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This is a list of members of the Diet of Japan. The Diet has two chambers: the House of Councillors (upper house) and the House of Representatives (lower house). Councillors serve six year terms, with half being elected every three years. Representatives serve terms of up to four years, but the House of Representatives can be dissolved, causing a shorter term (snap election).

House of Representatives

Members of the House of Representatives elected in the 43rd general election (2003)
Members of the House of Representatives elected in the 44th general election (2005)
Members of the House of Representatives elected in the 45th general election (2009)
Members of the House of Representatives elected in the 46th general election (2012)
Members of the House of Representatives elected in the 47th general election (2014)
Members of the House of Representatives elected in the 48th general election – Current List (2017)
Members of the House of Representatives elected in the 49th general election (2021)


Composition of the House of Representatives of Japan in the English Wikipedia
(as of unspecified point in time)[1]
elected by 2021 Japanese general election (term: 31 October 2021 – 30 October 2025 or earlier dissolution)
In-House Groups
[innai] kaiha
Parties Seats
by parties
Government 290
Liberal Democratic Party
Jiyūminshutō / Mushozoku no Kai
Liberal Democratic Party / Association of independents
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) 257 258
Independent 1
Komeito 32 32
Opposition 164
The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan
Rikken Minshutō・Mushozoku
Constitutional Democratic Party / Independents
Constitutional Democratic Party (CDP) 98 100
Social Democratic Party (SDP) 1
Independent 1
Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) and Free Education For All
Nippon Ishin no Kai / Kyōiku mushō-ka o jitsugen suru Kai
Nippon Ishin no Kai / Free Education For All
Nippon Ishin no Kai 41 45
Free Education For All 4
Japanese Communist Party
Nihon Kyōsantō
Japanese Communist Party (JCP) 10 10
Democratic Party for the People
Kokumin Minshutō・Mushozoku Club
Democratic Party for the People / Independent Club
Democratic Party For the People (DPFP) 7 7
Yūshi no Kai
Yūshi no Kai
Independent 4 4
Reiwa Shinsengumi
Reiwa Shinsengumi
Reiwa Shinsengumi 3 3
Independents (government or opposition) 7
Independents (not member of a caucus)
LDP (Speaker: Fukushiro Nukaga) 1
CDP (Vice-Speaker: Banri Kaieda) 1
Independents (not member of a party) 5
Total 464
majoritarian seats: Tokyo 15th district, Shimane 1st district, Nagasaki 3rd district
(by-elections 28 April 2024)
proportional seat: one CDP list seat from Kyūshū (scheduled runner-up replacement: Hiroshi Kawauchi)[2]

List of members by parliamentary group and constituency. There are usually translations and abbreviations for parliamentary groups (会派, kaiha, current House of Representatives website translation: "In-House Group") used on the English pages of the House of Representatives website,[3]


Members of the House of Representatives (as of April 26, 2021)[4]
Constituency Elected Members Parliamentary group Notes


12 single-member and 8 proportional representation seats.

Hokkaido-1st Daiki Michishita Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaido-2nd Kenko Matsuki Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō–3rd Satoshi Arai Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō–4th Hiroyuki Nakamura Liberal Democratic
Hokkaidō–5th Yoshiaki Wada Liberal Democratic
Hokkaidō–6th Takahiro Sasaki Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō–7th Yoshitaka Itō Liberal Democratic
Hokkaidō–8th Seiji Osaka Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō–9th Manabu Horii Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō–10th Hisashi Inatsu Kōmeitō
Hokkaidō–11th Kaori Ishikawa Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō–12th Arata Takebe Liberal Democratic

Hokkaido block[edit]

Hokkaidō block Hidemichi Satō Kōmeitō
Hokkaidō block Hiroshi Kamiya Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō block Maki Ikeda Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō block Hiranao Honda Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō block Tatsumaru Yamaoka Constitutional Democratic
Hokkaidō block Kōichi Watanabe Liberal Democratic
Hokkaidō block Takako Suzuki Liberal Democratic
Hokkaidō block Toshimitsu Funahashi Liberal Democratic


23 single-member and 13 proportional representation seats.

Aomori Prefecture[edit]

Aomori–1st Jun Tsushima Liberal Democratic
Aomori–2nd Tadamori Ōshima Liberal Democratic
Aomori–3rd Jiro Kimura Liberal Democratic

Iwate Prefecture[edit]

Iwate–1st Takeshi Shina Constitutional Democratic
Iwate–2nd Shun'ichi Suzuki Liberal Democratic
Iwate–3rd Ichirō Ozawa Constitutional Democratic

Miyagi Prefecture[edit]

Miyagi–1st Tōru Doi Liberal Democratic
Miyagi–2nd Ken'ya Akiba Liberal Democratic
Miyagi–3rd Akihiro Nishimura Liberal Democratic
Miyagi–4th Shintarō Itō Liberal Democratic
Miyagi–5th Jun Azumi Constitutional Democratic
Miyagi–6th Itsunori Onodera Liberal Democratic

Akita Prefecture[edit]

Akita–1st Hiroyuki Togashi Liberal Democratic
Akita–2nd Katsutoshi Kaneda Liberal Democratic
Akita–3rd Nobuhide Minorikawa Liberal Democratic

Yamagata Prefecture[edit]

Yamagata–1st Toshiaki Endō Liberal Democratic
Yamagata–2nd Norikazu Suzuki Liberal Democratic
Yamagata–3rd Ayuko Kato Liberal Democratic

Fukushima Prefecture[edit]

Fukushima–1st Emi Kaneko Constitutional Democratic
Fukushima–2nd Takumi Nemoto Liberal Democratic
Fukushima–3rd Kōichirō Genba Constitutional Democratic
Fukushima–4th Ichirō Kanke Liberal Democratic
Fukushima–5th Masayoshi Yoshino Liberal Democratic

Tōhoku Block[edit]

Tohoku Block Akinori Eto Liberal Democratic
Tohoku Block Yoshitami Kameoka Liberal Democratic
Tohoku Block Takashi Fujiwara Liberal Democratic
Tohoku Block Hinako Takahashi Liberal Democratic
Tohoku Block Kentaro Uesugi Liberal Democratic
Tohoku Block Manabu Terata Constitutional Democratic
Tohoku Block Takashi Midorikawa Constitutional Democratic
Tohoku Block Shinji Oguma Constitutional Democratic
Tohoku Block Akiko Okamoto Constitutional Democratic
Tohoku Block Makoto Yamazaki Constitutional Democratic
Tohoku Block Yukihiko Akutsu Constitutional Democratic
Tohoku Block Yoshihisa Inoue Kōmeitō
Tohoku Block Chizuko Takahashi JCP

North Kanto(Kita Kanto)[edit]

32 single-member and 19 proportional representation seats.

