned to temper their lust for war and desire peace instead. Today, they are an honorable and noble race.
Argonians The Elder Scrolls Lizard people that live in a large swamp called the Black Marsh. Are capable of breathing in water and have developed immunity to certain diseases.
Asari Mass Effect A monogendered, feminine race capable of reproducing with members of any other species.
Baraka TERA The Baraka are descendants of Giants known for their extreme strength and size. They are also a race of intellectuals who have scholarly pursuits and libraries set across the world.
Broken Warcraft A devolved sub-race of the Draenei, who live in Outland, mutated after being exposed to the fel energies wielded by orc warlocks.
Cabal Destiny A militaristic species of turtle-like aliens that spans an entire empire.
Darkspawn Dragon Age
Devil Jin Tekken
Draconian Dragonlance The Draconians were created by the forces of The Dark Queen, corrupted from the eggs of the good dragons that were stolen as they slept. There are 5 distinct races of Draconians, one for each color of the stolen eggs. Each race has its own powers and abilities, derived from those of their parent species.
Draenei Warcraft A blue skinned humanoid race with hooves and horns, who arrived to Azeroth via their spaceships. They joined the cause of the Alliance in their new homeworld.
Drell Mass Effect A reptilian race from an arid homeworld.
Drow Dungeons & Dragons A dark-skinned humanoid fey race that live beneath the earth.
Duergar Dungeons & Dragons Evil, gray-skinned subterranean dwarves who are outcast and shunned by all races who live above them.
Dwarves Dungeons & Dragons Short, humanoid people
Eliksni Destiny Also known as "Fallen", The Eliksni are a four-armed race of nomads that were reduced from their former glory.
Elves Dungeons & Dragons A race of long-lived, ever youthful race of humanoids with various subraces. They are often admired by other races for their grace and skillful grasp of magic.
Flind Dungeons & Dragons Related to a gnoll.
Endermen Minecraft Endermen are tall, black neutral mobs from the End that have the ability to teleport and pick up blocks.
Gerudo The Legend of Zelda A race of desert dwelling woman warriors. One male Gerudo is born every 100 years.
Gnoll Dungeons & Dragons Bloodthirsty humanoid hyenas that devoutly worship a demon lord.
Gnomes Dungeons & Dragons Gnomes are generally human in look, albeit roughly a foot shorter. They tend to have prominent noses. Gnomes tend towards tinkering and mining.
Goblins Dungeons & Dragons Goblins are short, generally green to brown skinned humanoids. They are fairly weak, servile to stronger evil races, but dangerous in packs.
Goron The Legend of Zelda Rock-eating giants found in mountainous regions. Gorons are able to tolerate extreme heat and are experts at stone and metal crafting.
Geth Mass Effect A race of processing-power-sharing AI programs created by the quarians that utilise humanoid "mobile platforms" for labour and combat.
Guado Final Fantasy X The Guado are a race on Spira that are generally taller than humans, with elongated fingers ending in clawed nails. The Guado have elaborate hair, in various shades of blue, and extensively tattoo their skin. They are the race who guard the "Far Realm", where the spirits of those who have died move on to, so they don't remain in Spira to become fiends.
Halflings Dungeons & Dragons Halflings are the D&D answer to "Hobbits", as that term was trademarked by the Tolkien estate. Share most, if not all, of the typical characteristics of the Tolkien race (above ground, earthen living; love of food and drink; barefoot; prosaic existence).
Hive Destiny An ancient race, led by Oryx (and his son Crota), that took the Moon from humans in The Collapse.
Hobgoblins Dungeons & Dragons Hobgoblins are a larger, stronger race of goblins. More vicious, hobgoblins tend to be commanders of large forces of both goblins and orcs, whom they can bully.
Hylian The Legend of Zelda Pointy eared elf-like humans, said to be messengers of the gods.
Inkling Splatoon A species of squid that have the ability to shape-shift into a humanoid form.
Kenku Dungeons & Dragons Bird-like, flightless, humanoid creatures.
Kerbals Kerbal Space Program A race of comically inept but enthusiastic little green men apparently entirely devoted to advancing their space program.
Khajiit The Elder Scrolls A species that resemble the feline family. Excel in skills such as thieving and sneaking
Kobolds Dungeons & Dragons Aggressive, xenophobic, yet industrious small humanoid creatures, kobolds are noted for their skill at building traps and preparing ambushes.
Kokiri The Legend of Zelda Childlike forest sprites born of the Great Deku Tree. Each Kokiri is gifted a guardian fairy that acts as a friend and teacher for them throughout life.
