This list of fictional rodents is subsidiary to list of fictional animals and covers all rodents including beavers, chipmunks, gophers, mice, squirrels, rats and porcupines, as well as extinct or prehistoric species (such as Ceratogaulus).


Character Work Notes
Beverly 64 Zoo Lane
Bingo "Bet It All" Beaver The Get Along Gang A prankster and gambler whose bets and mistakes sometimes cause his friends to be angry with him; on the other hand, however, he enjoys being with his company.
Buddy and Twig Wild Kratts Two young male beaver kits who are Sticker and Timber's sons.
Daggett The Angry Beavers Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz. Nicknamed as "Dag" and "Daggy", he is Norbert's younger brother by four minutes. Hyperactive and immature, Daggett has a habit of overemphasized and manic motions and a potent penchant for name-calling.
Doris Timothy Goes to School A beaver who is one of Timothy's best friends. She is a talented soccer player who seems to have a fear of insects and spiders.
Handy Happy Tree Friends Handy is an orange beaver with unexplained amputated arms (in spite of his name). The stumps are covered with bandages. He wears a tool belt and a yellow worker's helmet.
Henry Timothy Goes to School A beaver who is the cheerful janitor and a bus driver. He was once the student of Mrs. Jenkins back when she was called Mrs. Abercrombie.
Horace, Morris, and Boris Timothy Goes to School Doris' three older brothers.
Mr. Busy Lady and the Tramp
Munchy Beaver PB&J Otter Munchy is known in particular for two things—his semi-obsession with wood and his nervous behavior, often lacking self-confidence.
Norbert The Angry Beavers Voiced by Nick Bakay. A.K.A. "Norb"/"Norby", he is Daggett's laid-back older brother. Generally well-spoken and intelligent, Norbert is a highly sarcastic beaver and can do great feats of impeccable engineering with aplomb and without explanation. While he is frequently manipulative of his younger brother and just as often condescending he shows great concern and love for Daggett, constantly soliciting and imposing hugs on the less receptive sibling.
Reilly Open Season
Sticker Wild Kratts A male North American beaver that appears in the episode Build It Beaver. He and his family are first seen when Chris and Martin took a crash landing on their dam and then a look inside.
Timber Wild Kratts A female North American beaver who is named by Martin Kratt.
Toot Kissyfur A young beaver kit and one of the Swamp Cubs. portrayed by Russi Taylor.
Toothy Happy Tree Friends A light purple/mauve beaver with very large, gapped teeth (from which his name is derived), which appears to be diastema and freckles.


Character Work Notes
Cheeks Wild Kratts A European hamster who named by Martin of how he can store a lot of food in his cheek pouches.
Doctor Hamster Peppa Pig A Hamster who works at the hospital. First appears in "Pedro's Cough".
Ebichu Ebichu A housekeeper who embarrasses her owner and at nighttime, she leads the secret alter-ego Ebichuman.
Fang Horrid Henry He is Henry's pet hamster.
Geo The Loud House The house's cute pet hamster who lives in a ball
Hamco Sol Cresta Dril Martin's pet hamster.
Hamsters Codename: Kids Next Door They operate the technology at Sector V's Treehouse.
Hamtaro Hamtaro A courageous Ham-Ham who's always ready to help out his friends and his owner Laura.
Hamzou The Idolmaster
Marion Bounty Hamster Voiced by Alan Marriott. A small blue galactic bounty hunting hamster, who accompanies Cassie in her search for her lost father. Goes berserk when called cute and prone to clumsiness and forgetfulness.
Peepi Invader Zim A hamster who is turned into a city monster by Zim.
Penfold Danger Mouse Danger Mouse's faithful, if sometimes ineffectual, sidekick.
Rhino Bolt A hamster who is Bolt's friend.
Snowball Pinky and the Brain
Twiggy The Powerpuff Girls Pokey Oaks Kindergarten's class pet hamster who turned into a city monster by Mitch Mitchelson
Trip Hamston Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own Trip Hamston is one of the main characters who is an adventurous and confident, but sometimes goofy hamster.[1]


Character Work Notes
Abigail Once Upon a Forest A tomboyish woodmouse who sets out to find medicine for a friend who fell ill from exposure to leaking gas from a crashed truck. Voiced by Ellen Blain.