Ibaraki Prefecture[edit]

Ibaraki–1st Yoshinori Tadokoro Liberal Democratic
Ibaraki–2nd Fukushirō Nukaga Liberal Democratic
Ibaraki–3rd Yasuhiro Hanashi Liberal Democratic
Ibaraki–4th Hiroshi Kajiyama Liberal Democratic
Ibaraki–5th Akimasa Ishikawa Liberal Democratic
Ibaraki–6th Ayano Kinimitsu Liberal Democratic
Ibaraki–7th Kishirō Nakamura Constitutional Democratic

Tochigi Prefecture[edit]

Tochigi–1st Hajime Funada Liberal Democratic
Tochigi–2nd Akio Fukuda Constitutional Democratic
Tochigi–3rd Kazuo Yana Liberal Democratic
Tochigi–4th Tsutomu Satō Liberal Democratic
Tochigi–5th Toshimitsu Motegi Liberal Democratic

Gunma Prefecture[edit]

Gunma–1st Asako Omi Liberal Democratic
Gunma–2nd Toshirō Ino Liberal Democratic
Gunma–3rd Hiroyoshi Sasagawa Liberal Democratic
Gunma–4th Tatsuo Fukuda Liberal Democratic
Gunma–5th Yūko Obuchi Liberal Democratic

Saitama Prefecture[edit]

Saitama–1st Hideki Murai Liberal Democratic
Saitama–2nd Yoshitaka Shindō Liberal Democratic
Saitama–3rd Hitoshi Kikawada Liberal Democratic
Saitama–4th Yasushi Hosaka Liberal Democratic
Saitama–5th Yukio Edano Constitutional Democratic
Saitama–6th Atsushi Oshima Constitutional Democratic
Saitama–7th Saichi Kamiyama Liberal Democratic
Saitama–8th Masahiko Shibayama Liberal Democratic
Saitama–9th Taku Ōtsuka Liberal Democratic
Saitama–10th Taimei Yamaguchi Liberal Democratic
Saitama–11th Ryūji Koizumi Liberal Democratic
Saitama–12th Atsushi Nonaka Liberal Democratic
Saitama–13th Shinako Tsuchiya Liberal Democratic
Saitama–14th Hiromi Mitsubayashi Liberal Democratic
Saitama–15th Ryōsei Tanaka Liberal Democratic

Kitakanto block[edit]

Kitakantō block Kazuyuki Nakane Liberal Democratic
Kitakantō block Keiko Nagaoka Liberal Democratic
Kitakantō block Hideki Makihara Liberal Democratic
Kitakantō block Yasutaka Nakasone Liberal Democratic
Kitakantō block Akio Sato Liberal Democratic
Kitakantō block Kimichika Hyakutake Liberal Democratic
Kitakantō block Yutaka Kanda Liberal Democratic
Kitakantō block Kaichi Hasegawa Constitutional Democratic
Kitakantō block Yuriko Yamakawa Constitutional Democratic
Kitakantō block Keinin Horikoshi Constitutional Democratic
Kitakantō block Masako Ōkawara Constitutional Democratic
Kitakantō block Rentaro Takagi Constitutional Democratic
Kitakantō block Toshikazu Morita Constitutional Democratic
Kitakantō block Yamato Aoyama Constitutional Democratic
Kitakantō block Yasuko Komiyama Constitutional Democratic
Kitakantō block Keiichi Ishii Kōmeitō
Kitakantō block Mitsunari Okamoto Kōmeitō
Kitakantō block Tetsuya Shiokawa JCP
Kitakantō block Satoshi Asano DPFP

South Kanto(Minami Kanto)[edit]

33 single-member and 22 proportional representation seats.

Chiba Prefecture[edit]

Chiba-1st Hiroaki Kadoyama Liberal Democratic
Chiba-2nd Takayuki Kobayashi Liberal Democratic
Chiba-3rd Hirokazu Matsuno Liberal Democratic
Chiba-4th Yoshihiko Noda Constitutional Democratic
Chiba-5th Kentaro Sonoura Liberal Democratic
Chiba-6th Hiromichi Watanabe Liberal Democratic
Chiba-7th Ken Saito Liberal Democratic
Chiba-8th Yoshitaka Sakurada Liberal Democratic
Chiba-9th Masatoshi Akimoto Liberal Democratic
Chiba-10th Motoo Hayashi Liberal Democratic
Chiba-11th Eisuke Mori Liberal Democratic
Chiba-12th Yasukazu Hamada Liberal Democratic
Chiba-13th Takaki Shirasuka Independent

Kanagawa Prefecture[edit]

Kanagawa-1st Jun Matsumoto Independent
Kanagawa-2nd Yoshihide Suga Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-3rd Hachiro Okonogi Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-4th Yuki Waseda Constitutional Democratic
Kanagawa-5th Manabu Sakai Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-6th Yochiro Aoyagi Constitutional Democratic
Kanagawa-7th Keisuke Suzuki Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-8th Kenji Eda Constitutional Democratic
Kanagawa-9th Ryu Hirofumi Independent
Kanagawa-10th Kazunori Tanaka Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-11th Shinjiro Koizumi Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-12th Tomoko Abe Constitutional Democratic
Kanagawa-13th Akira Amari Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-14th Jiro Akama Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-15th Taro Kono Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-16th Hiroyuki Yoshiie Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-17th Karen Makishima Liberal Democratic
Kanagawa-18th Daishiro Yamagiwa Liberal Democratic

