The following 33 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 65th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film which took place in 1993.[1] The titles in bold were the five nominated films, which came from Belgium, Germany, Russia, Uruguay and the eventual winner, Indochina, from France.[2]

The film A Place in the World, which was submitted by Uruguay, was disqualified after the nominations were announced in early 1993, when it was discovered that the film was an overwhelmingly Argentine production with minimal input from Uruguayans. Argentina had selected another film to compete for the award, so director Adolfo Aristarain asked Uruguay (which had never entered the competition before) to submit it instead. The Argentine film did not get nominated. A Place in the World was removed from the ballot (leaving only four films in contention for the award), causing the director to sue the Academy.

For the first time films from the former USSR competed against each other in this category; Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia and the Russian Federation submitted their first-ever films. After being disqualified the previous year since the country was not yet internationally recognized, Croatia had a film accepted for the first time.


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Language(s) Original title Director(s) Result
 Argentina The Dark Side of the Heart Spanish El lado oscuro del corazón Eliseo Subiela Not nominated
 Austria Benny's Video German Bennys Video Michael Haneke Not nominated
 Belgium Daens Dutch, French Daens Stijn Coninx Nominated
 Canada Léolo French Léolo Jean-Claude Lauzon Not nominated
 China The Story of Qiu Ju Chinese 秋菊打官司 Zhang Yimou Not nominated
 Croatia Story from Croatia Croatian Priča iz Hrvatske Krsto Papić Not nominated
 Cuba Adorable Lies Spanish Adorables Mentiras Gerardo Chijona Not nominated
 Denmark Sofie Danish Sofie Liv Ullmann Not nominated
 Estonia Those Old Love Letters Estonian Need vanad armastuskirjad Mati Põldre Not nominated
 France Indochina French Indochine Régis Wargnier Won Academy Award
 Germany Schtonk! German Schtonk! Helmut Dietl Nominated
 Hungary Sweet Emma, Dear Böbe Hungarian Édes Emma, drága Böbe - vázlatok, aktok István Szabó Not nominated
 Iceland As in Heaven Icelandic Svo á jörðu sem á himni Kristín Jóhannesdóttir Not nominated
 India Thevar Magan Tamil தேவர் மகன் Bharathan Not nominated
 Indonesia Mer's Lips Indonesian Bibir Mer Arifin C. Noer Not nominated
 Israel Life According to Agfa Hebrew החיים על פי אגפה Assi Dayan Not nominated
 Italy The Stolen Children Italian Il Ladro di Bambini Gianni Amelio Not nominated
 Japan The Oil-Hell Murder Japanese 女殺し油地獄 Hideo Gosha Not nominated
 Kazakhstan The Fall of Otrar Kazakh, Mandarin, Mongolian Гибел Отрара (Отырардың күйреуі) Ardak Amirkulov Not nominated
 Latvia The Child of Man Latvian Cilvēka bērns Jānis Streičs Not nominated
 Mexico Like Water for Chocolate Spanish Como agua para chocolate Alfonso Arau Not nominated
 Netherlands The Northerners Dutch De Noorderlingen Alex van Warmerdam Not nominated
 Norway The Warrior's Heart Norwegian Krigerens hjerte Leidulv Risan Not nominated
 Poland All That Really Matters Polish Wszystko, co najważniejsze Robert Gliński Not nominated
 Portugal Day of Despair Portuguese O dia do desespero Manoel de Oliveira Not nominated
 Romania Luxury Hotel Romanian Hotel de Lux Dan Pița Not nominated
 Russia Close to Eden Russian Урга Nikita Mikhalkov Nominated
 Spain The Fencing Master Spanish El Maestro de esgrima Pedro Olea Not nominated
 Sweden House of Angels Swedish Änglagård Colin Nutley Not nominated
  Switzerland Off Season French Hors saison Daniel Schmid Not nominated
 Taiwan Peach Blossom Land Chinese 暗戀桃花源 Stan Lai Not nominated
 Turkey Piano Piano Kid Turkish Piano Piano Bacaksız Tunç Başaran Not nominated
 Uruguay A Place in the World Spanish Un lugar en el mundo Adolfo Aristarain Nominated and Disqualified


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