This is a list of professional wrestling television series.

Territory-era (1950s–1970s)

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Series Country Duration Promotion No. of episodes Ref.
Hollywood Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1947–1955 NWA Hollywood Wrestling
Wrestling from Marigold  United States DuMont: 1949–1955, WGN-TV: 1955–1957 Fred Kohler Enterprises
Portland Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1953–1992 Pacific Northwest Wrestling [1][2]
Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance  Japan NET (Japan): 1953–1973 Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance
Saturday Night Wrasslin'  United States Syndicated: 1954–1977 American International Wrestling [3][4][5][6]
Heavyweight Wrestling  United States DuMont: 1956, Syndicated: 1956–1970 Capitol Wrestling Corporation [7][8]
Stampede Wrestling  Canada Syndicated: 1957–1989, 1999–2000 Stampede Wrestling
All Star Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1958–1979 Big Time Wrestling [9]
Studio Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1959–1972
Wrestling at the Chase  United States Syndicated: 1959–1983 St. Louis Wrestling Club
50th State Big Time Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1962–1979 50th State Big Time Wrestling
Vancouver All-Star Wrestling  Canada Syndicated: 1962–1989 NWA All-Star Wrestling
Titanes en el ring  Argentina Canal 9: 1962–1988
Big Time Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1964–1980 Big Time Wrestling
WWA All-Star Championship Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1964–1989 World Wrestling Association
World Championship Wrestling  Australia Channel 9: 1964–1978 World Championship Wrestling [10][11]
World of Sport  United Kingdom ITV: 1965–1985, 2016, 2018 Joint Promotions
Telecatch  Brazil TV Excelsior: 1967–1980
Big Time Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1971–1979 NWA Big Time Wrestling [12][13]
NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling  United States TBS: 1971–1984 Georgia Championship Wrestling
WWWF Championship Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1972–1979 World Wide Wrestling Federation
All Japan Pro Wrestling  Japan Nippon TV: 1972–2000 All Japan Pro Wrestling
NJPW World Pro-Wrestling  Japan NET: 1973–1977, TV Asahi: 1977–present New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Lucha Libre Internacional  Dominican Republic Canal 9: 1973–1997
WW(W)F All-Star Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1974–1986 World Wrestling Federation
Best of Championship Wrestling  United States TBS: 1973–1987 Georgia Championship Wrestling
Jim Crockett Promotions
On the Mat  New Zealand TV2: 1975–1984 NWA New Zealand
Superstars of Wrestling  Canada Syndicated: 1975–1984 Canadian-American Wrestling Association
World Wide Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1975–2001 Jim Crockett Promotions
CWA Championship Wrestling  United States WMC-TV: 1977–1989 Continental Wrestling Association
Mid-South Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1979–1986, TBS: 1985 Mid-South Wrestling
World Class Championship Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1982–1989 World Class Championship Wrestling [12][14][15][16]
Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF)  United States Syndicated: 1949–1987 CWF, NWA Florida

