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This is a list of former constituencies of the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly, organised by date of abolition. It does not include constituencies which were merely renamed.

List of former constituencies

Constituency Existed between District Lok Sabha
Name Reserved for
Name Reserved for
Badri–Kedar None 2000–2002 Chamoli/Rudraprayag Garhwal None
Bahadarabad 2002–2012 Haridwar Haridwar SC (2000–2009)
None (2009–2012)
Bhikiyasain Almora Almora None (2000–2009)
SC (2009–2012)
Bironkhal Pauri Garhwal Garhwal None
Dehradun 2000–2012 Dehradun Tehri Garhwal
Dhari 2002–2012 Nainital Nainital (2000–2009)
Nainital–Udhamsingh Nagar (2009–2012)
Dhumakot Pauri Garhwal Garhwal
Iqbalpur Haridwar Haridwar SC (2000–2009)
None (2009–2012)
Kanalichhina Pithoragarh Almora None (2000–2009)
SC (2009–2012)
Kanda Bageshwar
Lakshman Chowk Dehradun Tehri Garhwal None
Laldhang Haridwar Haridwar SC (2000–2009)
None (2009–2012)
Landhaura SC
Mukteshwar Nainital Nainital (2000–2009)
Nainital–Udhamsingh Nagar (2009–2012)
Nandaprayag None Chamoli Garhwal
Pantnagar–Gadarpur Udham Singh Nagar Nainital (2000–2009)
Nainital–Udhamsingh Nagar (2009–2012)
Pindar SC Chamoli Garhwal
Rajpur None Dehradun Tehri Garhwal
Rudrapur–Kichha Udham Singh Nagar Nainital (2000–2009)
Nainital–Udhamsingh Nagar (2009–2012)
Thalisain Pauri Garhwal Garhwal
Uttarkashi SC 2000–2002 Uttarkashi Tehri Garhwal

Constituencies abolished in 2001

Chamoli district and Rudraprayag district

  1. Badri–Kedar constituency replaced by Badrinath constituency in Chamoli district and, Kedarnath constituency and Rudraprayag constituency in Rudraprayag district

Uttarkashi district

  1. Uttarkashi constituency (SC) replaced by Gangotri constituency, Purola constituency (SC) and Yamunotri constituency in Uttarkashi district

Constituencies abolished in 2011

Almora district

  1. Bhikiyasain constituency

Bageshwar district

  1. Kanda constituency

Chamoli district

  1. Pindar constituency (SC) replaced by Tharali constituency (SC) in Chamoli district
  2. Nandaprayag constituency

Dehradun district

  1. Dehradun constituency replaced by Dehradun Cantonment constituency in Dehradun district
  2. Lakshman Chowk constituency replaced by Dharampur constituency in Dehradun district
  3. Rajpur constituency replaced by Rajpur Road constituency (SC) in Dehradun district

Haridwar district

  1. Bahadarabad constituency replaced by Jwalapur constituency (SC) in Haridwar district
  2. Iqbalpur constituency replaced by Piran Kaliyar constituency in Haridwar district
  3. Laldhang constituency replaced by Haridwar Rural constituency in Haridwar district
  4. Landhaura constituency (SC) replaced by Khanpur constituency in Haridwar district

Nainital district

  1. Dhari constituency
  2. Mukteshwar constituency (SC) replaced by Bhimtal constituency in Nainital district

Pauri Garhwal district

  1. Bironkhal constituency replaced by Chaubattakhal constituency in Pauri Garhwal district
  2. Dhumakot constituency
  3. Thalisain constituency

Pithoragarh district

  1. Kanalichhina constituency

Udham Singh Nagar district

  1. Pantnagar–Gadarpur constituency replaced with Gadarpur constituency
  2. Rudrapur–Kichha constituency replaced with Rudrapur constituency and Kichha constituency

Anglo-Indian reserved seat in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly

Between 2002 and 2020, one seat was reserved in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly for members of the Anglo-Indian community. The member was nominated by the Governor of Uttarakhand on the advice of the Government of Uttarakhand. In January 2020, the Anglo-Indian reserved seats in the Parliament and State Legislatures of India were abolished.[1][2]

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