Yamanashi Prefecture[edit]

Yamanashi-1st Katsuhito Nakajima Constitutional Democratic
Yamanashi-2nd Noriko Horiuchi Liberal Democratic

Minamikanto block[edit]

Minamikanto block Minoru Debata Liberal Democratic
Minamikanto block Shinichi Nakatani Liberal Democratic
Minamikanto block Norihiro Nakayama Liberal Democratic
Minamikanto block Tsuyoshi Hoshino Liberal Democratic
Minamikanto block Tomohiro Yamamoto Liberal Democratic
Minamikanto block Hidehiro Mitani Liberal Democratic
Minamikanto block Tetsuya Kimura Liberal Democratic
Minamikanto block Hiroshi Ueno Liberal Democratic
Minamikanto block Yukio Ubukata Constitutional Democratic
Minamikanto block Kazuma Nakatani Constitutional Democratic
Minamikanto block Go Shinohara Constitutional Democratic
Minamikanto block Shin Miyakawa Constitutional Democratic
Minamikanto block Kazuma Okajima Constitutional Democratic
Minamikanto block Kaname Tajima Constitutional Democratic
Minamikanto block Hajime Yatagawa Constitutional Democratic
Minamikanto block Yuichi Goto Constitutional Democratic
Minamikanto block Soichiro Okuno Constitutional Democratic
Minamikanto block Shigeyuki Tomita Kōmeitō
Minamikanto block Noriko Furuya Kōmeitō
Minamikanto block Kazuo Shii JCP
Minamikanto block Kimie Hatano JCP
Minamikanto block Seiichi Kushida Ishin


25 single-member and 17 proportional representation seats.

Tokyo–1st Banri Kaieda Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo–2nd Kiyoto Tsuji Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–3rd Hirotaka Ishihara Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–4th Masaaki Taira Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–5th Kenji Wakamiya Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–6th Takayuki Ochiai Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo–7th Akira Nagatsuma Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo–8th Nobuteru Ishihara Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–9th Isshu Sugawara Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–10th Hayato Suzuki Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–11th Hakubun Shimomura Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–12th Akihiro Ota Komeito
Tokyo–13th Ichiro Kamoshita Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–14th Midori Matsushima Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–15th Tsukasa Akimoto Independent
Tokyo–16th Hideo Onishi Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–17th Katsuei Hirasawa Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–18th Naoto Kan Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo–19th Yohei Matsumoto Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–20th Seiji Kihara Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–21st Akihisa Nagashima Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–22nd Tatsuya Ito Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–23rd Masanobu Ogura Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–24th Koichi Hagiuda Liberal Democratic
Tokyo–25th Shinji Inoue Liberal Democratic

Tokyo block[edit]

Tokyo block Takao Ochi Liberal Democratic
Tokyo block Miki Yamada Liberal Democratic
Tokyo block Kiyoshi Odawara Liberal Democratic
Tokyo block Fumiaki Matsumoto Liberal Democratic
Tokyo block Takao Ando Liberal Democratic
Tokyo block Kei Takagi Liberal Democratic
Tokyo block Yoshio Tezuka Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo block Yoshinori Suematsu Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo block Akihiro Matsuo Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo block Ikuo Yamahana Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo block Jin Matsubara Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo block Shunsuke Ito Constitutional Democratic
Tokyo block Yosuke Takagi Kōmeitō
Tokyo block Michiyo Takagi Kōmeitō
Tokyo block Akira Kasai JCP
Tokyo block Tohru Miyamoto JCP
Tokyo block Mito Kakizawa Independent

Hokuriku Shin'etsu[edit]

19 single-member and 11 proportional representation seats.

Niigata Prefecture[edit]

Niigata–1st Chinami Nishimura Constitutional Democratic
Niigata–2nd Eiichiro Washio Liberal Democratic
Niigata–3rd Takahiro Kuroiwa Constitutional Democratic
Niigata–4th Makiko Kikuta Constitutional Democratic
Niigata–5th Hirohiko Izumida Liberal Democratic
Niigata–6th Shūichi Takatori Liberal Democratic

Toyama Prefecture[edit]

Toyama–1st Hiroaki Tabata Liberal Democratic
Toyama–2nd Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi Liberal Democratic
Toyama–3rd Keiichirō Tachibana Liberal Democratic

Ishikawa Prefecture[edit]

Ishikawa–1st Hiroshi Hase Liberal Democratic
Ishikawa–2nd Hajime Sasaki Liberal Democratic
Ishikawa–3rd Shoji Nishida Liberal Democratic

Fukui Prefecture[edit]

Fukui–1st Tomomi Inada Liberal Democratic
Fukui–2nd Tsuyoshi Takagi Liberal Democratic

Nagano Prefecture[edit]

Nagano–1st Takashi Shinohara Constitutional Democratic
Nagano–2nd Mitsu Shimojo Constitutional Democratic
Nagano–3rd Yosei Ide Liberal Democratic
Nagano–4th Shigeyuki Gotō Liberal Democratic
Nagano–5th Ichirō Miyashita Liberal Democratic

Hokuriku Shin'etsu block[edit]

Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Taku Yamamoto Liberal Democratic
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Hiroaki Saito Liberal Democratic
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Shunsuke Mutai Liberal Democratic
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Kenichi Hosoda Liberal Democratic
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Koichi Matsudaira Constitutional Democratic
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Wakako Yamamoto Constitutional Democratic
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Kazuya Kondo Constitutional Democratic
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Takeshi Saiki Constitutional Democratic
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Masataka Ota Kōmeitō
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Yasufumi Fujino JCP
Hokuriku Shin'etsu block Tohru Ishizaki Independent


32 single-member and 21 proportional representation seats.

