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This is a list of historically significant items found by metal detecting method, only excluding magnet fishing finds, since magnet fishing is usually considered a distinctively different and separate hobby from traditional metal detecting.


Item Date Place of discovery Year of discovery Current location
Ashdon Hoard Viking Age  United Kingdom 1984 Fitzwilliam Museum
Bedale Hoard 9th to 10th century  United Kingdom 2012 Yorkshire Museum
Bredon Hill Hoard 3rd century  United Kingdom 2011 Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum
Chew Valley Hoard 11th century  United Kingdom 2019 British Museum
Collette Hoard Bronze Age  United Kingdom 2005 Museum of Antiquities
Crosby Garrett Helmet 2nd or 3rd century  United Kingdom 2010 Undisclosed
Cunetio Hoard Late antiquity  United Kingdom 1978 British Museum/Wiltshire Museum
Dairsie Hoard 3rd century  United Kingdom 2014 National Museum of Scotland
Derrynaflan Chalice 8th or 9th century  Ireland 1980 National Museum of Ireland
Escrick ring 5th to 6th century AD  United Kingdom 2009 Yorkshire Museum
Frome Hoard 253 to 305  United Kingdom 2010 Museum of Somerset
Fulford ring 15th Century AD  United Kingdom 2016 Yorkshire Museum
Furness Hoard 9th to 10th century  United Kingdom 2011 Dock Museum
Galloway Hoard 9th or 10th century  United Kingdom 2014 Pending matter (Scottish museums)
Grouville Hoard Iron Age  United Kingdom 2012 La Hougue Bie
Hallaton Helmet 1st century  United Kingdom 2000 Harborough Museum
Hallaton Treasure 1st century  United Kingdom 2000 Harborough Museum
Hand of Faith N/A  Australia 1980 Golden Nugget Las Vegas
Hoxne Hoard 4th or 5th century  United Kingdom 1992 British Museum
Huxley Hoard 900 to 910  United Kingdom 2004 Museum of Liverpool
Leekfrith torcs 400 to 250 BC  United Kingdom 2016 Potteries Museum & Art Gallery
Leominster hoard Viking Age  United Kingdom 2015 Herefordshire Council Museum
Lenborough Hoard 11th century  United Kingdom 2014 British Museum
Middleham Hoard 1640s decade  United Kingdom 1993 Yorkshire Museum
Middleham Jewel 15th century  United Kingdom 1985 Yorkshire Museum
Milton Keynes Hoard Bronze Age  United Kingdom 2000 British Museum
Mojave Nugget N/A  United States 1977 Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Newark Torc 200 to 50 BC  United Kingdom 2005 Millgate Museum
Peebles Hoard 1000 BC to 900 BC  United Kingdom 2020 N/A
Ringlemere Cup Bronze Age  United Kingdom 2001 British Museum
Rogiet Hoard 253 to 296  United Kingdom 1998 National Museums and Galleries of Wales
Saddle Ridge Hoard 1847 to 1894  United States 2013 Undisclosed
Saka Hoard 11th or 12th century  Estonia 2015 N/A
Seaton Down Hoard 260 to 348  United Kingdom 2013 British Museum
Shapwick Hoard 31 BC to 224  United Kingdom 1998 Museum of Somerset
Shrewsbury Hoard 4th century  United Kingdom 2009 British Museum
Silsden Hoard 1st century  United Kingdom 1998 Cliffe Castle Museum
St Albans Hoard Late antiquity  United Kingdom 2012 Verulamium Museum
Staffordshire Hoard 7th century  United Kingdom 2009 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery/Potteries Museum & Art Gallery
Stanchester Hoard 4th to 5th century  United Kingdom 2000 Wiltshire Museum
Stirling torcs 300 to 100 BC  United Kingdom 2009 National Museums Scotland
Thetford Hoard 4th century  United Kingdom 1979 British Museum
Towton torcs Iron Age  United Kingdom 2010 to 2011 Yorkshire Museum
Trinity Hoard Bronze Age  United Kingdom 2012 N/A
Vale of York Hoard 10th century  United Kingdom 2007 Yorkshire Museum
Walkington Hoard 40 to 20 AD  United Kingdom 1999 to 2008 Yorkshire Museum
Watlington Hoard 9th century  United Kingdom 2015 British Museum
West Bagborough Hoard 2nd century  United Kingdom 2001 Museum of Somerset
Wickham Market Hoard Iron Age  United Kingdom 2008 Ipswich Museum
Winchester Hoard Iron Age  United Kingdom 2000 British Museum
Wylye Hoard Bronze Age  United Kingdom 2012 The Salisbury Museum


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