Amos Ben and Me A very important assistant to Benjamin Franklin.
Angelina Mouseling Angelina Ballerina A young white mouse who wears pink ballet wear, whose dream is to become the prima donna ballerina of her dance company. Voiced by Finty Williams.
Angelmouse Angelmouse An angel who is not very good at what he does, but gets his job done in the end.
Basil of Baker Street The Great Mouse Detective An eccentric but intelligent detective whose investigation of a local toymaker's kidnapping uncovers an evil plot to take over Great Britain. Voiced by Barrie Ingham.
Bernard The Rescuers Rescue Aid Society's timid janitor, who reluctantly tags along with Miss Bianca. He is highly superstitious about the number 13 and dislikes flying. Despite all this, when his friends are in danger he'll do what it takes to save them. Voiced by Bob Newhart.
Bianca The Rescuers The Hungarian representative of the Rescue Aid Society. She is sophisticated and adventurous. Voiced by Eva Gabor.
Blabber Mouse Snooper and Blabber Snooper's expendable partner and assistant.
Brain Pinky and the Brain The smart mouse who schemes to take over the world.
Mrs. Brisby, Mr. Ages, Teresa, Martin, Timothy, Cynthia The Secret of NIMH
Bubble Tube Mice
Buster Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night
Cheddar, Cheesy, Toady Voltron
Chauncey Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night
Chet Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman
Danger Mouse Danger Mouse Voiced by David Jason. The world's greatest secret agent, so secret in fact, that his codename has a codename. He speaks 34 languages fluently, including some extraterrestrial ones.
Daniel Mouse The Devil and Daniel Mouse A musician who desperately tries to save his partner Jan from the Devil taking her soul.
Despereaux Tilling The Tale of Despereaux Brave but nonconforming mouse who does not run from danger as a mouse should. His big ears are in great use for flying and listening to things other mice cannot.
Dixie Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks Pixie's best friend. Assumes the worst of Mr. Jinks
Eckhart Eckhart An adventurous mouse and the middle child of his family.
Fievel Mousekewitz An American Tail The boy of a Russian-Jewish mouse family forced to emigrate from a Cossack cat-infested Russia to the United States, where they fare hardly any better. Voiced by Phillip Glasser and later Thomas Dekker.
Fredrick War of the Birds A male tall blue mouse who teams up with Oliver and Olivia against Fagin, Fredrick is loyal and friendly to Oliver.
Fredrick and Ingolf's Mother War of the Birds Fredrick and Ingolf's unnamed mother who was never shown in the film, but was mentioned saying she was killed by Fagin the Vulture.
Gadget Hackwrench Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers The Rescue Rangers' engineer, tinker and plan composer.
Herman Herman and Katnip A brown mouse who violently resists Katnip's efforts to catch him.
Hickory and Dickory Hickory, Dickory, and Doc Two mouse troublemakers that pursue Doc.
Hubie and Bertie Looney Tunes' and Merrie Melodies A pair of mice who annoy cats
Ingolf War of the Birds Fredrick's younger brother who has a grayish-white color who teamed up with Oliver and Olivia to fight Fagin. He is clumsy and nervous at times. Although he pursues his dream of flying like a bird and loves birds at the end of the film he flies like a real bird before disappearing in a black background.
Jerry Mouse Tom and Jerry A brown anthropomorphic mouse, who first appeared in the 1940 MGM animated short Puss Gets the Boot.[2] Hanna gave the mouse's original name as "Jerry",[3] while Barbera claimed the mouse went unnamed in his first appearance.[2]
Little Cheeser Happy Harmonies A brown mouse boy (voiced by Bernice Hansen), who doesn't want to go to sleep and is led astray by his inner demon.
Little Roquefort Terrytoons A brown mouse, who is tries to live in comfort but ends up fighting and avoiding the black and white cat Percy.
Louie Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball An elderly black mouse who is one of the Watterson family
Maisy Maisy A white mouse who lives in an orange house with a red roof and who is the main character.
Mappy Dragon Half A fairy mouse who aids Mink.
Max Capitol Critters A curious and understanding, lone, orphaned mouse adopted by the rats of the White House.
