The following is a list of the larger Brachycera recorded in Britain, this includes the soldierflies and their allies.[1]

Family Xylophagidae

Family Athericidae

Family Rhagionidae

Family Tabanidae

Subfamily Chrysopsinae

Subfamily Tabaninae

Family Xylomyidae

Family Stratiomyidae

Subfamily Beridinae

Subfamily Clitellariinae

Subfamily Nemotelinae

Subfamily Pachygastrinae

Subfamily Sarginae

Subfamily Stratiomyinae

Tribe Oxycerini

Tribe Stratiomyini

Family Acroceridae

Family Bombyliidae

Subfamily Bombyliinae

Subfamily Exoprosopinae

Subfamily Phthiriinae

Family Therevidae

Family Scenopinidae

Family Asilidae

Subfamily Asilinae

Subfamily Dasypogoninae

Subfamily Laphriinae

Subfamily Leptogastrinae

Subfamily Stenopogoninae


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