Regions of Portugal

This is a list of islands of Portugal, including islets (Portuguese: ilhéu or ilhote). The islands (Portuguese: Ilha) are listed by region.[1][2]

Continental Portugal

Algarve Region

Islands in the Algarve Region include:

Alentejo Region

The islands in the Alentejo Region include:

Central Region

Islands in the Central Region include:

Berlengas archipelago

In addition, the archipelago of the Berlengas includes one island and a two-islet group:

North Region

The North Region includes the following islands:

Azores archipelago

Map of the Azores

Further information: List of islets in the Azores

The archipelago of the Azores is politically organized as an autonomous region and includes nine islands and the Formigas islet group:

Read in detail, Here.

Madeira Archipelago

Map of the Madeira archipelgo

The archipelago of Madeira is politically organized as an autonomous region and includes two principal islands and two minor island groups:

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