Max Max, the 2000-Year-Old Mouse A pink mouse, who lives in a museum and narrates the episodes.
Michi Michi All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV
Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at The Walt Disney Company.
Mighty Mouse Mighty Mouse A superhero with superpowers and often sings his catchphrases with mock opera.
Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse The beautiful female mouse and the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse.
Miss Fieldmouse Thumbelina A mouse who takes in Thumbelina and tells her that Cornelius has died.
Montague Johnny Test Montague is a lab rat, experimented on by Susan and Mary Test. He was also given the ability to talk.
Monterey Jack Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers The Rescue Rangers' footman and communicator with other animals.
Mortimer Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey's rival for Minnie's affections.
Motormouse Motormouse and Autocat Autocat's rival and always one step ahead of him.
Mouse Ka-Boom Happy Tree Friends Mouse Ka-Boom is an orange mouse who is seen in W.A.R. Journal - Operation: Tiger Bomb. He is French, as he usually says "le" before a sentence or an action, as well as sporting a French mustache. He has protective goggles and a backpack full of bombs.
Mr. Feng The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature A Chinese accented mouse who helps Surly and his friends save the park. Voiced by Jackie Chan.
Mushmouse Punkin' Puss & Mushmouse A Hillbilly mouse who rivals and fights with Punkin' Puss.
Naomi Forest Friends Jeff's best friend, fond of fairy tales and kind-hearted.
Nibbles (a.k.a. Tuffy) Tom & Jerry Portrayed as a baby mouse named Nibbles or a mature boy mouse named Tuffy. Sometimes he is indicated to be Jerry's nephew.
Osgood Dee Little Mouse on the Prairie A city mouse who just moved to the countryside Squeaky Corners to live at his uncle's farm.
Pinky Pinky and the Brain The silly mouse, who strays from Brain's plans and prefers to mess around.
Pixie Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks Dixie's best friend. Assumes good faith in Mr. Jinks.
Rastamouse Rastamouse Crime fighting mouse; lead guitar player for Da Easy Crew.
Roquefort The Aristocats
Sniffles Merrie Melodies An innocent and well-meaning mouse, who takes risks wherever he goes.
Speedy Gonzales Looney Tunes' and Merrie Melodies The fastest mouse in all Mexico, who outwits Sylvester and Daffy most frequently.
Squeak Tube Mice
Squeaky Danger Rangers
Timothy Dumbo Dumbo's guide in the absence of his mother Jumbo.
Perla, Suzy, Mary, Jaq (real name Jacques) and Gus (real name Octavius) Cinderella
Wubbzy Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! A mouse who is the titular character of the series.


Character Work Notes
Bitey The Loud House Lana Loud's pet rat. It is implied that Lisa uses him as a test subject frequently.
Brutus The Secret of NIMH
Buddy Surly Squirrel Surly's mute crime partner. Also stars in the film The Nut Job.
Bully The Animals of Farthing Wood An antagonist that also appears in season 3 of the TV series.
Captain Dirtbeard Turbo Fast A pirate rat who regularly tries to get revenge on Turbo and the F.A.S.T crew and once ruined everyone's food supply to sell packets in a smuggling operation.
Emilie Ratatouille Supporting comedian character and a best friend of Remy
Frankie Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball Richard's real dad and main antagonist of episode The Signature.
Gan Ah! My Goddess A much-abused temple rat. Generally nice and friendly, Gan is somewhat emotional and very excitable, but highly prone to gluttony.
Jammett Capitol Critters A cynical and grouchy but good-hearted rat, who stands by Max's side and slowly becomes his best friend.
Jenner The Secret of NIMH
Justin The Secret of NIMH
Nicodemus The Secret of NIMH
JP Urban Vermin He is an informant of The GLF and The Ken's Rat Army. He lives in shadows. He does not choose sides.
No-Neck Urban Vermin Ken's Colonel at the Rats Army.
Rascal Forest Friends He likes to antagonise the Forest Friends and does the scheming for tricks.
Ratasha Forest Friends Although she teases the Forest Friends, she has a slightly nicer nature than the rest of her family.
Ralph Packrat Kissyfur A good-natured young Woodrat that collects junk and other goods, due to His kleptomancy.