Gifu Prefecture[edit]

Gifu–1st Seiko Noda Liberal Democratic
Gifu–2nd Yasufumi Tanahashi Liberal Democratic
Gifu–3rd Yōji Mutō Liberal Democratic
Gifu–4th Shunpei Kaneko Liberal Democratic
Gifu–5th Keiji Furuya Liberal Democratic

Shizuoka Prefecture[edit]

Shizuoka–1st Yōko Kamikawa Liberal Democratic
Shizuoka–2nd Tatsunori Ibayashi Liberal Democratic
Shizuoka–3rd Hiroyuki Miyazawa Liberal Democratic
Shizuoka–4th Yoichi Fukazawa Liberal Democratic
Shizuoka–5th Gōshi Hosono Independent
Shizuoka–6th Shū Watanabe Constitutional Democratic
Shizuoka–7th Minoru Kiuchi Liberal Democratic
Shizuoka–8th Ryū Shionoya Liberal Democratic

Aichi Prefecture[edit]

Aichi–1st Hiromichi Kumada Liberal Democratic
Aichi–2nd Motohisa Furukawa DPFP
Aichi–3rd Shoichi Kondo Constitutional Democratic
Aichi–4th Shōzō Kudō Liberal Democratic
Aichi–5th Hirotaka Akamatsu Constitutional Democratic
Aichi–6th Hideki Niwa Liberal Democrati
Aichi–7th Shiori Yamao DPFP
Aichi–8th Tadahiko Itō Liberal Democratic
Aichi–9th Yasumasa Nagasaka Liberal Democratic
Aichi–10th Tetsuma Esaki Liberal Democratic
Aichi–11th Shinichiro Furumoto Independent
Aichi–12th Kazuhiko Shigetoku Constitutional Democratic
Aichi–13th Kensuke Onishi Constitutional Democratic
Aichi–14th Sōichirō Imaeda Liberal Democratic
Aichi–15th Yukinori Nemoto Liberal Democratic

Mie Prefecture[edit]

Mie–1st Norihisa Tamura Liberal Democratic
Mie–2nd Masaharu Nakagawa Constitutional Democratic
Mie–3rd Katsuya Okada Constitutional Democratic
Mie–4th Norio Mitsuya Liberal Democratic

Tokai block[edit]

Tokai block Takaaki Katsumata Liberal Democratic
Tokai block Junji Suzuki Liberal Democratic
Tokai block Shuhei Aoyama Liberal Democratic
Tokai block Jiro Kawasaki Liberal Democratic
Tokai block Kenji Kanda Liberal Democratic
Tokai block Yoshitaka Ikeda Liberal Democratic
Tokai block Tetsuya Yagi Liberal Democratic
Tokai block Takeru Yoshikawa Liberal Democratic
Tokai block Mitsunori Okamoto Constitutional Democratic
Tokai block Masato Imai Constitutional Democratic
Tokai block Yoshio Maki Constitutional Democratic
Tokai block Kenichiro Seki Constitutional Democratic
Tokai block Kentaro Genma Constitutional Democratic
Tokai block Tsunehiko Yoshida Constitutional Democratic
Tokai block Yuta Hiyoshi Constitutional Democratic
Tokai block Isao Matsuda Constitutional Democratic
Tokai block Yoshinori Oguchi Kōmeitō
Tokai block Wataru Ito Kōmeitō
Tokai block Nobuko Motomura JCP
Tokai block Kazumi Sugimoto Ishin
Tokai block Masayuki Aoyama Independent


47 single-member and 28 proportional representation seats.

Shiga Prefecture[edit]

Shiga–1st Toshitaka Ōoka Liberal Democratic
Shiga–2nd Ken'ichirō Ueno Liberal Democratic
Shiga–3rd Nobuhide Takemura Liberal Democratic
Shiga–4th Hiroo Kotera Liberal Democratic

Kyoto Prefecture[edit]

Kyōto–1st Bunmei Ibuki Liberal Democratic
Kyōto–2nd Seiji Maehara DPFP
Kyōto–3rd Kenta Izumi Constitutional Democratic
Kyōto–4th Hideyuki Tanaka Liberal Democratic
Kyōto–5th Taro Honda Liberal Democratic
Kyōto–6th Hiroshi Ando Liberal Democratic

Osaka Prefecture[edit]

Ōsaka–1st Hiroyuki Onishi Liberal Democratic
Ōsaka–2nd Akira Satō Liberal Democratic
Ōsaka–3rd Shigeki Satō Kōmeitō
Ōsaka–4th Yasuhide Nakayama Liberal Democratic
Ōsaka–5th Tōru Kunishige Kōmeitō
Ōsaka–6th Shin'ichi Isa Kōmeitō
Ōsaka–7th Naomi Tokashiki Liberal Democratic
Ōsaka–8th Takashi Otsuka Independent
Ōsaka–9th Kenji Harada Liberal Democratic
Ōsaka–10th Kiyomi Tsujimoto Constitutional Democratic
Ōsaka–11th Hirofumi Hirano Constitutional Democratic
Ōsaka–12th Fumitake Fujita Ishin
Ōsaka–13th Kōichi Munekiyo Liberal Democratic
Ōsaka–14th Takashi Nagao Liberal Democratic
Ōsaka–15th Naokazu Takemoto Liberal Democratic
Ōsaka–16th Kazuo Kitagawa Kōmeitō
Ōsaka–17th Nobuyuki Baba Ishin
Ōsaka–18th Takashi Endō Ishin
Ōsaka–19th Hodaka Maruyama N-koku

Hyogo Prefecture[edit]

Hyōgo–1st Masatoshi Moriyama Liberal Democratic
Hyōgo–2nd Kazuyoshi Akaba Kōmeitō
Hyōgo–3rd Yoshihiro Seki Liberal Democratic
Hyōgo–4th Hisayuki Fujii Liberal Democratic
Hyōgo–5th Kōichi Tani Liberal Democratic
Hyōgo–6th Masaki Ōgushi Liberal Democratic
Hyōgo–7th Kenji Yamada Liberal Democratic
Hyōgo–8th Hiromasa Nakano Kōmeitō
Hyōgo–9th Yasutoshi Nishimura Liberal Democratic
Hyōgo–10th Kisaburō Tokai Liberal Democratic
Hyōgo–11th Takeaki Matsumoto Liberal Democratic
Hyōgo–12th Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi Liberal Democratic

