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This is a list of public art in Green Park, one of the Royal Parks of London.

Green Park lies between Hyde Park and St James's Park, in the City of Westminster. Much of the present landscaping is the result of remodelling by John Nash in the 1820s, and the park had been cleared of its buildings, dating to the time of Queen Caroline, by 1855.[1] Governments have traditionally been reluctant to situate memorials in the Royal Parks, and there were none in Green Park until the installation of the Canada Memorial in 1994.[2] Since then two further war memorials have been added, with the second (dedicated to the memory of RAF Bomber Command) drawing criticism for "the un-greening of this section of Green Park".[3]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
Green park gates on Piccadilly (February 2010) 1.jpg

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Gates Piccadilly

51°30′21″N 0°08′41″W / 51.5057°N 0.1446°W / 51.5057; -0.1446 (Gates)
1735 c. 1735 attributed to Jean Montigny Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington Gates and piers Grade II* Wrought-iron gates with piers in the Palladian style, originally from a house at Turnham Green belonging to Lord Heathfield. When this was demolished in 1837 they were bought for Chiswick House, but in 1897 they were removed to Devonshire House, which was owned by the same family. This in turn was demolished in 1921, after which the gates were moved to their present site.[4] Restored in 2000.[5]
Diana Fountain Green Park London.jpg

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Diana Fountain Near the entrance of Green Park tube station

51°30′23″N 0°08′32″W / 51.5063°N 0.1423°W / 51.5063; -0.1423 (Diana Fountain)
1951 Estcourt James (Jim) Clack N/A Drinking fountain with sculpture N/A Unveiled 30 June 1954 on the site of an earlier fountain by Sydney Smirke. The new work was a gift of the Constance Fund, a trust fund set up in accordance with the wishes of the artist Sigismund Goetze to commission sculpture for London's parks.[6] The fountain was moved to its current, more prominent position in 2011, when some gilding was added.[7]
Leaves motif on Green Park Jubilee line platforms - - 614590.jpg
Leaves Green Park tube station, Victoria and Jubilee line platforms 1979 June Fraser N/A Tile motif N/A Fraser's tiling scheme in bright red and green replaced (on the Victoria line platforms)[8] an abstract design of 1969 by Hans Unger, representing a bird's-eye view of trees in Green Park.[9]
Canada Memorial - war memorial in Green Park, London - Pierre Granche.jpg

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Canada Memorial Green Park

51°30′10″N 0°08′33″W / 51.5029°N 0.1426°W / 51.5029; -0.1426 (Canada Memorial)
1994 Pierre Granche Ove Arup and Partners Memorial N/A Unveiled 3 June 1994 by Elizabeth II.[10] A pyramid of Canadian granite bisected by a passageway, forming the shape of an arrow pointing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, whence Canadian soldiers sailed for London in order to fight in both world wars. The inscriptions are in English and French.[11]
Memorial Gates, Constitution Hill - - 1010664.jpg

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Memorial Gates Constitution Hill

51°30′09″N 0°08′57″W / 51.5025°N 0.1491°W / 51.5025; -0.1491 (Memorial Gates)
2002 N/A Liam O'Connor Four stone pillars supporting lamps and, nearby, a chhatri N/A Unveiled 6 November 2002 by Elizabeth II. Inscribed IN MEMORY OF/ THE FIVE MILLION/ VOLUNTEERS FROM/ THE INDIAN/ SUB-CONTINENT/ AFRICA AND/ THE CARIBBEAN/ WHO FOUGHT WITH/ BRITAIN IN THE TWO/ WORLD WARS[12]
Watering Holes, Green Park, London.JPG

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Watering Holes Green Park

51°30′17″N 0°08′43″W / 51.5047°N 0.1454°W / 51.5047; -0.1454 (Watering Holes)
2012 Mark Titman Robin Monotti Architects Sculptural drinking fountain N/A One of two winners of an international competition to design "a new, top-quality, low-cost, model drinking fountain",[13] the other being the Trumpet fountain installed in Kensington Gardens.[14]
Bomber Command Memorial, Green Park, London.jpg

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RAF Bomber Command Memorial Green Park

51°30′12″N 0°08′56″W / 51.5033°N 0.1489°W / 51.5033; -0.1489 (RAF Bomber Command Memorial)
2012 Philip Jackson Liam O'Connor Sculptural group inside pavilion N/A Unveiled 28 June 2012 by Elizabeth II. The memorial is classical in style, but its roof is lined with aluminium from a Halifax bomber, behind a stainless steel lattice inspired by the geodesic fuselage construction of Wellington bombers.[15]


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