Rat Brothers Foofur A group of three tricky Rats, (Sammy the Black Rat, Chucky the Pink Rat, and Baby the Violet Rat) who are supporting antagonists of the Cartoon, as They mostly Bully Fencer the Cat, and pester the rest of Foofur's gang, but They work under Big Boombah, who is a bigger bully than the Rat Brothers put together. but in very rare occasions, They aid Foofur's gang.
Ratigan The Great Mouse Detective
Ratso The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue A grouchy and ill-mannered rat, used to bad experience with humans, but after helping to rescue his animal mates and working his household appliance friends, he warms up and becomes more sociable.
Ratso The Kwicky Koala Show Dirty Dawg and Ratso were hobos, running scams and running from the police.
Remy Ratatouille An anthropomorphic rat with highly developed senses of taste and smell who becomes a chef in Paris.
Rhubella Tiny Toon Adventures A ginger-coloured rat. Roderick's girlfriend. Loves to belittle and mock the Tiny Toons.
Roddy St. James Flushed Away The film protagonist, who lives a lonely domesticated life until he ventures into the sewers.
Roderick Tiny Toon Adventures A dark grey-coloured rat. Ill-mannered and antagonises the Tiny Toons.
Master Splinter TMNT Sensei to the Ninja Turtles
Sullivan The Secret of NIMH
Templeton Charlotte's Web
Verminious Snaptrap T.U.F.F. Puppy An evil rat and leader of the Diabolical Order of Mayhem (D.O.O.M), Snaptrap serves as one of the three main villains (besides Chameleon and Birdbrain who he tends to collaborate with on occasions) and the main antagonist of the series. Ironically, despite being a rat, he is allergic to cheese.


Character Work Notes
Andie The Nut Job A beautiful, red squirrel who has a secret crush on Surly. Voiced by Katherine Heigl.
Asher Stasher Powerbirds
Benny The Wild An Eastern gray squirrel who is Samson's best friend and has a crush on Bridget. Voiced by James Belushi
Bob The 7D
Bucky The Emperor's New Groove A kind, happy squirrel who is a great friend of Kronk's and is a tutor on Squirrel Speak in Kuzco Academy.
Bullet The Powerpuff Girls
Coco Urban Vermin A female flying squirrel, the mechanic of the GLF, and another main protagonist. Prior to the series, Coco worked for Ken, but switched to Abe's side to use her genius for good instead.
Cyril Maisy
Earl Squirrel Top Wing An elderly squirrel who loves to build vehicles
Foamy Neurotically Yours A foul-mouthed squirrel who lives with his owner Germaine, for whom he often openly expresses his dislike. Although he likes to eat cream cheese bagels, has a strong disdain for most things, including obesity, pop culture, and Metallica (he blames them for the end of Napster)
Fran Higglytown Heroes A red squirrel who helps Eubie, Wayne and Kip on their missions.
Fluffer Nutter Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Voiced by Grey DeLisle, this pink squirrel imaginary friend is best friends with Jackie Khones.
Hammy Over the Hedge A hyperactive American red squirrel, Hammy is the least intelligent, though also the most lovable character in the strip, spouting random comments at random moments. Voiced by Steve Carell
Hazel My Friend Rabbit An orange squirrel friend of Rabbit and Mouse who loves collecting acorns and adventuring with the two friends.
Jeff Forest Friends An athletic squirrel who often serves as the leader to his group of friends, but can be a show off and tease his friends occasionally.
Jumpy Squirrel Curious George A male squirrel who lives in the country, although he primarily stays in the trees, he will often end up involved with George.
Lolly Squirrel The Get Along Gang
Maggie KrainaGrzybowTV [4] The co-host of the show that appears later on in the series.
McSquizzy Open Season A Scottish-accented gray squirrel who leads the Furry Tail Clan. Voiced by Billy Connolly.
Miss Squirrel Shimmer and Shine
Mr. and Mrs. Squirrelson Shimmer and Shine
Mr. Nutz Mr. Nutz Mr.Nutz is a red squirrel in the video game of the same name for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis.
Nutty Happy Tree Friends Nutty is a light-green squirrel with a yellow diamond-shaped marking on his head and a large curled-up tail that moves when he's excited. Nutty has an addiction for candy or anything that is sugary. He has a big swirly lollipop, candy cane, small all-day sucker, and a candy apple stuck to his fur, which he even treats as his wardrobe, as evidenced in Chew Said a Mouthful, although this sometimes changes.