Nara Prefecture[edit]

Nara–1st Shigeki Kobayashi Liberal Democratic
Nara–2nd Sanae Takaichi Liberal Democratic
Nara–3rd Taido Tanose Independent

Wakayama Prefecture[edit]

Wakayama–1st Shūhei Kishimoto DPFP
Wakayama–2nd Masatoshi Ishida Liberal Democratic
Wakayama–3rd Toshihiro Nikai Liberal Democratic

Kinki block[edit]

Kinki block Shinsuke Okuno Liberal Democratic
Kinki block Noboru Kamitani Liberal Democratic
Kinki block Yukari Sato Liberal Democratic
Kinki block Yayoi Kimura Liberal Democratic
Kinki block Shohei Okashita Liberal Democratic
Kinki block Tom Tanigawa Liberal Democratic
Kinki block Hirofumi Kado Liberal Democratic
Kinki block Kazuhide Okuma Liberal Democratic
Kinki block Mamoru Shigemoto Liberal Democratic
Kinki block Hiroyuki Moriyama Constitutional Democratic
Kinki block Shu Sakurai Constitutional Democratic
Kinki block Fumiyoshi Murakami Constitutional Democratic
Kinki block Kanako Otsuji Constitutional Democratic
Kinki block Hideki Nagao Constitutional Democratic
Kinki block Sumio Mabuchi Constitutional Democratic
Kinki block Kazunori Yamanoi Constitutional Democratic
Kinki block Yuzuru Takeuchi Kōmeitō
Kinki block Tomoko Ukishima Kōmeitō
Kinki block Susumu Hamamura Kōmeitō
Kinki block Yoko Wanibuchi Kōmeitō
Kinki block Keiji Kokuta JCP
Kinki block Tadashi Shimizu JCP
Kinki block Natsue Mori Ishin
Kinki block Hidetaka Inoue Ishin
Kinki block Teruo Minobe Ishin
Kinki block Yasushi Adachi Ishin
Kinki block Yasuto Urano Ishin
Kinki block Kazunori Inoue Independent


20 single-member and 11 proportional representation seats.

Tottori Prefecture[edit]

Tottori–1st Shigeru Ishiba Liberal Democratic
Tottori–2nd Ryosei Akazawa Liberal Democratic

Shimane Prefecture[edit]

Shimane-1st Hiroyuki Hosoda Liberal Democratic
Shimane-2nd Wataru Takeshita Liberal Democratic

Okayama Prefecture[edit]

Okayama-1st Ichiro Aisawa Liberal Democratic
Okayama-2nd Takashi Yamashita Liberal Democratic
Okayama-3rd Toshiko Abe Liberal Democratic
Okayama-4th Gaku Hashimoto Liberal Democratic
Okayama-5th Katsunobu Kato Liberal Democratic

Hiroshima Prefecture[edit]

Hiroshima-1st Fumio Kishida Liberal Democratic
Hiroshima-2nd Hiroshi Hiraguchi Liberal Democratic
Hiroshima-3rd (Vacant)
Hiroshima-4th Masayoshi Shintani Liberal Democratic
Hiroshima-5th Minoru Terada Liberal Democratic
Hiroshima-6th Koji Sato Constitutional Democratic
Hiroshima-7th Fumiaki Kobayashi Liberal Democratic

Yamaguchi Prefecture[edit]

Yamaguchi-1st Masahiro Komura Liberal Democratic
Yamaguchi-2nd Nobuo Kishi Liberal Democratic
Yamaguchi-3rd Takeo Kawamura Liberal Democratic
Yamaguchi-4th Vacant

Chugoku block[edit]

Chugoku block Toshifumi Kojima Liberal Democratic
Chugoku block Mio Sugita Liberal Democratic
Chugoku block Michitaka Ikeda Liberal Democratic
Chugoku block Keiichi Furuta Liberal Democratic
Chugoku block Shogo Azemoto Liberal Democratic
Chugoku block Akiko Kamei Constitutional Democratic
Chugoku block Keisuke Tsumura Constitutional Democratic
Chugoku block Michiyoshi Yunoki Constitutional Democratic
Chugoku block Tetsuo Saito Kōmeitō
Chugoku block Keigo Masuya Kōmeitō
Chugoku block Takashi Takai Independent


11 single-member and 6 proportional representation seats.

Tokushima Prefecture[edit]

Tokushima-1st Masazumi Gotoda Liberal Democratic
Tokushima-2nd Sunichi Yamaguchi Liberal Democratic

Kagawa Prefecture[edit]

Kagawa-1st Takuya Hirai Liberal Democratic
Kagawa-2nd Yuichiro Tamaki DPFP
Kagawa-3rd Keitaro Ono Liberal Democratic

Ehime Prefecture[edit]

Ehime-1st Yasuhisa Shiozaki Liberal Democratic
Ehime-2nd Seiichiro Murakami Liberal Democratic
Ehime-3rd Yoichi Shiraishi Constitutional Democratic
Ehime-4th Koichi Yamamoto Liberal Democratic

Kochi Prefecture[edit]

Kochi-1st Gen Nakatani Liberal Democratic
Kochi-2nd Hajime Hirota Constitutional Democratic

Shikoku block[edit]

Shikoku block Teru Fukui Liberal Democratic
Shikoku block Mamoru Fukuyama Liberal Democratic
Shikoku block Yuji Yamamoto Liberal Democratic
Shikoku block Junya Ogawa Constitutional Democratic
Shikoku block Norio Takeuchi Constitutional Democratic
Shikoku block Noritoshi Ishida Kōmeitō


35 single-member and 20 proportional representation seats.

