Don Luis A. Ferré member of ΦΣΑ; some of the most prominent people in Puerto Rico belong to fraternities and sororities
Don Luis A. Ferré member of ΦΣΑ; some of the most prominent people in Puerto Rico belong to fraternities and sororities

This is a list of social fraternities and sororities in Puerto Rico. There are a number of service, professional, and honorary fraternities and sororities from the United States which have chapters in Puerto Rico. The following list is composed of Greek Letter social organizations founded in Puerto Rico, by Puerto Ricans. The large majority don't have chapters outside the island. An exception to this is those organizations that are members of the Concilio Interfraternitario Puertorriqueño de la Florida, the five fraternities that are members of the CIPFI are also members of the "Concilio Interfraternitario de Puerto Rico" along with the two oldest Puerto Rican sororities, those five fraternities and two sororities are considered as being the strongest.[1]


The following list is sorted by 'Founding date':

Fraternity/Sorority Nickname Founding date Type Scope Organization
Phi Eta Mu (ΦΗΜ)* Phi Etas 1923 university international fraternity
Mu Alpha Phi (ΜΑΦ)* Mu 1927 university international sorority
Eta Gamma Delta (ΗΓΔ)* Etas 1928 university international sorority
Phi Sigma Alpha (ΦΣΑ)* Sigmas 1928 university international fraternity
Alpha Psi Alpha (ΑΨΑ) Alphas 1929 university national fraternity
Nu Sigma Beta (ΝΣΒ)* Nu Sigma 1937 university international fraternity
Alpha Beta Chi (ABX)* Alpha Betas 1941 university international fraternity
Phi Delta Gamma (ΦΔΓ)* Phi Deltas 1942 university international fraternity
Zeta Mu Gamma (ΖΜΓ) Zetas 1943 High School local fraternity
Phi Epsilon Chi (ΦΕΧ) Phi Epsilon 1943 university national fraternity
Phi Beta Gamma (ΦΒΓ) Phi Betas 1954 university national fraternity
Alpha Omicron Sigma (AŌΣ) Omicrones 1957 university national fraternity
Rho Omicron Rho (ΡŌΡ) La Rhomi 1957 university national fraternity
Zeta Phi Beta (ΖΦΒ) Los Zetas 1957 university national fraternity
Phi Zeta Chi (ΦΖΧ) Phi Zetas 1958 university national fraternity
Delta Phi Theta (ΔΦΘ) Los Deltas 1961 university national fraternity
Zeta Phi Sigma (ΖΦΣ) Zetas 1967 university national Sorority
Delta Phi Eta (ΔΦΗ) Deltas 1982 university national Sorority
Eta Phi Zeta (ΗΦΖ) Las Phi Zetas 1969 university national sorority
Nu Delta Sigma (ΝΔΣ) Nu Deltas 1983 university national sorority
Alpha Sigma Upsilon (ΑΣΥ) Upsilones 1990 university national fraternity
Rho Alpha Gamma (ΡΑΓ) Rho Alphas 1994 university national sorority
Sigma Epsilon Chi (ΣΕΧ) Epsilonas 2003 university national sorority

* - Indicates a member of Concilio Interfraternitario de Puerto Rico (Inter-Fraternity Council of Puerto Rico)

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