1980s wrestling boom

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Series Country Duration Promotion No. of episodes Ref.
WWF All American Wrestling  United States USA Network: 1983–1994 World Wrestling Federation
WWF on TBS  United States TBS: 1984–1985 World Wrestling Federation
WWF Wrestling Spotlight  United States Syndicated: 1984–1995 World Wrestling Federation
International Championship Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1984–1995 International World Class Championship Wrestling
Reslo  Wales S4C: 1987–1995 Reslo
WWF Tuesday Night Titans  United States USA Network: 1984–1986 World Wrestling Federation 103
Saturday Night's Main Event  United States NBC: 1985–1991, 2006–2008 FOX: 1992 World Wrestling Federation 36
WWF Prime Time Wrestling  United States USA Network: 1985–1993 World Wrestling Federation 417
WWF Wrestling Challenge  United States Syndicated: 1986–1995 World Wrestling Federation
AWA Championship Wrestling  United States ESPN: 1985–1990 American Wrestling Association
WWF Superstars of Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1986–1996, USA Network: 1996–2000, TNN: 2000–2001 World Wrestling Federation
Universal Wrestling Federation  United States Syndicated: 1986–1987 Universal Wrestling Federation (Bill Watts)
GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1986–1990, 2001 Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre  Puerto Rico WAPA-TV: 1980's-present World Wrestling Council
Superstars of Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1986–1992
WCW Pro  United States Syndicated: 1986–1998, TBS: 1994–1998 World Championship Wrestling
Southern Championship Wrestling from Georgia  United States Syndicated: 1988–1990 Southern Championship Wrestling
EWF Wrestling  France Eurosport: 1988–1992 European Wrestling Federation
WWF The Main Event  United States NBC: 1988–1991 World Wrestling Federation 5 specials
WCW Clash of the Champions  United States TBS: 1988–1997 World Championship Wrestling 35 specials
WCW Main Event  United States TBS: 1988–1998 World Championship Wrestling
WCW Power Hour  United States TBS: 1989–1994 World Championship Wrestling 301
Legends of World Class Championship Wrestling  United States ESPN: 1988–1989 World Class Championship Wrestling
Legends of United States Wrestling Association  United States ESPN: 1990–1991 United States Wrestling Association
USWA Championship Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1989–1996 United States Wrestling Association
UWF Fury Hour  United States SportsChannel America: 1990–1991, Prime Ticket: 1992, ESPN2: 1995 Universal Wrestling Federation (Herb Abrams) 69
The Main Event  New Zealand TV3: 1990 NWA New Zealand

1990s wrestling boom

Main articles: 1990s wrestling boom and Monday Night Wars

Series Country Duration Promotion No. of episodes Ref.
GWF Major League Wrestling  United States ESPN: 1991–1994 Global Wrestling Federation [17]
WCW Saturday Night  United States TBS: 1991–2000 World Championship Wrestling
Smoky Mountain Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1992–1995 Smoky Mountain Wrestling
CMLL Guadalajara TV  Mexico Syndicated: 1992–2013 Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
AAA Sin Limite  Mexico Televisa Deportes: 1992–present Asistencia Asesoría y Administración
ECW Hardcore TV  United States Syndicated: 1993–2000 Extreme Championship Wrestling 401
WWE Raw  United States USA Network: 1993–2000, 2005–present, TNN/Spike TV: 2000–2005 World Wrestling Federation 1524 (as of 8 August 2022)
WWF Mania  United States USA Network: 1993–1996 World Wrestling Federation
WWF Action Zone  United States Syndicated: 1994–1996 World Wrestling Federation
WWF Sunday Night Slam  United States USA Network: 1994–1995, Prevue Channel: 1995 World Wrestling Federation 3 specials
WCW Monday Nitro  United States TNT: 1995–2001 World Championship Wrestling 288
AWF Warriors of Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 1995–1996 American Wrestling Federation
NWC Slammin' TV  United States Syndicated: 1995 National Wrestling Conference 15
WCW Prime  United States Prime Sports Network: 1995–1997 World Championship Wrestling
WWF Free for All  United States Pay-Per-View: 1996– World Wrestling Federation
Big Japan Pro Wrestling  Japan Samurai TV: 1996–present Big Japan Pro Wrestling
WWF LiveWire  United States USA Network: 1996–2000, TNN: 2000–2001 World Wrestling Federation
Promo Azteca TV  Mexico Azteca TV: 1996–1998 Promo Azteca
WWF Friday Night's Main Event  United States USA Network: 1997 World Wrestling Federation 2 specials
WWF Shotgun Saturday Night  United States Syndicated: 1997–1999 World Wrestling Federation 62
OVW TV  United States Syndicated: 1997–present Ohio Valley Wrestling
WWE Heat  United States USA Network: 1998–2000, MTV: 2000–2003, TNN/Spike TV: 2003–2005, Webcast: 2005–2008 World Wrestling Federation 513
WWF Super Astros  United States Univision: 1998–1999 World Wrestling Federation 42
WCW Thunder  United States TBS: 1998–2001 World Championship Wrestling 156
ECW on TNN  United States TNN: 1999–2000 Extreme Championship Wrestling 59
WWF Jakked/Metal  United States Syndicated: 1999–2002 World Wrestling Federation 193
UWA Wrestling Rampage  United Kingdom L!VE TV: 1999 Ultimate Wrestling Alliance 21 [18]