Fukuoka Prefecture[edit]

Fukuoka–1st Takahiro Inoue Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–2nd Makoto Oniki Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–3rd Atsushi Koga Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–4th Hideki Miyauchi Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–5th Yoshiaki Harada Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–6th Jiro Hatoyama Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–7th Satoshi Fujimaru Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–8th Tarō Asō Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–9th Asahiko Mihara Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–10th Kōzō Yamamoto Liberal Democratic
Fukuoka–11th Ryōta Takeda Liberal Democratic

Saga Prefecture[edit]

Saga–1st Kazuhiro Haraguchi Constitutional Democratic
Saga–2nd Hiroshi Ogushi Constitutional Democratic

Nagasaki Prefecture[edit]

Nagasaki–1st Hideko Nishioka DPFP
Nagasaki–2nd Kanji Katō Liberal Democratic
Nagasaki–3rd Yaichi Tanigawa Liberal Democratic
Nagasaki–4th Seigo Kitamura Liberal Democratic

Kumamoto Prefecture[edit]

Kumamoto–1st Minoru Kihara Liberal Democratic
Kumamoto–2nd Takeshi Noda Liberal Democratic
Kumamoto–3rd Tetsushi Sakamoto Liberal Democratic
Kumamoto–4th Yasushi Kaneko Liberal Democratic

Oita Prefecture[edit]

Ōita–1st Yōichi Anami Liberal Democratic
Ōita–2nd Seishirō Etō Liberal Democratic
Ōita–3rd Takeshi Iwaya Liberal Democratic

Miyazaki Prefecture[edit]

Miyazaki–1st Shunsuke Takei Liberal Democratic
Miyazaki–2nd Taku Etō Liberal Democratic
Miyazaki–3rd Yoshihisa Furukawa Liberal Democratic

Kagoshima Prefecture[edit]

Kagoshima–1st Hiroshi Kawauchi Constitutional Democratic
Kagoshima–2nd Masuo Kaneko Liberal Democratic
Kagoshima–3rd Yasuhiro Ozata Liberal Democratic
Kagoshima–4th Hiroshi Moriyama Liberal Democratic

Okinawa Prefecture[edit]

Okinawa–1st Seiken Akamine JCP
Okinawa–2nd Kantoku Teruya Social Democratic
Okinawa–3rd Tomohiro Yara Constitutional Democratic
Okinawa–4th Kōsaburō Nishime Liberal Democratic

Kyushu Block[edit]

Kyūshū block Masahisa Miyazaki Liberal Democratic
Kyūshū block Takuma Miyaji Liberal Democratic
Kyūshū block Masahiro Imamura Liberal Democratic
Kyūshū block Yasushi Furukawa Liberal Democratic
Kyūshū block Konosuke Kokuba Liberal Democratic
Kyūshū block Tsutomu Tomioka Liberal Democratic
Kyūshū block Kazuchika Iwata Liberal Democratic
Kyūshū block Katsuhiko Yokomitsu Constitutional Democratic
Kyūshū block Koichi Yamauchi Constitutional Democratic
Kyūshū block Masayoshi Yagami Constitutional Democratic
Kyūshū block Shuji Inatomi Constitutional Democratic
Kyūshū block Takashi Kii Constitutional Democratic
Kyūshū block Hajime Yoshikawa Constitutional Democratic
Kyūshū block Yasuyuki Eda Kōmeitō
Kyūshū block Nobuhiro Yoshida Kōmeitō
Kyūshū block Masakazu Hamachi Kōmeitō
Kyūshū block Takaaki Tamura JCP
Kyūshū block Nariaki Nakayama Kibō
Kyūshū block Shuji Kira Independent
Kyūshū block Mikio Shimoji Independent

House of Councillors


Composition of the House of Councillors of the National Diet of Japan (as of 16 April 2024, 213th National Diet)[5]
Caucus (English name)[6]
(domestic name)
Parties Members
Term Total
29 July 2019 –
28 July 2025
(elected 2019,
up 2025)
26 July 2022 –
25 July 2028
(elected 2022,
up 2028)
Government 26 40 66 24 52 76 142
Liberal Democratic Party
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) 19 33 52 18 45 63 115
Komeito 7 7 14 6 7 13 27
Opposition 22 26 48 25 19 44 92
The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and Social Democratic Party
Rikken-minshu / Shamin
Constitutional Democratic Party (CDP)
Social Democratic Party (SDP)
8 14 22 8 10 18 40
Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) and Free Education For All
Nippon Ishin no Kai / Kyōiku mushō-ka o jitsugen suru Kai
Nippon Ishin no Kai
Free Education For All (FEFA)
4 5 9 8 4 12 21
Democratic Party For the People and The Shin-Ryokufukai
Kokumin-minshutō / Shin-Ryokufūkai
Democratic Party For the People (DPFP)
3 3 6 3 2 5 11
Japanese Communist Party
Nihon Kyōsantō
Japanese Communist Party (JCP) 4 3 7 3 1 4 11
Reiwa Shinsengumi
Reiwa Shinsengumi
Reiwa Shinsengumi 2 0 2 2 1 3 5
The Party to Protect People from NHK
NHK kara kokumin o mamoru tō
The Party to Protect the People from NHK 1 0 1 1 0 1 2
Okinawa Whirlwind
Okinawa no Kaze
Okinawa Social Mass Party 0 1 1 0 1 1 2
Independents (government & opposition) 1 7 8 1 3 4 12
Members not affiliated with any parliamentary caucus
LDP 1 (President)
CDP 1 (Vice President)
Sanseitō 1
Independents 9
Total 49 73 122 50 74 124 246
Vacant: one Kanagawa seat in the 2019 class (no separate by-election unless more than 25% of the district in that class are vacant)[7]
one CDP list proportional seat (scheduled runner-up replacement: Masayoshi Okumura)[8]
N/A 1 1 2 0 0 0 2

List of members by parliamentary group and constituency. There are usually translations and abbreviations for parliamentary groups (会派 kaiha, current House of Councillors website translation: "In-House Group") used on the English pages of the House of Representatives website [9] The official caucus names[10] are transcribed to Latin here:



