The following 41 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 68th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.[1] The bolded titles were the five nominated films, which came from Algeria, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden. The eventual winner was feminist comedy Antonia's Line from the Netherlands.[2]

Bolivia and Tunisia submitted films for the first time. The Philippines returned to the competition after a nine-year absence. Iran unsuccessfully tried to withdraw the film from contention but the Academy refused to accept the withdrawal.[3]


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Original title Language(s) Director(s) Result
 Algeria Dust of Life Poussières de vie Vietnamese, French Rachid Bouchareb Nominated
 Argentina Wild Horses Caballos salvajes Spanish Marcelo Piñeyro Not nominated
 Austria Ant Street Die Ameisenstraße German Michael Glawogger Not nominated
 Belgium Mannekin Pis Mannekin Pis Dutch Frank Van Passel Not nominated
 Bolivia Jonah and the Pink Whale Jonás y la ballena rosada Spanish Juan Carlos Valdivia Not nominated
 Brazil O Quatrilho O Quatrilho Italian Fábio Barreto Nominated
 Canada Le Confessionnal Le Confessional French Robert Lepage Not nominated
 China Red Cherry 红樱桃 Mandarin Chinese, Russian, German Daying Ye Not nominated
 Croatia Washed Out Isprani Croatian Zrinko Ogresta Not nominated
 Czech Republic Thanks for Every New Morning Díky za kazdé nové ráno Czech, Ukrainian Milan Šteindler Not nominated
 Dominican Republic Nueba Yol Nueba Yol Spanish Ángel Muñiz Not nominated
 Finland The Last Wedding Kivenpyörittäjän kylä Finnish Markku Pölönen Not nominated
 France French Twist Gazon Maudit French Josiane Balasko Not nominated
 Germany Brother of Sleep Schlafes Bruder German Joseph Vilsmaier Not nominated
 Greece Ulysses' Gaze Το Βλέμμα του Οδυσσέα Greek, English Theo Angelopoulos Not nominated
 Hong Kong Summer Snow 女人,四十 Cantonese Ann Hui Not nominated
 Hungary The Outpost A részleg Hungarian Péter Gothár Not nominated
 Iceland Tears of Stone Tár úr steini Icelandic, German Hilmar Oddsson Not nominated
 India Kuruthipunal குருதிபுனல் Tamil P. C. Sreeram Not nominated
 Iran The White Balloon بادکنک سفید- Persian Jafar Panahi Not nominated
 Israel Lovesick on Nana Street חולה אהבה בשיכון גימל Hebrew Savi Gabizon Not nominated
 Italy The Star Maker L'Uomo delle stelle Italian Giuseppe Tornatore Nominated
 Japan Deep River 深い川 Japanese Kei Kumai Not nominated
 Mexico Midaq Alley El Callejón de los milagros Spanish Jorge Fons Not nominated
 Netherlands Antonia's Line Antonia Dutch Marleen Gorris Won Academy Award
 Norway Kristin Lavransdatter Kristin Lavransdatter Norwegian Liv Ullmann Not nominated
 Philippines Harvest Home Inagaw mo ang lahat sa akin Filipino Carlos Siguion-Reyna Not nominated
 Poland Crows Wrony Polish Dorota Kędzierzawska Not nominated
 Portugal God's Comedy A Comédia de Deus Portuguese João César Monteiro Not nominated
 Russia A Moslem Мусульманин Russian Vladimir Khotinenko Not nominated
 Serbia Underground Подземље Serbian, German Emir Kusturica Not nominated
 Slovakia The Garden Záhrada Slovak Martin Šulík Not nominated
 South Korea 301, 302 301 302 Korean Park Chul-soo Not nominated
 Spain The Flower of My Secret La Flor de mi secreto Spanish Pedro Almodóvar Not nominated
 Sweden All Things Fair Lust och fägring stor Swedish Bo Widerberg Nominated
  Switzerland Adultery: A User's Guide Adultère, mode d'emploi French Christine Pascal Not nominated
 Taiwan Super Citizen Ko 超級大國民 Taiwanese Wan Jen Not nominated
 Thailand Once Upon a Time...This Morning กาลครั้งหนึ่ง เมื่อเช้านี้ Thai Bhandit Rittakol Not nominated
 Tunisia Le magique Le magique French, Arabic Azdine Melliti Not nominated
 United Kingdom Branwen Branwen Welsh Ceri Sherlock Not nominated
 Venezuela Sicario Sicario Spanish José Ramón Novoa Not nominated


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