Coat of arms of the King of the Hellenes

This is a list of Greek princesses by marriage from the accession of George I to the throne of the Kingdom of Greece in 1863. Individuals holding the title of princess would usually also be styled "Her Royal Highness" (HRH).

Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, Marina Karella and Irina Aleksandrovna Ovtchinnikova, while meeting most of the requirements, are not classed princesses by marriage of Greece, because Prince Philip, husband of Elizabeth II, renounced his Greek (and Danish) titles, Prince Michael had a morganatic marriage, and Prince Peter lost his succession rights upon his marriage.

List of Greek princesses by marriage since 1863

Portrait Name Born Died Marriage Husband
Princess Sophia of Prussia 1870 1932 27 October 1889 Crown Prince George
Princess Marie Bonaparte 1882 1962 21 November 1907 Prince George
Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia 1882 1957 29 August 1902 Prince Nicholas
Princess Alice of Battenberg 1885 1969 6 October 1903 Prince Andrew
Nancy Stewart 1873 1923 1 February 1923 Prince Christopher
Princess Françoise of Orléans 1902 1953 11 February 1929 Prince Christopher
Princess Elisabeth of Romania 1894 1956 27 February 1921
div. 1935
Crown Prince George
Aspasía Mánou 1896 1972 4 November 1919 Alexander I
Princess Frederica of Hanover 1917 1981 9 January 1938 Hereditary Prince Paul
Marie-Chantal Miller 1968 1 July 1995 Crown Prince Paul
Tatiana Blatnik 1980 25 August 2010 Prince Nicholas
Nina Flohr 1987 12 December 2020 Prince Philip

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