Modern-era (2002–present)

Series Country Duration Promotion No. of episodes Ref.
WWE SmackDown  United States UPN: 1999–2006, The CW: 2006–2008, MyNetworkTV: 2008–2010, Syfy: 2010–2016, USA Network: 2016–2019, FOX: 2019–present, FS1: 2019 World Wrestling Entertainment 1198 (as of 5 August 2022)
Ultimate Pro Wrestling  United States KDOC-TV: 1999–2002 Ultimate Pro Wrestling
IWA Zona Caliente  Puerto Rico Canal 2: 2000–2008 IWA Puerto Rico
Transatlantic Wrestling Challenge  United Kingdom Meridian, ITV2: 2000 NWA UK Hammerlock 6
WXO Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 2000 The WXO 3 [19][20]
Women of Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 2000–2001, KVCW: 2012–2018, AXS TV: 2019–2020, Pluto TV: 2022-
Urban Wrestling Alliance  United States Syndicated: 2000–2001 Urban Wrestling Alliance 8 [21]
PCW Full Throttle  United States Syndicated: 2000–2009 Professional Championship Wrestling
NOAH Power Hour  Japan Nippon TV: 2000–2020 Pro Wrestling Noah
IWA Impacto Total  Puerto Rico Telemundo: 2000–2010 IWA Puerto Rico
FWA TV  United Kingdom Portsmouth TV: 2001, The Wrestling Channel: 2004–2005 Frontier Wrestling Alliance
XPW TV  United States Syndicated: 2000–2003 Xtreme Pro Wrestling 134
CZW Fake You TV  United States WGTW-TV: 2001–2006 Combat Zone Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Zero1  Japan Samurai TV: 2001–present Pro Wrestling Zero1
WWE Tough Enough  United States MTV: 2001–2003, UPN: 2004, USA Network: 2011, 2015 World Wrestling Entertainment 68
MCW Rage TV  United States Syndicated: 2002 Maryland Championship Wrestling 10?
WWE Excess  United States TNN: 2001–2002 World Wrestling Entertainment 37
WWE Bottom Line  United States Syndicated: 2002–present World Wrestling Entertainment 1023 (as of 30 December 2021)
Impact! Xplosion  United States Various: 2002–2021 Impact Wrestling 856 [22]
WWE Confidential  United States Spike TV: 2002–2004 World Wrestling Entertainment 83
WWE Afterburn  United States Syndicated: 2002–present World Wrestling Entertainment 1023 (as of 30 December 2021)
WWE Velocity  United States Spike TV: 2002–2005, 1971–1975, Webcast: 2005–2006 World Wrestling Entertainment 204
WWE Tribute to the Troops  United States UPN: 2003–2004, USA Network: 2005–present, NBC: 2008–2014 World Wrestling Entertainment 19 (as of 14 November 2021)
MLW Underground TV  United States Syndicated: 2003–2004 Major League Wrestling [23][24]
WWE Diva Search  United States Spike: 2004–2005, USA Network: 2006, UPN: 2006, 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment 6
WWP Thunderstrike  South Africa SABC 2: 2004–2009 World Wrestling Professionals 100 [25]
AWF on E Slam Series  South Africa 2004 Africa Wrestling Alliance
IWRG on TVC Deportes  Mexico TVC Deportes: 2004–2013 International Wrestling Revolution Group
Dragon Gate  Japan Gaora TV: 2004–present Dragon Gate
WWE Experience  United States Spike and syndication World Wrestling Entertainment
Impact!  United States Fox Sports Net: 2004–2005, 2005, Urban America Television: 2005, Spike: 2005–2014, Destination America: 2015, Pop: 2016–2019, Pursuit Channel: 2019, Twitch: 2019–2021, AXS TV: 2019–present Impact Wrestling 963 (as of 6 January 2023)
NWE Destiny  Italy LA7 Sport: 2005–2006 Nu-Wrestling Evolution
AWE/WFX Overload  Canada Fight Network: 2006, America One: 2010 Action Wrestling Entertainment
Wrestling Fan Xperience
CMLL Guerreros del Ring  Mexico 52MX: 2006–present Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
IWF Wrestling  Russia Semyorka: 2006–2010 Independent Wrestling Federation
