This is a list of flags of Norway containing images of and information about the official Norwegian flags used.

National flag

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Fredrik Meltzer, a member of parliament (Storting) designed the national flag in 1821.

Royal standards

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Flags of the Government

Flags of the Military

Flags of the Navy

Flags of the Army

The rank flags are also used by the Air Force and Home Guard.

Flags of the Air Force

The Air Force uses the same rank flags as the Army.

Flags of the Home Guard

The Home Guard uses the same rank flags as the Army.

Historical flags

These flags are no longer in use, except the merchant flag of 1821–1844, which was also used from 1899 until the present. Note: The Royal Standard of Norway is seen as the official flag of the Old Kingdom of Norway.

Subnational flags

Most of the Norwegian counties and municipalities have their own flag. They are based on the respective coat of arms of the subdivision. However they are seldom used. Most public buildings and private homes use the National flag. Note: As of 2020, many municipalities and counties have been merged. Because of this many of the new regions do not have a current flag and instead the coat of arms will be used for the new regions until a flag is made.

Flags of the former counties

Flags and Coat of Arms of the current regions

Although Finnmark and Troms are officially merged, they still use their old county flags as the merging is disputed by locals and officials in Finnmark. The region of Trøndelag uses the old flag of Nord-Trøndelag as it has historical value and connection to king Olav II of Norway.

Flags of the municipalities

This is just a number of municipalities with their own flags, there are however many more municipalities that do use a flag.

Other officially approved flags

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