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This article lists political parties in Alberta.

Active parties

Represented parties in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

See also: Alberta general election, 2019

Name[1] Founded Ideology Leader MLAs In Legislature In Government
United Conservative 2017 Conservatism Danielle Smith 63 2017–present 2019–present
New Democratic 1962 Social democracy Rachel Notley 24 1971–1993, 1997–present 2015–2019

Other parties registered with Elections Alberta

See also: Alberta general election, 2019

Name[1] Founded Ideology Leader MLAs In Legislature In Government
Alberta Party 1985 Centrism, social liberalism Barry Morishita 0 2011–2012, 2015–2019
Liberal 1905 Liberalism John Roggeveen (interim) 0 1905–1944, 1948–1971, 1986–2019 1905–1921
  Alberta Advantage 2017 Conservatism[2] Marilyn Burns 0
Independence 2019 Alberta separatism[3] Vacant 0
Communist 1930 Communism, socialism Naomi Rankin 0
Green 2011 Green politics Jordan Wilkie 0
Pro-Life[a] 2017 Pro-life Jeremy Fraser 0
Reform 2016 Social conservatism Randy Thorsteinson 0
Wildrose Independence 2020 Western separatism, Conservatism, Right-wing populism Paul Hinman[b] 0
  1. ^ Formed from the Social Credit Party of Alberta.
  2. ^ Interim leader

Unregistered Parties

Name Founded Ideology
Alberta Freedom Alliance 2018 Populism, Alberta separatism[4]
Alberta Statehood Party 2020 Annexation of Alberta to the United States
@PoliticsDirect Party 2018 Direct Democracy, E-Democracy[5]
People's Party of Alberta 2019 Conservatism, Right-wing populism, Classical liberalism, Libertarianism[6]

Related Federal parties

Name Founded Ideology
Western Independence Party 1987 Western Canada separatism

Historical parties

Parties represented in the Legislature

Name Years active Succeeded by Ideology In Legislature In Government
Alberta Alliance 2002–2008 Wildrose Conservatism 2004–2008
  Alberta Reform Movement 1981-1982 Conservatism 1981-1982
  Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1932-1962 New Democratic Party Social democracy, democratic socialism 1944-1959
Dominion Labor 1919-1935 Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Social democracy 1919-1935
Freedom Conservative 1999-2020[a] Wildrose Independence Albertan autonomism[b], Conservatism, Right-libertarianism 2018–2019
Independent Movement 1940-1948 Liberalism, conservatism 1940-1948
  Labour Representation Dominion Labor Social democracy 1917-1919
  Non-Partisan League 1916-1921 United Farmers of Alberta Agrarianism, social democracy 1917-1921
Progressive Conservative 1905-2019 United Conservative Liberal conservatism, Red Toryism 1905-1940, 1952-1963, 1967-2019 1971-2015
Representative 1984-1989 Conservatism, populism 1986-1989
Social Credit 1934-2017 Pro-Life Alberta Social conservatism, Social credit (historical) 1935-1982 1935-1971
Socialist Party of Canada 1909-1921 Socialism 1909-1913
  United Farmers of Alberta 1919-1937 Agrarianism, progressivism 1921-1935 1921-1935
  Veterans' and Active Force 1944-1948 Veteran advocacy 1944-1948
Western Canada Concept 1982-1986 Alberta separatism, Western separatism 1982
Wildrose 2008-2017 United Conservative Conservatism, right-wing populism 2009-2017

Parties not represented in the Legislature

Name Years active Succeeded by
Alberta First 1999-2004 Freedom Conservative
Alberta Independence 2000-2001 Independence Party
Greens 1986-2009 Green
Confederation of Regions 1986-1996
Forum Party of Alberta 1995-2004
Heritage Party 1985-1986
Independent Labour Party 1921 Leader Ernest Brown became active in Communist Party
Natural Law 1993-1997
Progressive Labour Party of Alberta 1932-1940

Parties represented by elected Senate nominees

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  1. ^ Merged with Wexit Alberta to form the Wildrose Independence Party
  2. ^ Historically the party used to promote entirely on Albertan Independence, until they adopted Albertan autonomism instead, as part of the party's transformation under Derek Fildebrandt's leadership.


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