IWW Whiplash TV  Ireland The Wrestling Channel: 2006–2008 Irish Whip Wrestling
WWE ECW  United States Syfy: 2006–2010 ECW (WWE brand) 193
Real Quality Wrestling  United Kingdom The Wrestling Channel: 2006–2009 Real Quality Wrestling
100% Lucha  Argentina Telefe: 2006–2008
Wrestling Society X  United States MTV: 2007 Big Vision Entertainment 10
IPW Ignition  New Zealand Alt TV: 2007–2011 Impact Pro Wrestling
LDN Wrestling Capital TV  United Kingdom The Wrestling Channel: 2007–2008 LDN Wrestling
Wrestling Reality  Canada Fight Network: 2007
Dramatic Dream Team  Japan Samurai TV: 2007–present Dramatic Dream Team
TNA Today  United States Webcast: 2007–2012 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
WWE Vintage  United States Various: 2008–present World Wrestling Entertainment 467 (as of 11 May 2017)
Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling  United States CMT: 2008 8
IWA Pro Wrestling  Australia Aurora: 2008–2009 International Wrestling Australia
100% De Dana Dan  India Colors: 2009 World Wrestling Professionals 26
EPW Monday Night Wrestling  Australia Access 31: 2008–2010 Explosive Pro Wrestling
NZWPW Invasion  New Zealand Triangle TV: 2008–2009 New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling
Off the Ropes  New Zealand Prime TV: 2009–2010 Kiwi Pro Wrestling 12
Ring of Honor Wrestling  United States HDNet: 2009–2011, Sinclair stations: 2011–2022 Ring of Honor 530
AAA Lucha Libre Premier  Mexico Fox Sports: 2009–2010 Asistencia Asesoría y Administración
Kardinal Sinners  Canada Rush HD: 2009–2010 [26]
PDM on TVC Deportes  Mexico TVC Deportes: 2009–2012 Los Perros del Mal
WWE Superstars  United States WGN America: 2009–2011, 2011–2012, Hulu Plus: 2012–2016, WWE Network: 2014–2016 World Wrestling Entertainment 398
This is AWF Wrestling  Australia Foxtel: 2010–2011 Australasian Wrestling Federation
DWE Zona de Impacto  Dominican Republic Canal 9: 2010–present Dominican Wrestling Entertainent
DTU TV  Mexico TVC Deportes: 2010–2014 Desastre Total Ultraviolento
Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors  United States MTV2: 2010–2012 Lucha Libre USA 20
WWE NXT  United States Syfy: 2010, 2010–2012, WWE Network: 2014–2019, USA Network: 2019–present World Wrestling Entertainment 654 (as of 28 December 2021)
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood  United States KDOC-TV: 2010–present, MAVTV: 2013–present, Youtoo America: 2015–present, Z Living: 2019–present Championship Wrestling from Hollywood 461 (as of 28 March 2020)
TNA Reaction  United States Spike: 2010 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling 23
Mana Mamau  New Zealand Māori Television: 2011–2012 Impact Pro Wrestling 40
World of Hurt  Canada Trace: 2011–2012 Storm Wrestling Academy 16 [27]
CMLL on Fox Sports  Mexico Fox Sports: 2011–2015 Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
UK Wrestling Mayhem  United Kingdom My Channel: 2011–2012 UK Wrestling 46
Turkish Power Wrestling  Turkey UZMANTV: 2011–2012 Turkish Power Wrestling
WWE Saturday Morning Slam  United States The CW: 2012–2013 World Wrestling Entertainment 38
AAA Fusion  Mexico TVC Deportes: 2012–2013 Asistencia Asesoría y Administración
Ring Ka King  India Colors: 2012 Ring Ka King 26
IWRG Zona XXI  Mexico Canal 158 Cablevision: 2012–present International Wrestling Revolution Group
WWE Main Event  United States Ion Television: 2012–2014, WWE Network and Peacock: 2014–present, Hulu: 2012–present World Wrestling Entertainment 483 (as of 30 December 2021)
Top of the World  Canada RDS2: 2013–2014 Top of the World Wrestling [28]
