The list of historical harbour cranes includes historical harbour cranes from the Middle Ages to the introduction of metal cranes in the Industrial Revolution during the 19th century. Modern reconstructions are also listed.

Name Location Country River Comment Material Image
Żuraw (Krantor) Gdańsk (Danzig) Poland Motława (Mottlau) 1367, modification 1442–1444; oldest crane in the formerly German-speaking area Stone and wood
Stadskraan (Utrecht) Utrecht Netherlands Oudegracht 1402, treadwheeled city crane mainly used for wine barrels, several times upgraded, rebuilt on another location after it collapsed in 1837. Wood/stone
Alter Krahnen Trier Germany Mosel 1413, in service until 1910, two booms, one to attach a counterweight Stone
Rheinkran Bingen Germany Rhine 1487, renovated in 1819, in service until 1890; after comprehensive renovation back in service (tourist demonstrations) since 2008 Wood
Alter Krahnen Andernach Germany Rhine 1554–1561, in service until 1911 Stone
Oestricher Kran Oestrich-Winkel Germany Rhine 1744–1745, in service until 1926 Wood
Mastekran (Mastekranen) Copenhagen Denmark Holmen, harbour 1748-1751 by Philip de Lange; for mounting masts to large sailing vessels Stone and wood
Styckekranen (Styckekranen) Stockholm Sweden Mälaren Built in 1751, it replaced another crane from 1647. A historic monument since 1935, it was damaged in a fire in 1978 but restored. Wood, iron cladding
Alter Kranen Würzburg Germany Main 1767–1773 by Franz Neumann, two booms, each with chain and hook Stone
Zollkran Trier Germany Mosel 1774, in service until 1900, two booms, one to attach a counterweight Stone
Alter Kranen Marktbreit Germany Main ca. 1750 (wood); rebuilt (stone) after the 1784 ice flood, in service til 1900 Stone
Alter Krahn
Alter Salzkran
Lüneburg Germany Ilmenau 1379; reconstructed in 1797 after ice flood, in service until 1860 Wood
Harbour crane Rostock Germany Lower Warnow first crane in the 16th century; reconstruction from an 18th-century crane Wood
Alter Salzkran Stade Germany Schwinge 1661, in 1898 demolished, in 1977 reconstructed on the model of the Alter Krahn in Lüneburg Wood
Alter Saarkran Saarbrücken Germany Saar 1762 by F.-J. Stengel, 1784 renovated; ruined state after 1865; reconstructed in 1989 Wood
Havenkraan, Hanzekraan Bruges Belgium Kraanplein
1288, rebuilt in 1434, in service til 1767; modern small-scale reconstruction of the medieval crane at Brugge harbour depicted, two treadwheels; Wood


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