Purple and Pink Squirrel The Amazing World of Gumball Female squirrels that are colored purple and pink respectively, despite their names
Rocky Rocky and Bullwinkle Rocket J. Squirrel, usually called by the nickname "Rocky", is the name of the flying squirrel protagonist of the 1959-1964 animated television series Rocky and His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show (both shows often referred to collectively as The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show), produced by Jay Ward. Rocky's sidekick is the cartoon moose, Bullwinkle. Both Rocky and Bullwinkle were given the middle initial "J" as a reference to Ward.
Rodney J. Squirrel Squirrel Boy Andy's pet talking squirrel who is the titular protagonist of the series
Rupert The Great Rupert A dancing squirrel who accidentally helps two economically distressed families overcome their obstacles.
Sandy Cheeks SpongeBob SquarePants Sandy is a squirrel and is SpongeBob and Patrick's friend. Sandy is notable for her Texan characteristics and knowledge of Karate and science. As revealed in the episode "Patrick SmartPants", and the SpongeBob special "Atlantis SquarePantis", Sandy's full forename is Sandra, Sandy just being a nickname
Scaredy Scaredy Squirrel A smart, germophobic, and occasionally shy gray squirrel who works as a stacker at a grocery store called Stash "N" Hoard and is fond of cleaning
Screwy Squirrel Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoons Brash and erratic and is considered by some to be annoying with few sympathetic personality characteristics.
Secret Squirrel Secret Squirrel A secret agent who partners with Morocco Mole. His designation is Agent 000.
Shirley Squirrel Top Wing
Simon Squirrel Peppa Pig He is one of Chloe Pig's friends.
Slappy Squirrel Animaniacs A grumpy aging lady squirrel, who gets a kick out of blowing up her opponents while satisfying her needs and accomplishing her objectives. She often accompanies her sweet and pleasant nephew Skippy.
Snack-Stealing Squirrel Teen Titans Go! A tan squirrel with a long bushy tail eager to steal snacks from other characters
Splendid Happy Tree Friends A pale blue superhero flying squirrel with light blue patagia (gliding wings), a light blue/white oval marking on his torso, and a red mask around his head. He is largely based on Superman; he can fly, shoot laser beams from his eyes, has super strength, super speed, supersonic hearing, can turn back time, and can breathe ice. He is often seen doing housework until he hears the screams of a character that needs to be rescued
Squeaks Wabbit
Surly Surly Squirrel A selfish purple squirrel, who has a reputation for thievery. Also stars in the film The Nut Job.
The Red Squirrel The Penguins of Madagascar The Red Squirrel is an alleged archenemy of Buck Rotgut, a paranoid penguin secret operative who has been pursuing him since the Cold War years. The Red Squirrel is literally of the Red Squirrel species, but he and Buck are also meant to be a parody of the Red Communist scare and has a Russian accent.
The Squirrels Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Tammy Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers A squirrel who only appeared in the episode Adventures in Squirrelsitting
Tico Dora the Explorer Tico is a squirrel and a friend of Dora's who lives in the forest and speaks Spanish though very rarely English. He wears a colorful striped vest, and is usually seen driving his little yellow car
Tsukimaru Samurai Warriors A Flying squirrel
Twitchy Hoodwinked A fast talking squirrel
Unnamed Squirrel Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Only appearing in Arbor Day and vocalized by Grey DeLisle, this squirrel is sent on the hunt by Eldwin Blair to get rid of trees in Ami and Yumi's backyard that they gave him.
Whirly Squirrels Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
Wirral Tropic Island Hum A refugee squirrel on the run from hunters.


Character Species Work Notes
Alfie and Charlie Chipmunks 64 Zoo Lane
Alvin Chipmunk Alvin and the Chipmunks Alvin is a chipmunk who sings with his 2 other brothers and eventually sings in concerts and becomes famous.
Ash Porcupine Sing A porcupine punk rocker who takes part in an alternative-rock music duo with her boyfriend Lance.