EPW Overload  Italy GXT: 2013–2014 European Pro Wrestling
TNA British Boot Camp  United Kingdom Challenge: 2013–2014 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling 14
Wrestle-1  Japan Gaora TV: 2013–2020 Wrestle-1
Victory Wrestling Showcase  Canada Rogers TV: 2013–present Victory Commonwealth Wrestling
WWL Campeones del Ring  Puerto Rico WSTE-DT: 2013–2014 World Wrestling League
WWE Beyond the Ring  United States WWE Network: 2014 World Wrestling Entertainment 28
WWE Legends' House  United States WWE Network: 2014 World Wrestling Entertainment 10
WWE Slam City  United States WWE Network: 2014, Nicktoons: 2014 World Wrestling Entertainment 26
Reality of Wrestling  United States Syndicated: 2014–present Reality of Wrestling
West Coast Wrestling Connection  United States KPDX: 2014–present West Coast Wrestling Connection 40 (as of 1 March 2015)
Wrestling Retribution Project  United States 2014
AAW Pro Wrestling  United States MaddyGTV: 2014–2015 All American Wrestling 32
WAW Epic Encounters  United Kingdom My Channel: 2014–2015 World Association of Wrestling 20
Lucha Underground  United States El Rey Network: 2014–2018 Lucha Underground 127 (as of 7 November 2018)
Paragon Pro Wrestling  United States Pop: 2015 Paragon Pro Wrestling
ICW Fight Club  United Kingdom My Channel: 2011–2012, Nuvolari: 2016–present Insane Championship Wrestling
Lucha Libre Elite  Mexico Lucha Azteca 7: 2016–present Lucha Libre Elite
EWF on Sirk TV  United States SirkTV: 2016–present Empire Wrestling Federation
WAW Wrestling  United Kingdom Mustard TV: 2016–present World Association of Wrestling
WWE 205 Live  United States WWE Network and Peacock: 2016–2022 World Wrestling Entertainment 264 (as of 31 December 2021)
WWE Wal3ooha  United Arab Emirates OSN Sports: 2017–present World Wrestling Entertainment 7 (as of 15 June 2017)
NWA Ten Pounds of Gold  United States YouTube: 2017 National Wrestling Alliance
MLW Fusion  United States beIN Sports USA: 2018–2020, YouTube: 2020–present Major League Wrestling 131 (As of 5 May 2021) [29]
WWE Mixed Match Challenge  United States Facebook Watch / WWE Network: 2018 World Wrestling Entertainment 25
Ring Warriors  United States WGN America: 2018 Ring Warriors 13
WWE NXT UK  United Kingdom WWE Network and Peacock: 2018–2022, BT Sport: 2020–2022, Paramount Network: 2020–2022, Channel 5: 2020–2022 World Wrestling Entertainment 179
AEW Dynamite  United States TNT: 2019–2021, TBS: 2022–present All Elite Wrestling 170 (as of 6 January 2022)
NWA Powerrr  United States YouTube: 2019–2020, FITE TV: 2021–present National Wrestling Alliance 96 (as of 6 January 2022)
AEW Dark  United States YouTube: 2019–present All Elite Wrestling 178 (as of 6 January 2022)
NJPW Strong  Japan
 United States
NJPW World: 2020–present New Japan Pro-Wrestling 27 (as of 28 February 2021) [30]
NWA Shockwave  United States YouTube: 2020–present National Wrestling Alliance
AEW Dark: Elevation  United States YouTube: 2021–present All Elite Wrestling 98 (as of 6 January 2022)
AEW Rampage  United States TNT: 2021–present All Elite Wrestling 73 (as of 6 January 2022)
WWE NXT Level Up  United States Peacock: 2022–present WWE 26 (as of 12 August 2022)

International Broadcasters

Series Country Duration No. of episodes
NJPW World Pro Wrestling Japan Japan
United States United States
AXS TV: 2014–2019, 2020–present
Roku Channel: 2020–present
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Mexico Mexico
United States United States
LATV: 2007–present

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