There are 15,074 documented lakes in Wisconsin.[1][2][3][4] Of these, about 40 percent have been named. They range in size from small one-and two-acre (0.5–1 ha) ponds to 137,708-acre (55,728 ha) Lake Winnebago. They range in depth from a few feet (around 1 meter) to 350 feet (110 m) for Wazee Lake. Lake Winnebago is the largest lake by volume and the lake with the longest shoreline. The largest man-made lake is Petenwell Lake, which was created by damming the Wisconsin River. Vilas County has the most lakes (1,318) and Brown and Outagamie counties the fewest (4). Many lakes have the same names, with 116 named Mud Lake.[1]

Great Lakes

Inland lakes

Named inland lakes are listed below. Alternate names are indicated in parentheses.[1]

Adams County

Ashland County

Barron County

Bayfield County

Brown County

Buffalo County

Burnett County

Calumet County

Chippewa County

Clark County

Columbia County

Crawford County

Dane County

Dodge County

Door County

For details about wetlands in Door County, including those also considered to be lakes by the Wisconsin DNR, see Door County, Wisconsin § Wetlands.

Body of Water acres Access[5]
Arbter Lake (Mud Lake, Schmok Lake) 16 partly within a DNR State Natural Area[6]
Bley Pond 4.5 private access only
Bradley Lake (Little Lake, Mud Lake, or The Duck Pond) 19 within Sunset Park[7]
Butler Pond 3.2 private access only
Carp Lake[8] About 5 acres On Plum Island, which is open to public use in the Green Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Carp Lake becomes a lagoon of Lake Michigan during years when Lake Michigan's water levels are high.[8]
Clark Lake 864 public beach on the southwest corner and one other public area[9] in addition to public fee areas along the southeast within Whitefish Dunes State Park[10] and the north within the Ridges Sanctuary.[11]
Dunes Lake (Gerlach Lake, Gurlock Lake) 80.4 public access only by boat through Dolans (or Donlans, or Geisel) Creek[12] and Shivering Sands Creek
Europe Lake 273 public boat access on southwest side of the lake; southeast side is part of Newport State Park[13]
Forestville Flowage 72.1 dam and southern shore is in Forestville Dam County Park
Kangaroo Lake 1,109 Much of the shoreline is owned by the DNR and other entities allowing public access[14]
Krause Lake, also called Mud Lake (Chambers Island)[15] 3.7 northeastern shore enrolled in the DNR Managed Forest Program
Little Lake 41 22.1 acres surrounding the northern part of the lake is owned by an entity allowing public access;[16] a dock open to the public is located on the southwest shore near a museum[17]
Lost Lake 91.2 public access only by boat through Logan Creek[11]
Mackaysee Lake 347 large areas of the north, west, and south shores are enrolled in the DNR Managed Forest Program;
Mud Lake (Baileys Harbor) 155 DNR State Natural Area[18]
Pinney Lake 2.3 private access only
Pluff Pond ? formerly a 0.52-acre pond prior to nearby development; now only a small remnant remaining bordered by a wooded swamp
Rogers Lake 69.5 DNR State Natural Area (Mink River Estuary);[19] boat launch on Lake Michigan
Schwartz Lake (Schmoke Lake) 30 partly within a DNR State Natural Area[6]
Thorp Pond 6.4 private access only[20]
Unnamed Lake #2 4.1 private access only
Unnamed Lake #3 about 2 within Lyle-Harter-Matter County Park[21]
Upper Lost Lake 4.5 private access only
Zoo Lake 0.9 public access only by boat through Three Springs Creek[22]
Select bodies of water and wetlands of Door County
Big Marsh (Gunnerson Marsh)
Clark Lake
Coffey Swamp
Europe Lake
Kangaroo Lake
Little Lake
Mud Lake

Douglas County

Dunn County

Eau Claire County

Florence County

Fond du Lac County

Forest County

Grant County

Green County

Green Lake County

Iowa County

Iron County

Jackson County

Jefferson County

Juneau County

Kenosha County

Kewaunee County

La Crosse County

Lafayette County

Langlade County

Lincoln County

Manitowoc County

Marathon County

Marinette County

Main article: List of lakes in Marinette County, Wisconsin

Marquette County

Menominee County

Milwaukee County

Monroe County

Oconto County

Oneida County

Main article: List of lakes in Oneida County, Wisconsin

Outagamie County

Ozaukee County

Pepin County

Pierce County

Polk County

Portage County

Price County

Racine County

Richland County

Rock County

Rusk County

St. Croix County

Sauk County

Sawyer County

Shawano County

Sheboygan County

Taylor County

Trempealeau County

Vernon County

Vilas County

Main article: List of lakes in Vilas County, Wisconsin

Walworth County

Washburn County

Washington County

Waukesha County

Waupaca County

Waushara County

Winnebago County

Wood County


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