A map of Armenian rivers and their basins
A map of Armenian rivers and their basins
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The rivers of Armenia are part of either the Caspian Sea or Lake Sevan watersheds. Throughout history Armenia has been called Nairi by the Assyrians meaning the "Land of the lakes and rivers" There are 16 rivers over 50 km (31 mi) long in or bordering Armenia. The longest river, Aras, has been mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the four sacred rivers of the Garden of Eden. There are about 9480 rivers and small streams in Armenia.[1][2]

List of rivers

Kura River basin
Kura River basin
Aras River in the vicinity of Jolfa-Iran border
Aras River in the vicinity of Jolfa-Iran border
Hrazdan River in Yerevan
Hrazdan River in Yerevan

Approximately 4.7 percent of the territory of Armenia consists of rivers. The longest river of Armenia is the Aras (also called Araks, Arax), which lies on the country's border with Iran and a large part of the border with Turkey. Its major tributaries are the Akhuryan, Kasagh, Hrazdan, Azat, Arpa, Vorotan and Voghji rivers. The longest rivers in northwest part of the country are the Debed and Aghstafa, while shorter ones include the Dzoraget and the Pambak.[1][3]

Most of Armenia is drained into the Caspian Sea by the Araks or its tributary, the Hrazdan, which flows from Lake Sevan. The Lake Sevan water basin include 29 rivers and streams flowing into the lake with a basin size of 4,750 km2 (1,830 sq mi).[4] The following table is the list data about the longest or most notable rivers of Armenia:[2][5][6][4][7]

Longest or most notable rivers of Armenia
River Length Basin size Tributary of
Aras River (Araks)[2][3][4] 1,072 km (666 mi) (158 km (98 mi) in Armenia) 102,000 km2 (39,000 sq mi) ArasKuraCaspian Sea
Akhuryan River[2] 186 km (116 mi) 9,670 km2 (3,730 sq mi) ArasKuraCaspian Sea
Vorotan River[2] 179 km (111 mi) 5,650 km2 (2,180 sq mi) HakariArasKuraCaspian Sea
Hrazdan River[2][4] 146 km (91 mi) 2,560 km2 (990 sq mi) ArasKuraCaspian Sea
Arpa River[2][3] 126 km (78 mi) 2,630 km2 (1,020 sq mi) ArasKuraCaspian Sea
Aghstev River[2] 99 km (62 mi) 2,500 km2 (970 sq mi) KuraCaspian Sea
Debed River[2][3][4] 92 km (57 mi) 4,080 km2 (1,580 sq mi) KhramiKuraCaspian Sea
Kasagh River[6][4] 89 km (55 mi) 1,389 km2 (536 sq mi) Metsamor→ ArasKuraCaspian Sea
Voghji River[6] 88 km (55 mi) ArasKuraCaspian Sea
Pambak River[6] 86 km (53 mi) 1,370 km2 (530 sq mi) DebedKhramiKuraCaspian Sea
Dzoraget River[2] 71 km (44 mi) DebedKhramiKuraCaspian Sea
Getik River[6][8][7] 58 km (36 mi) 586 km2 (226 sq mi) AghstafaKuraCaspian Sea
Vedi River[6] 58 km (36 mi) ArasKuraCaspian Sea
Azat River[6] 56 km (35 mi) ArasKuraCaspian Sea
Argitchi River[9][6][4] 51 km (32 mi) Lake Sevan
Getar River[6] 25 km (16 mi) HrazdanArasKuraCaspian Sea
Tandzut River[6] 23 km (14 mi) PambakDebedKhramiKuraCaspian Sea
Vanadzor River[6] 14 km (8.7 mi) TandzutPambakDebedKhramiKuraCaspian Sea
Vachagan River[6] 5 km (3.1 mi) VoghjiArasKuraCaspian Sea

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