This list of tallest structures in Uzbekistan ranks skyscrapers, towers and other structures in Uzbekistan based on official height.

Completed tallest structures

This list ranks the tallest buildings and structures in Uzbekistan that stand at least 100 m (330 ft) or 20 floors tall. Only completed structures and buildings that have been topped out are included.

Name Image City Country Height (m) Height (ft) Floors Completion Building type Notes Ref.
Tashkent Tower Tashkent Uzbekistan 375 1230 1985 Tower [1]
Uchkizil TV Mast Termiz Uzbekistan 350 1148 1990 Mast (wired) [2]
Nest One Tashkent Uzbekistan 266.5 874.3 51 2020 Skyscraper Real estate, business centers, markets, restaurants, SPA and fitness centres. [3][4]
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