This is a list of glaciers in Russia. It includes glaciers, ice caps and ice domes located in the Russian Federation.

List of glaciers and ice caps

View of the Akkem Glacier in the Altai Mountains.
Inostrantsev Glacier terminus. Severny Island, west coast.
Zvezda Glacier in the Caucasus. Teberda Nature Reserve.
Shore of Bennett Island, De Long Islands. The ice cap on top consists of four separate glaciers.
View of the ice cap covering Schmidt Island. Severnaya Zemlya.
Belukha Glacier in the Altai Range.

Ice caps

The massive Academy of Sciences Glacier, the largest in the Russian Federation, covering over two thirds of Komsomolets Island.

Franz Josef Land ice domes

This section includes ice domes in Franz Josef Land. Some islands have more than one.


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