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Governors in the various provinces of the Viceroyalty of New Spain.

In addition to governors, the following list (under construction) intends to give an overview of colonial units of the provincial level; therefore it also includes some offices of similar rank, especially the intendant. Intendente is both a Spanish and Portuguese word, derived from the French Intendant. It was introduced to the Spanish Empire by the Bourbon Dynasty, which Spain shared with France after the early 18th century. This list also does not distinguish between Gobernaciones and Provincias, because they were essentially two grades of provinces.

Provinces under the Real Audiencia of Santo Domingo

Island of Santo Domingo

Island of Cuba

Island of Puerto Rico

Province of Florida (1699–1763)

Intendancy issues handled by the Cuban Intendancy starting in 1763.

Province of Nueva Andalucía

Provinces of New Spain

Province of Vera Cruz

Intendants of Vera Cruz

Kingdom of Mexico or New Spain

Province of Puebla

Intendants of Puebla

Province of Oaxaca

Intendants Oaxaca

Province of Valladolid

Intendants of Valladolid

Province of Guanajuato

Intendants of Guanajuato

Province of San Luis Potosí

Intendants of San Luis Potosí

Province of Yucatán (Mérida)

Governors Yucatán

Governor-Intendants of Mérida

Kingdom of Nueva Galicia (Guadalajara)

Province of New Galicia

Governor-Presidents of Guadalajara

Governor-Intendants of Guadalajara

Province of Zacatecas

Intendants of Zacatecas

Province of Nuevo Santander

Governors of Nuevo Santander

New Kingdom of León (Nuevo León)

Governors of Nuevo León

Commandancy General of the Provincias Internas

Commandants General

Eastern Provinces (Oriente)

Commandants General of the Eastern Provinces

Province of Coahuila

Governors of Coahuila

Province of Texas (1698–1822)

Province of Nuevo México (1598–1822)

Western Provinces (Poniente)

Commandants General of the Western Provinces

Province of Sonora y Sinaloa

Governors of Sonora y Sinaloa

Governor-Intendants of Sonora

Province of Nueva Vizcaya

Governors of Nueva Vizcaya

Governor-Intendants of Reino de la Nueva Vizcaya (Durango)

Province of Las Californias

Lieutenant Governors of Las Californias

Governors of Las Californias

Provinces of the Kingdom of Guatemala

Province of Guatemala

Province of Chiapas

Lieutenant Governors of Chiapas

Alcaldes Mayores of Ciudad Real de Chiapa

Alcaldes Mayores of Ciudad Real

Alcaldes Mayores of Tuxtla

Governor-Intendants of Chiapas

Province of Nicaragua

Governors of Nicaragua

Alcaldes Mayores of Nicaragua

Governors of Nicaragua

Governors-Intendants of León (Nicaragua)

Superior Political Chief and Intendant of León

Pedro Solís Terán (Primer Vocal)
José del Carmen Salazar Lacayo
Francisco Quiñónez
Domingo Nicolás Galarza y Briceño de Coca
Basilio Carrillo
José Valentín Fernández Gallegos (alternate)
Juan Modesto Hernández (alternate)

Province of Costa Rica

Governors of Costa Rica

Provinces under the Real Audiencia of Manila

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