Members of the House of Councillors (as of August 3, 2023)[11]
Name Caucus Electoral district N→S (ISO) End of term
Masashi Adachi L Proportional 2028
Toshiyuki Adachi L Proportional 2028
Ai Aoki CD Proportional 2028
Kazuhiko Aoki L Tottori-Shimane 2028
Kenta Aoshima R-H Proportional 2028
Shigeharu Aoyama L Proportional 2028
Masaaki Akaike L Proportional 2025
Ken Akamasu L Proportional 2028
Kōzō Akino K Fukuoka 2028
Hitoshi Asada R-H Osaka 2028
Kentarō Asahi L Tokyo 2028
Keiichiro Asao L Kanagawa 2028
Tōru Azuma R-H Osaka 2025
Haruko Arimura L Proportional 2025
Akiko Ikuina L Tokyo 2028
Satoshi Inoue C Proportional 2025
Yoshiyuki Inoue L Proportional 2028
Gaku Ito C Saitama 2025
Takae Itō K Hyōgo 2028
Takae Itō PD Aichi 2028
Yōichi Iha OW Okinawa 2028
Akira Ishii R-H Proportional 2028
Jun'ichi Ishii L Chiba 2025
Hiroo Ishii L Akita 2028
Masahiro Ishii L Okayama 2025
Mitsuko Ishii R-H Proportional 2028
Noriko Ishigaki CD Miyagi 2025
Taiga Ishikawa CD Proportional 2025
Hirotaka Ishikawa K Osaka 2028
Masahiro Ishida L Proportional 2025
Michihiro Ishibashi CD Proportional 2028
Yoshihiko Isozaki L Kagawa 2028
Tetsuji Isozaki PD Proportional 2025
Naoki Inose R-H Proportional 2028
Kuniko Inoguchi L Chiba 2028
Eriko Imai L Proportional 2028
Tomo Iwabuchi C Proportional 2028
Tsuyohito Iwamoto L Hokkaidō 2025
Isamu Ueda K Proportional 2028
Kiyoshi Ueda PD Saitama 2028
Michiko Ueno L Tochigi 2028
Sakura Uchikoshi CD Niigata 2025
Satoshi Umemura R-H Proportional 2025
Mizuho Umemura R-H Osaka 2025
Shoichi Usui L Chiba 2028
Kiyoshi Ejima L Yamaguchi 2028
Seiichi Etō L Proportional 2025
Toshiyuki Ochi L Proportional 2028
Kusuo Oshima R Proportional 2028
Makoto Oniki CD Proportional 2028
Masahito Ozawa CD Proportional 2025
Takumi Onuma CD Ibaraki 2025
Kimi Onoda L Okayama 2028
Hidehisa Otsuji I Kagoshima 2025
Satoshi Ōie L Fukuoka 2028
Kōhei Ōtsuka PD Aichi 2025
Yasutada Ōno L Gifu 2025
Fusae Ōta L Osaka 2025
Naoki Okada L Ishikawa 2028
Yuko Ohtsubaki CD Proportional 2025
Shun Otokita R-H Tokyo 2025
Hiroyuki Kada L Hyōgo 2025
Yukiko Kada PD Shiga 2025
Satsuki Katayama L Proportional 2028
Daisuke Katayama R-H Hyōgo 2028
Daisuke Kajihara L Proportional 2028
Kenji Katsube CD Hokkaidō 2025
Michihito Kaneko R-H Proportional 2028
Sohei Kamiya I Proportional 2028
Masayuki Kamiya L Proportional 2028
Tomoko Kami C Proportional 2025
Akiyoshi Kato L Ibaraki 2028
Takanori Kawai PD Proportional 2028
Ryūhei Kawada CD Proportional 2025
Yoshihiro Kawano K Proportional 2025
Eiko Kimura R Proportional 2025
Yoshiko Kira C Tokyo 2025
Makiko Kishi CD Proportional 2025
Tsuneo Kitamura L Yamaguchi 2025
Hiroto Kumagai CD Saitama 2025
Tetsuya Kubota K Proportional 2028
Akiko Kurabayashi C Kyoto 2025
Seiichi Kushida R-H Proportional 2028
Takashi Koyari L Shiga 2028
Akira Koike C Proportional 2025
Hiroyuki Konishi CD Chiba 2028
Chikage Koga CD Proportional 2028
Yūichirō Koga L Nagasaki 2025
Yukihito Koga CD Fukuoka 2028
Harutomo Kosho L Ōita 2028
Kazuhiro Kobayashi L Niigata 2028
Ryōsuke Kōzuki L Ibaraki 2025
Sayaka Sasaki K Kanagawa 2025
Kei Satō L Nara 2028
Nobuaki Satō L Proportional 2025
Masahisa Satō L Proportional 2025
Yoshitaka Saitō CD Aichi 2028
Kenichiro Saito Y Proportional 2025
Yasuyuki Sakai L Aichi 2025
Mitsuru Sakurai L Miyagi 2028
Ryūji Satomi K Aichi 2028
Akiko Santō L Proportional 2025
Takayuki Shimizu R-H Hyōgo 2025
Aki Shirasaka L Ōita 2025
Shin'ichi Shiba CD Proportional 2028
Masato Shimizu L Gunma 2025
Hanako Jimi L Proportional 2028
Hiroaki Shiota K Proportional 2028
Ayaka Shiomura CD Tokyo 2025
Sohei Nihi C Proportional 2028
Takumi Shibata R-H Proportional 2025
Dai Shimamura L Kanagawa 2025
Rokuta Shimono K Fukuoka 2025
Kanehiko Shindō L Proportional 2028
Kazuya Shinba PD Shizuoka 2025
Genki Sudo I Proportional 2025
Shinsuke Suematsu L Hyōgo 2028
Hisatake Sugi K Osaka 2025
Hideya Sugio CD Nagano 2028
Muneo Suzuki R-H Proportional 2025
Hiroshige Sekō L Wakayama 2025
Masakazu Sekiguchi L Saitama 2028
Maiko Tajima CD Aichi 2025
Masayo Tanabu CD Aomori 2028
Tomoko Tamura C Proportional 2028