Korok The Legend of Zelda Little wooden forest sprites that wear leaves as masks. Originally Kokiri that gave up their human appearance in order to gain the ability to fly.
Krogan Mass Effect A belligerent dinosaur-like race from a fiercely competitive native ecology.
Kuo-toa Dungeons & Dragons Fish-like monstrous humanoids that dwell in the Underdark, and in the sea.
Leonin Magic: The Gathering The Leonin are anthropomorphic feline humanoids who are fierce warriors and devout priest. Generally associated with white mana.
Loxodon Magic: The Gathering The Loxodon are anthropomorphic elephantine humanoids who are thinkers and naturalists. Generally associated with blue and green mana.
Moogles Final Fantasy series
Nezumi Magic: The Gathering A race of ratfolk from the plane of Kamigawa. They are swamp dwelling tribes made up primarily shaman and ninjas. Nezumi are generally associated with black magics.
Night Elves Warcraft An ancient forest dweller elvish race who have the ability to meld to the shadows. They mostly live in Kalimdor, and are part of the Alliance.
Nopon Xenoblade Chronicles A race of fuzzy egg-shaped creatures with peculiar speech patterns and two large "wings" that function as arms.
Orcs Dungeons & Dragons Orcs are evil humanoids, roughly analogous to humans in the D&D universe by size and stature. They are usually depicted as porcine in their appearance.
Orochi-bito Magic: The Gathering
Piglins Minecraft Piglins are neutral mobs found in the Nether. They attack players on sight unless the player is equipped with at least one piece of golden armor. Players can use gold ingots to barter with them for various items.
Popori TERA Popori are magical animal-kin that exist in harmony with nature and are guardians of their woodland realm.
Protheans Mass Effect An extinct predecessor race who are thought to have created many of the technological relics on which the modern galaxy's society is based.
Protoss StarCraft The Protoss are depicted as a physically strong sapient extraterrestrial species with access to advanced psionic abilities.
Quarians Mass Effect A nomadic species who wear environmental suits to compensate for a weakened immune system.
Qunari Dragon Age Giant, metallic skinned, and horned people whose name comes from their religious text, the Qun.
Rito The Legend of Zelda A race of bird-like humans distantly related to the Zoras. In order to fly, Rito must obtain and consume a scale from a sky dragon as a rite of passage.
Ronso Final Fantasy X A species of blue furred, lion-like humanoids.
Rayman's species Rayman A species of limbless humanoids.
Salarian Mass Effect A short-lived, quick-witted amphibian species.
Selkies Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Sheikah The Legend of Zelda A race/tribe of red eyed sneaky assassins who are known as the 'Shadow People'.
Skaven Warhammer Fantasy Skaven are a chaotic race of plague-spreading ratfolk, that live in massive hordes in warrens beneath the surface world.
Soratami Magic: The Gathering
Tarkatans Mortal Kombat Long, somewhat demonic features mark the Tarkatan race. Baraka and Mileena are Tarkatans
Tauren Warcraft Huge nomadic creatures who are bovine in appearance and live on the grassy, open plains of Mulgore in central Kalimdor. They joined the Orcs and the Trolls to form the Horde.
Thri-kreen Dungeons & Dragons Mantis warriors. One of the primary player character races of the Dark Sun campaign setting.
Toad Super Mario Bros. Mushroom humanoid who helps Mario and his friends on various adventures. Also serves as a playable character in Mario spin-offs such as tennis, kart racing, and board games.
Troglodytes Dungeons & Dragons Troglodytes are subterranean lizard men who exude a powerful stench that can incapacitate their enemies.
Twili The Legend of Zelda A race of dark elves descended from humans that were banished to the Twilight Realm.
Turian Mass Effect An avian race covered in a distinctive metallic carapace.
Vedalken Magic: The Gathering The Vedalken are a blue-skinned, mostly humanoid race dedicated to knowledge and the arcane. Generally associated with white and blue mana.
Vex Destiny An ancient race of semi-organic machines linked by Vex Minds
Viashino Magic: The Gathering The Viashino are a tribe of vicious, war-like lizard men. Generally associated with red mana.
Volus Mass Effect A rotund, diminutive race adapted to a high-pressure greenhouse atmosphere and ammonia-based biochemistry, thus forcing them to wear special environment suits to survive in human-compatible conditions.
Vorcha Mass Effect A short-lived, violent species capable of unparalleled adaptive abilities.
Vortigaunt Half-Life A brown bipedial species with the ability to channel lightning, first living in Xen, then Earth.
Yukes Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Zora The Legend of Zelda Amphibious merpeople, capable of living in or out of water. Lovers of art and beauty many Zora take up profession as entertainers and artists.