The following 45 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 71st Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (release at the country of origin November 1, 1997 - October 31, 1998, ceremony March 1999).[1] The five nominated films came from Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Spain and the eventual winner, Life Is Beautiful, from Italy.[2] The Academy had initially invited 73 countries to submit their films.[3]

Kyrgyzstan submitted a film for the first time, and Lebanon & Morocco both returned to the competition after a 20-year absence.


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Language(s) Original title Director(s) Result
 Argentina Tango Spanish Tango, no me dejes nunca Carlos Saura Nominated
 Austria The Inheritors German Die Siebtelbauern Stefan Ruzowitzky Not Nominated
 Belgium Rosie Dutch Rosie Patrice Toye Not Nominated
 Brazil Central Station Portuguese Central do Brasil Walter Salles Nominated
 Canada August 32nd on Earth French Un 32 Août sur Terre Denis Villeneuve Not Nominated
 China Genghis Khan Chinese, Mongolian 一代天骄成吉思汗 Sai Fu & Lisi Mai Not Nominated
 Colombia La vendedora de rosas Spanish La Vendedora de Rosas Víctor Gaviria Not Nominated
 Croatia Transatlantic Croatian Transatlantik Mladen Juran Not Nominated
 Czech Republic Sekal Has to Die Czech Je třeba zabít Sekala Vladimír Michálek Not Nominated
 Denmark The Celebration Danish Festen Thomas Vinterberg Not Nominated
 Finland A Summer by the River Finnish Kuningasjätkä Markku Pölönen Not Nominated
 France The Dreamlife of Angels French La vie rêvée des anges Erick Zonca Not Nominated
 Germany Run Lola Run German Lola rennt Tom Tykwer Not Nominated
 Greece Eternity and a Day Greek Μια αιωνιότητα και μια μέρα Theo Angelopoulos Not Nominated
 Hong Kong Made in Hong Kong Cantonese 香港製造 Fruit Chan Not Nominated
 Hungary Gypsy Lore Hungarian Romani kris - Cigánytörvény Bence Gyöngyössy Not Nominated
 Iceland Count Me Out Icelandic Stikkfrí Ari Kristinsson Not Nominated
 India Jeans Tamil ஜீன்ஸ் S. Shankar Not Nominated
 Indonesia Leaf on a Pillow Indonesian Daun di atas bantal Garin Nugroho Not Nominated
 Iran Children of Heaven Persian بچه هاي آسمان Majid Majidi Nominated
 Israel Circus Palestine Hebrew, Arabic, Russian קרקס פלשתינה
سرك فلسطين
Eyal Halfon Not Nominated
 Italy Life Is Beautiful Italian La vita è bella Roberto Benigni Won Academy Award
 Japan Begging for Love Japanese 愛を乞う人 Hideyuki Hirayama Not Nominated
 Kyrgyzstan Beshkempir Kyrgyz Бешкемпир Aktan Abdykalykov Not Nominated
 Lebanon West Beyrouth Arabic غرب بيروت Ziad Doueiri Not Nominated
 Luxembourg Back in Trouble Luxembourgish Back in Trouble Andy Bausch Not Nominated
North Macedonia Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Goodbye, 20th Century! Macedonian Збогум на 20-тиот век Darko Mitrevski & Aleksandar Popovski Not Nominated
 Mexico Un embrujo Spanish Un embrujo Carlos Carrera Not Nominated
 Morocco Mektoub Arabic مكتوب Nabil Ayouch Not Nominated
 Netherlands The Polish Bride Dutch, Polish De Poolse bruid Karim Traidia Not Nominated
 Norway Only Clouds Move the Stars Norwegian Bare skyer beveger stjernene Torun Lian Not Nominated
 Philippines In the Navel of the Sea Tagalog Sa Pusod ng Dagat Marilou Diaz-Abaya Not Nominated
 Portugal Anxiety Portuguese Inquietude Manoel de Oliveira Not Nominated
 Puerto Rico Heroes from Another Country Spanish Heroes de Otra Patria Iván Dariel Ortíz Not Nominated
 Romania Terminus Paradise Romanian Terminus Paradis Lucian Pintilie Not Nominated
 Russia The Barber of Siberia[4] Russian, English Сибирский цирюльник Nikita Mikhalkov Disqualified
 Serbia The Powder Keg Serbian Bure baruta Goran Paskaljević Not Nominated
 Slovakia Rivers of Babylon Slovak Rivers of Babylon Vlado Balco Not Nominated
 Spain The Grandfather Spanish El Abuelo José Luis Garci Nominated
 Sweden Show Me Love Swedish Fucking Åmål Lukas Moodysson Not Nominated
  Switzerland War in the Highlands French La Guerre Dans le Haut Pays Francis Reusser Not Nominated
 Taiwan Flowers of Shanghai Chinese 海上花 Hou Hsiao-hsien Not Nominated
 Thailand Who Is Running? Thai ท้าฟ้าลิขิต Oxide Pang Chun Not Nominated
 United Kingdom Cameleon Welsh Cameleon Ceri Sherlock Not Nominated
 Venezuela Loop Spanish Rizo Julio Sosa Pietri Not Nominated


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