Mami Tamura PD Proportional 2025
Mari Takagi CD Saitama 2028
Kaori Takagi R-H Osaka 2028
Katsunori Takahashi L Tochigi 2025
Harumi Takahashi L Hokkaidō 2025
Mitsuo Takahashi K Hyōgo 2025
Tetsumi Takara OW Okinawa 2025
Motome Takisawa L Aomori 2025
Hirofumi Takinami L Fukui 2025
Shinji Takeuchi K Proportional 2028
Hitoshi Takezume PD Proportional 2028
Toshiko Takeya K Tokyo 2028
Keizō Takemi L Tokyo 2025
Masaaki Taniai K Proportional 2028
Masashi Tanaka L Proportional 2025
Daisuke Tembata R Proportional 2028
Shizuka Terata I Akita 2025
Yoshifumi Tsuge L Proportional 2025
Yōsuke Tsuruho L Wakayama 2028
Shigeru Dōko L Toyama 2025
Kiyomi Tsujimoto CD Proportional 2028
Eri Tokunaga PD Hokkaidō 2028
Rio Tomonoh L Proportional 2028
Toshirō Toyoda L Chiba 2025
Takako Nagae I Ehime 2025
Makiko Dogomi I Ibaraki 2028
Hiroshi Nakada L Proportional 2028
Hirofumi Nakasone L Gunma 2028
Manabu Nagai L Yamanashi 2028
Kiyoshi Nakajo R-H Proportional 2028
Yūsuke Nakanishi L Tokushima-Kōchi 2028
vacant Tokushima-Kōchi 2025
Hiroyuki Nagahama I Chiba 2025
Makoto Nagamine L Miyazaki 2025
Hideki Niizuma K Proportional 2025
Shōji Nishida L Kyoto 2025
Makoto Nishida K Saitama 2028
Kōtarō Nogami L Toyama 2028
Kuniyoshi Noda CD Fukuoka 2025
Tetsurō Nomura L Kagoshima 2028
Jiro Hata CD Nagano 2025
Takashi Hanyūda L Proportional 2025
Michiya Haga PD Yamagata 2025
Seishi Baba L Kumamoto 2025
Seiko Hashimoto L Proportional 2025
Makoto Hamaguchi PD Proportional 2028
Satoshi Hamada Y Proportional 2025
Gaku Hasegawa L Hokkaidō 2028
Hideharu Hasegawa L Proportional 2028
Yoshifumi Hamano PD Proportional 2025
Natsumi Higa L Proportional 2025
Daisaku Hiraki K Proportional 2025
Sachiko Hirayama I Shizuoka 2028
Megumi Hirose L Iwate 2028
Takamaro Fukuoka L Saga 2028
Mizuho Fukushima CD Proportional 2028
Tetsurō Fukuyama CD Kyoto 2028
Masahito Fujikawa L Aichi 2028
Shin'ya Fujiki L Proportional 2028
Toshimitsu Funahashi L Hokkaidō 2028
Yasue Funayama PD Yamagata 2028
Yasuhiko Funago R Proportional 2025
Toshiharu Furukawa L Saitama 2025
Kazuhiro Fujii L Proportional 2028
Iwao Horii L Nara 2025
Akiko Honda L Proportional 2025
Hokuto Hoshi L Fukushima 2028
Shōji Maitachi L Tottori-Shimane 2025
Takao Makino L Shizuoka 2025
Hiroe Makiyama CD Kanagawa 2025
Akemi Matsuno R-H Proportional 2028
Rui Matsukawa L Osaka 2028
Shigefumi Matsuzawa R-H Kanagawa 2025
Shinpei Matsushita L Miyazaki 2028
Yoshifumi Matsumura L Kumamoto 2028
Masaji Matsuyama L Fukuoka 2025
Tamayo Marukawa L Tokyo 2025
Eri Mikami CD Hiroshima 2028
Nobuhiro Miura K Kanagawa 2028
Yasushi Miura L Proportional 2025
Junko Mihara L Kanagawa 2028
Shingo Miyake L Kagawa 2025
Motoko Mizuno CD Kanagawa 2028
Shunichi Mizuoka CD Proportional 2025
Haruko Miyaguchi CD Hiroshima 2025
Masao Miyazaki L Proportional 2025
Masaru Miyazaki K Proportional 2028
Yōichi Miyazawa L Hiroshima 2028
Shūji Miyamoto L Ishikawa 2025
Kunihiko Muroi R-H Proportional 2025
Masako Mori L Fukushima 2025
Shinji Morimoto CD Hiroshima 2025
Takashi Moriya CD Proportional 2025
Hiroshi Moriya L Yamanashi 2025
Kyoko Murata CD Proportional 2028
Katsuo Yakura K Saitama 2025
Nobuo Yasue K Aichi 2025
Hirofumi Yanagase R-H Proportional 2025
Natsuo Yamaguchi K Tokyo 2025
Masaaki Yamazaki L Fukui 2028
Yūhei Yamashita L Saga 2025
Yoshiki Yamashita C Proportional 2025
Taku Yamazoe C Tokyo 2028
Taro Yamada L Proportional 2025
Toshio Yamada L Proportional 2025
Hiroshi Yamada L Proportional 2028
Eriko Yamatani L Proportional 2028
Kanae Yamamoto K Proportional 2025
Junzō Yamamoto L Ehime 2028
Hiroshi Yamamoto K Proportional 2025
Taro Yamamoto R Tokyo 2028
Sachiko Yamamoto L Mie 2028
Keisuke Yamamoto L Nagasaki 2028
Takanori Yokosawa CD Iwate 2025
Shin'ichi Yokoyama K Proportional 2028
Saori Yoshikawa CD Proportional 2025
Yūmi Yoshikawa L Mie 2025
Akira Yoshii L Kyoto 2028
Renhō [Murata] CD Tokyo 2028
Masamune Wada L Proportional 2025
Kaneshige Wakamatsu K Proportional 2025
Takeyuki Watanabe L Gifu 2028
Yohei Wakabayashi L Shizuoka 2028


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