The following 30 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 60th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The bolded titles were the five nominated films, which came from France, Italy, Norway, Spain, and the eventual winner, Babette's Feast, from Denmark.[1] The critically acclaimed Wings of Desire, by Wim Wenders, submitted by West Germany, wasn't nominated, despite being one of the favourites.

Indonesia submitted a film for the first time, and Cuba submitted a film for the first time in a decade. The Soviet Union submitted a film in Georgian (which was produced in 1984, but banned until 1987), India chose a film in Tamil, and Norway selected the first-ever film made in Northern Sami.


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Language(s) Original title Director(s) Result
 Argentina Man Facing Southeast Spanish Hombre mirando al sudeste Eliseo Subiela Not nominated
 Austria Welcome in Vienna German Wohin und zurück – Welcome in Vienna Axel Corti Not nominated
 Belgium The Cruel Embrace French Les Noces Barbares Marion Hänsel Not nominated
 Brazil Subway to the Stars Portuguese Um Trem para as Estrelas Carlos Diegues Not nominated
 Canada Night Zoo French Un zoo la nuit Jean-Claude Lauzon Not nominated
 China Hibiscus Town Chinese 芙蓉镇 Xie Jin Not nominated
 Cuba A Successful Man Spanish Un hombre de éxito Humberto Solás Not nominated
 Czechoslovakia Forbidden Dreams Czech Smrt krásných srnců Karel Kachyňa Not nominated
 Denmark Babette's Feast Danish, French Babettes gæstebud Gabriel Axel Won Academy Award
 Finland The Snow Queen Finnish Lumikuningatar Päivi Hartzell Not nominated
 France Au revoir les enfants French Au revoir les enfants Louis Malle Nominated
 West Germany Wings of Desire German Der Himmel über Berlin Wim Wenders Not nominated
 Greece Theofilos Greek Θεόφιλος Lakis Papastathis Not nominated
 Hungary Diary for My Lovers Hungarian Napló szerelmeimnek Márta Mészáros Not nominated
 Iceland White Whales Icelandic Skytturnar Friðrik Þór Friðriksson Not nominated
 India Nayakan Tamil நாயகன் Mani Ratnam Not nominated
 Indonesia Nagabonar Indonesian Nagabonar M.T. Risyaf Not nominated
 Israel I Don't Give a Damn Hebrew לא שם זין Shmuel Imberman Not nominated
 Italy The Family Italian La Famiglia Ettore Scola Nominated
 Japan Zegen Japanese 女衒 Shohei Imamura Not nominated
 Mexico Living Is What Matters Spanish Lo Que Importa es Vivir Luis Alcoriza Not nominated
 Netherlands Count Your Blessings Dutch Van geluk gesproken Pieter Verhoeff Not nominated
 Norway Pathfinder Sami Ofelaš (Veiviseren) Nils Gaup Nominated
 Poland Hero of the Year Polish Bohater roku Feliks Falk Not nominated
 Soviet Union Repentance Georgian მონანიება (Покаяние) Tengiz Abuladze Not nominated
 Spain Course Completed Spanish Asignatura aprobada José Luis Garci Nominated
 Sweden Hip Hip Hurrah! Swedish Hip Hip Hurra! Kjell Grede Not nominated
  Switzerland If the Sun Never Returns French Si le soleil ne revenait pas Claude Goretta Not nominated
 Taiwan Osmanthus Alley Chinese 桂花巷 Chen Kunhou Not nominated
 Yugoslavia Reflections Serbo-Croatian Već viđeno Goran Marković Not nominated


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