This is a list of the various heads of local government organisations that have served London, England.

City of London

Lord Mayor of London

The Lord Mayor of the City of London is an ancient office and is the chief position of the Corporation of London.

The Metropolis

Chairmen of the Metropolitan Commission of Sewers

The Metropolitan Commission of Sewers was an ad hoc body formed in 1849 to bring London's sewerage and drainage under the control of a single public body. In 1856 it was abolished with its powers passing to the Metropolitan Board of Works.[1]

Chairmen of the Metropolitan Board of Works

The Metropolitan Board of Works was a general purpose authority for the metropolitan area of London from 1855 to 1889.

Chairmen of the London School Board

The London School Board was an ad hoc authority. The functions were eventually absorbed by the London County Council.

Chairmen of the Metropolitan Asylums Board

The Metropolitan Asylums Board was an ad hoc authority. The functions were eventually absorbed by the London County Council.

County of London

The London County Council was a county council covering the County of London.

Chairmen of the London County Council

Main article: List of chairmen of the London County Council

The chairmanship and vice chairmanship of the London County Council were statutory offices created in 1889 and abolished in 1965. The positions were largely ceremonial, similar to the office of mayor in a borough. The council's standing orders also provided for the post of deputy chairman. Each of these offices were held for a one-year term of office.

Leaders of the London County Council

The post of Leader was only officially recognised in 1933. This table gives the Leaders of the majority parties on the council before this time, although in the first term this had little relevance in terms of the leadership of the Council.

Greater London

Leaders of the Greater London Council

The Greater London Council was the county council for Greater London from 1965 to 1986.

Leaders of the Inner London Education Authority

Although Inner London Education Authority was created in 1964 and came into its powers in 1965, the post of Leader did not exist until April 1967. For the period 1964–67 the de facto Leadership was shared between the Chairman of the Education Committee, James Young, and the Chairmen of the Authority, Harold Shearman (from 1964–1965) and Ashley Bramall (1965–1967).

Chairman of the London Residuary Body

The London Residuary Body was responsible for disposing of the assets of the Greater London Council.

Mayor of London

The Mayor of London is the executive of the Greater London Authority. The role has existed since 2000.

Timeline for leaders of London-wide government

Sadiq KhanBoris JohnsonKen LivingstoneKen LivingstoneHorace CutlerReg GoodwinDesmond PlummerBill Fiske, Baron Fiske


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