The following is a list of films shot, at least in part, in Riverside, California.

The films shot at the Riverside International Raceway and at March Air Force Base are outside the Riverside city limits, but they have been included because both locations are closely associated with the city of Riverside. The Riverside International Raceway no longer exists, and March Air Force Base has been renamed the March Joint Air Reserve Base, now more closely associated with Moreno Valley, California.

Released Title Stars[1] Location Notes
1919 Boots Dorothy Gish Mission Inn[2]
1929 Redskin Richard Dix
Julie Carter
Sherman Indian Institute[2]
1933 State Fair Janet Gaynor
Will Rogers
Southern California Fair Grounds[3] The Fair Grounds, north of Fairmount Park, no longer exist.
1933 Today We Live Joan Crawford
Gary Cooper
Robert Young
March Field The base was closed by Douglas MacArthur to allow MGM crews to film there[4]
1938 Idiot's Delight Clark Gable
Charles Coburn
Norma Shearer
Mission Inn[2]
1938 Test Pilot Clark Gable
Myrna Loy
Spencer Tracy
Lionel Barrymore
March Field[3]
1939 Dark Victory Bette Davis
Humphrey Bogart
George Brent
Ronald Reagan
Southern California Fair Grounds[3] The Fair Grounds, north of Fairmount Park, no longer exist.
1939 Idiot's Delight Norma Shearer
Clark Gable
Edward Arnold
Charles Coburn
Burgess Meredith
Mission Inn[3]
1943 My Favorite Blonde Bob Hope March Field[3]
1951 The First Legion Charles Boyer Mission Inn Used as a monastery
1957 Jet Pilot John Wayne
Janet Leigh
March Air Force Base[3] Shot in 1949-50, released later.
1959 On the Beach Gregory Peck
Ava Gardner
Fred Astaire
Anthony Perkins
Riverside International Raceway[5] Car race scene.
1965 Two on a Guillotine Connie Stevens
Dean Jones
Cesar Romero
Benedict Castle[2]
1965 Red Line 7000 James Caan
Laura Devon
Gail Hire
Riverside International Raceway[3]
1966 Grand Prix James Garner
Eva Marie Saint
Riverside International Raceway[3]
1968 The Love Bug Dean Jones
Michele Lee
Buddy Hackett
Riverside International Raceway[3]
1969 Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here Robert Redford
Katharine Ross
Robert Blake
Mission Inn[3]
1969 Winning Paul Newman
Joanne Woodward
Robert Wagner
Richard Thomas
Riverside International Raceway[3]
1973 Genesis II Alex Cord
Mariette Hartley
U.C. Riverside[5] 1970s UCR was the evil city of Tyrania.
1975 Bug Bradford Dillman
Joanna Miles
U.C. Riverside[6]
1975 The Wild Party James Coco
Raquel Welch
Mission Inn
1977 Black Samurai Jim Kelly Mission Inn[2]
1981 Buddy Buddy Jack Lemmon
Walter Matthau
Mission Inn[2]
1982 The Sword and the Sorcerer Lee Horsley Mission Inn
1985 Real Genius Val Kilmer
Michelle Meyrink
Mission Inn
March Air Force Base
Moreno Valley
1986 Body Slam Dirk Benedict
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Billy Barty
Captain Lou Albano
Ric Flair
Tanya Roberts
Sam Fatu
Mission Inn
Raincross Square
Riverside Historic Courthouse
Riverside City Hall
1988 Vibes Jeff Goldblum
Cyndi Lauper
Mission Inn
1989 Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death Shannon Tweed
Bill Maher
Adrienne Barbeau
Riverside avocado groves;
University of California, Riverside[7]
UCR is "Spritzer College."
1995 Nixon Anthony Hopkins
Joan Allen
Mission Inn[8]
1998 The Man in the Iron Mask (a.k.a. The Face of Alexandre Dumas: The Man in the Iron Mask) Edward Albert
Dana Barron
Timothy Bottoms
Mission Inn[2]
1999 Blink 182: The Urethra Chronicles Mark Hoppus
Thomas DeLonge
Travis Barker
Galleria at Tyler[2]
2001 Cafe Tango Gloria Otero
Claudio Otero
Rebecca De Roche
Sevilla Restaurant & Tapas Bar[2]
2001 What's the Worst That Could Happen? Martin Lawrence
Danny DeVito
John Leguizamo
Riverside County Historic Courthouse,
Mission Inn[2]
2002 Slackers Jason Schwartzman
Devon Sawa
Jason Segel
Michael Maronna
Jaime King
Laura Prepon
U.C. Riverside[9]
2003 Neverland Deborah Quayle
Wil Wheaton
Castle Park[2]
2008 Eagle Eye Shia LaBeouf
Michelle Monaghan
Rosario Dawson
March Air Force Base[10]
2009 Perfect Mismatch Nandana Sen
Anupam Kher
Boman Irani
Fairmount Park[11]
U.C. Riverside[11]

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