List of rivers in Arkansas (U.S. state).

For a list of dams and reservoirs in Arkansas, see List of Arkansas dams and reservoirs Rivers are listed by drainage basin, by size, and alphabetically.

By drainage basin

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.

Red River

Red River Drainage Basin
Ouachita Drainage Basin

Arkansas River

White River

White River Drainage Basin

St. Francis River

By size

Rivers are measured by their mean annual flow of water in cubic feet per second (cfs). One cubic foot equals .0283 cubic meters.

River cubic feet per second flow Location of monitoring station Notes
Mississippi River 671,500 near Vicksburg, Mississippi
Arkansas River 47,970 Murray Dam, near Little Rock
White River 26,760 near De Valls Bluff
Red River 19,230 near Spring Bank
Ouachita River 11,012 near Louisiana border
St. Francis 10,000 below junction with L'Anguille River estimated from limited data from US Army Corps of Engineers. See notes, below
Black River 9,893 near Elgin Ferry
Little River 4,621 near Millwood Lake no measurement gauge nearby; probably 1,000 – 2,000 cfs higher flow
Current River 2,802 near Doniphan, Missouri
Saline River 2,629 near Rye
Little Red River 1,777 near Dewey
Spring River 1,432 near Imboden
Buffalo River 1,379 near Harriet
Cache River 1,369 near Cotton Plant
Bayou Bartholomew 1,221 near Portland
Eleven Point River 1,157 near Ravenden Springs
L'Anguille River 1,085 near Palestine
Petit Jean River 828 near Danville
Crooked Creek 669 near Yellville
Illinois River 622 near Siloam Springs larger downstream in Oklahoma
Kings River 582 near Berryville
Mulberry River 557 near Mulberry
Lee Creek 531 near Van Buren
Big Piney Creek 481 near Dover
Smackover Creek 415 near Smackover
Saline River 385 near Lockesburg
Illinois Bayou 379 near Scottsville
Mammoth Spring 351 near Mammoth Spring
War Eagle Creek 295 near Hindsville
Antoine Creek 278 near Antoine
Cadron Creek 271 near Guy
Caddo River 266 near Caddo Gap upper course, larger downstream
West Fork Point Remove Creek 257 near Hattieville
Moro Creek 256 near Fordyce
Bayou Macon 240 near Eudora
South Fork of Little Red River 238 near Clinton
Cossatot River 187 near Vandervoort upper course, larger downstream
Richland Creek 179 near Goshen
West Fork White River 166 near Fayetteville
Little Missouri River 148 near Langley
James Fork 147 near Hackett
Osage Creek 134 near Elm Springs
Richland Creek 118 near Witts Spring
Bear Creek 108 near Silver Hill
Rolling Fork River ? no measurement gauge, but hundreds of cfs
Strawberry River ? no measurement gauge, but hundreds of cfs

Notes and sources: There are two Richland Creeks and two Saline Rivers in Arkansas. Flow of rivers differs substantially between years and seasons. Source for all rivers except St. Francis is the "USGS Water-Data Report – 2012" at; The flow of the St. Francis River flow is estimated from US Army Corps of Engineers data at



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