Candie Chipmunk Chipmunk Animaniacs Slappy Squirrel's angry next-door neighbor
The Chipettes Chipmunk Alvin and the Chipmunks The female counterparts to the Chipmunks who be Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor.
Chip Chipmunk Chip 'n' Dale He has the look of the common chipmunk, he is smart and does the planning to ensure he and his best friend Dale survive.
Chuck Chipmunk Urban Vermin He wants to join the GLF. Madman is Chuck's idol. He failed in training but he can join the GLF.
Cro-Marmot Marmot Happy Tree Friends Cro-Marmot is a prehistoric greenish-yellow marmot frozen in a block of ice who wears leopard skin loincloth and holds a wooden club in his hand.
Dale Chipmunk Chip 'n' Dale He has distinctive differences including a red nose, a crop of fur on his head and split buck teeth to match his dimwitted personality. He often ends up needing his friend Chip's assistance.
Dandelion Groundhog Wild Kratts A young male groundhog who first appears on Groundhog Wakeup Call.
Darwin Guinea pig G-Force The leader of the G-Force team. Voiced by Sam Rockwell
Dolly Gopher Gopher Re-Animated A gopher who is Golly's girlfriend and one of the cartoons Jimmy sees.
Dolores Muskrat Muskrat PB&J Otter
Ellie Mae Muskrat The Rescuers
Eurotrish Chipmunk Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends A chipmunk-like imaginary friend who loves to go to Europe.
Flaky Porcupine Happy Tree Friends A red porcupine whose quills are full of white flakes like dandruff, thus her name; she is one of the most popular characters in the series and she has the identifiable personality of being a very cautious and timid character.
Giggles Chipmunk Happy Tree Friends Giggles is a pink chipmunk who has a white diamond-shaped marking, a white oval on her torso, and wears a big red bow on her head. She has the personality of a young girl, as she enjoys frolicking through flowers, having tea parties with Petunia, ice skating, and having a shy and sweet demeanor.
Golly Gopher Gopher Re-Animated A gopher who is one of the cartoons Jimmy sees.
Gopher Gopher Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree Created by Disney and not based on any character in A. A. Milne's books, Gopher is a gray anthropomorphic bucktoothed gopher with a habit of whistling out his sibilant consonants.
Larry Chipmunk The Powerpuff Girls A talking chipmunk who only appeared in the episode Collect Her, rarely as a meme
Linny Guinea pig Wonder Pets Linny is a five-year-old guinea pig and the leader of the Wonder Pets.
Little Chipmunk Girl Chipmunk Nickelodeon's T.U.F.F. Puppy
Luke Muskrat The Rescuers
Lydia, Plower, and Milo Ceratogaulus The Land Before Time
The Mole Mole Happy Tree Friends A blind pinkish mole with a sweater,blind stick,and glasses. Of the more popular characters, sometimes accidentally gets other characters killed or injured.
Mrs. Muskrat Muskrat Franklin
Muskie Muskrat Muskrat Deputy Dawg
Norman Guinea pig The Secret Life of Pets A Guinea pig who keeps getting lost trying to find his apartment.
Prairie Dog Trio Prairie Dogs Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Portia Porcupine Porcupine The Get Along Gang
Prickles Porcupine Re-Animated A porcupine who is Mr. Pickles' rival and one of the cartoons Jimmy sees.
Princess Little Piddles Chinchilla Bob's Burgers The school's pet chinchilla
Quillber African crested porcupine Wild Kratts A male African crested porcupine who was named by Martin because of all his quills on his back.
Rollo Meadow vole Wild Kratts A female meadow vole who appears in Journey to the Subnivean Zone.
Rufus Naked mole-rat Kim Possible
Smun Porcupine The Lion Guard A porcupine who is the leader of his prickle and a servant of Mama Binturong.
Stuckey Porcupine Kissyfur A sorrowful Blue-Indigo Porcupine, who is friends with the Swamp Cubs. Simon Chipmunk Alvin and the Chipmunks The smart chipmunk
Theodore Chipmunk Alvin and the Chipmunks A member of the trio of singing chipmunk siblings
Wally Muskrat Muskrat PB&J Otter
El Nombre Gerbil El Nombre A Mexican gerbil who featured in segments of the BBC children's programme Numbertime, and later got his own series.


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