This is a list of kings of Bithynia, an ancient kingdom in northwestern Anatolia.

Before Zipoetes I of Bithynia assumed the Greek title of Basileus ("king") in 297 BCE,[1] the positions of him and his predecessors are variously described as "prince",[2] "chieftain",[1] "ruler",[3] and "king".[4] One of the primary sources for the monarchs of Bithynia is About Hericlea (Ancient Greek: Περί Ηρακλείας, romanizedPeri Herakleias) of Memnon of Heraclea.[3]



The coinage of these kings show their regal portraits, which tend to be engraved in an extremely accomplished Hellenistic style.[6]

Family tree of kings of Bithynia

king of Bithynia
c. 376–326 BC
Zipoetes I
king of Bithynia
c. 326–276 BC
Nicomedes I
king of Bithynia
c. 276–255 BC
Zipoetes II
king of Bithynia
c. 279–276 BC
king of Bithynia
c. 254–228 BC
Philip V
king of Macedonia
Apama III
Prusias I the Lame
king of Bithynia
c. 228–182 BC
Antiochus Hierax
Apame IVPrusias II the Hunter
king of Bithynia
c. 182–149 BC
Nicomedes II Epiphanes
king of Bithynia
c. 149–127 BC
∞ Dyegilos
son of Cotys IV of Thrace
Nyssa of Cappadocia
daughter of
Ariarathes VI of Cappadocia
Nicomedes III Euergetes
king of Bithynia
c. 127–94 BC
daughter of
Mithridates V of Pontus
Nicomedes IV Philopator
king of Bithynia
c. 94–74 BC
Socrates Chrestus
Nyssa of Bithynia

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  1. ^ ἐβασίλευσε ebasileuse. The verb βασιλεύω basiléō comes from the noun βασιλεύς basileús ("king"), and means "to be king" or "to reign as king".
  2. ^ κρατήσας δὲ τῆς ἀρχῆς kratesas de tes arkhes.


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