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Lord Mayor of Nottingham
Nottingham Coat of arms
Cllr Wendy Smith, Lab
since May 2022
Nottingham City Council
StyleLord Mayor
StatusLord Mayor
Member ofNottingham City Council
Labour Nottingham
SeatLoxley House
Nottingham Council House
NominatorPolitical parties
AppointerElectorate of Nottingham
Term lengthno set term
Inaugural holderEdward Fraser
Formation1284 (1284)
DeputyDeputy Mayors
WebsiteMayor website

The Lord Mayor of Nottingham is a largely ceremonial role for the city of Nottingham, England.

The position was historically Mayor of Nottingham; this was changed to Lord Mayor in 1928. The position is elected every May by Nottingham city councillors at their annual council meeting.

Some of the duties of the Lord Mayor include being a champion of the city and attending official events. The role also includes supporting up to 3 charities and presenting the Lord Mayor's Awards for Urban Design.[citation needed]


The post of Mayor of Nottingham was created in the Charter of Edward I approved on 12 February 1284.[1]

The title was changed to Lord Mayor of Nottingham by Letters Patent, announced by King George V on 10 July 1928, at the opening of the new University College at Highfields. The first holder of the title was the Mayor for the current year, Alderman Edmund Huntsman.[2]

Contrary to popular belief, the Mayoral status was unaffected when Nottingham achieved city status during the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in June 1897. The bestowing of City status is normally a separate issue to the rank of the Mayor concerned. In fact, there is only one case of a Borough being given City status and its Mayor being elevated to Lord Mayor at the same time – this occurred with Cardiff in 1905. It has recently (i.e. since 2002) become the established rule that newly created cities should wait for an interval of at least 10 years before making an application for a Lord Mayoralty.[citation needed]

After City status had been awarded, Nottingham applied (unsuccessfully) for a Lord Mayor in 1911 (marking the Coronation of King George V), and to mark Royal visits in both 1914 and 1919.

Historically, the Mayor of Nottingham was elected in a ceremony in St. Mary's Church, Nottingham. Although the election no longer happens in the church, a civic service is held there each year to mark the Lord Mayor's appointment.

Mayors of the Borough of Nottingham (1284–1897)

Source: Nottingham City Council

13th century

14th century

15th century

16th century

17th century

18th century

19th century

Mayors of the City of Nottingham (1897–1928)

Edward H Fraser, Mayor of Nottingham

Lord Mayors of Nottingham (1928–present)










Mayor Jeannie Packer in official dress with guests at Nottingham Contemporary, 2009 .
Lord Mayor Brian Grocock opens Nottingham Pride 2010.

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