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This article lists the table of every television station in Canada by call sign. For the list of television networks in Canada, see the List of Canadian television networks.

Under the current digital television transition, television stations in Mandatory Markets, in Canada are launching digital transmissions by August 31, 2011. On August 18, 2011, the CRTC issued a decision that allows CBC's mandatory market rebroadcasting transmitters in analog remain on-air until August 31, 2012. Where known, a digital channel assignment is noted below. Digital channels listed on a green background have already been launched, while those listed on a red background have not yet commenced operations. In some cases, the digital channels have been allocated but the stations have not applied to use them; as there is no requirement that Canadian stations begin digital broadcasts before the end-August 2011 analogue shutdown, it is currently unknown whether some broadcasters will ask to flash-cut on their existing frequencies or to continue on their assigned digital channel.

Categorized channels

Further information: Digital television in Canada

Flagship stations are highlighted in grey.

Call sign Network/system Location Meaning Channel
Actual Virtual
CBAFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Moncton, NB CBC Atlantic French Television 11 11.1
CBAT-DT CBC Fredericton, NB CBC Atlantic Television 31 4.1
CBCT-DT CBC Charlottetown, PEI CBC Charlottetown Television 13 13.1
CBET-DT CBC Windsor, Ontario CBC Essex County Television 9 9.1
CBFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Montreal, Quebec CBC French Television 19 2.1
CBHT-DT CBC Halifax, NS CBC Halifax Television 39 3.1
CBKFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Regina, SK CBC Henry Kelsey French Television 13 13.1
CBKT-DT CBC Regina, SK CBC Henry Kelsey Television 9 9.1
CBLFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Toronto, Ontario CBC Great Lakes French Television 25 25.1
CBLT-DT CBC Toronto, Ontario CBC Great Lakes Television 20 5.1
CBMT-DT CBC Montreal, Quebec CBC Montreal Television 21 6.1
CBNT-DT CBC St. John's, NL CBC Newfoundland Television 8 8.1
CBOFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Ottawa, Ontario CBC Ottawa French Television 33 9.1
CBOT-DT CBC Ottawa, Ontario CBC Ottawa Television 25 4.1
CBRT-DT CBC Calgary, AB CBC CalgaRy Television 21 9.1
CBUFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Vancouver, BC CBC Vancouver French Television 26 26.1
CBUT-DT CBC Vancouver, BC CBC Vancouver Television 43 2.1
CBVT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Quebec City, Quebec CBC Ville de Québec Television 25 11.1
CBWFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba CBC Winnipeg French Television 51 3.1
CBWT-DT CBC Winnipeg, Manitoba CBC Winnipeg Television 27 6.1
CBXFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Edmonton, AB 47 11.1
CBXT-DT CBC Edmonton, AB 42 5.1
CFAP-DT Noovo Quebec City, Quebec C F Adélard Pouliot (station founder's Middle and last initials) 39 2.1
CFCF-DT CTV Montreal, Quebec Canada's First, Canada's Finest 12 12.1
CFCM-DT TVA Quebec City, Quebec 17 4.1
CFCN-DT CTV Calgary, AB 29 4.1
CFEG-TV Independent Abbotsford, British Columbia Christ's Followers Extending Grace 19 (analogue)
CFEM-DT TVA affiliate Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 13 13.1
CFER-DT TVA Rimouski, Quebec C From the East to Rimouski 11 11.1
CFGS-DT Noovo affiliate Gatineau, Quebec/Ottawa, Ontario 34 34.1
CFHD-DT Independent Montreal, Quebec Ici Television 47 47.1
CFJC-TV Citytv affiliate Kamloops, British Columbia 4 (analogue)
CFJP-DT Noovo Montreal, Quebec CF Jean Pouliot (station/network founder) 35 35.1
CFKM-DT Noovo Trois-Rivières, Quebec 34 16.1
CFKS-DT Noovo Sherbrooke, Quebec 30 30.1
CFMT-DT Omni Toronto, Ontario Canada's First Multicultural Television 30 47.1
CFPL-DT CTV 2 London, Ontario C Free Press of London 10 10.1
CFQC-DT CTV Saskatoon, SK 8 8.1
CFRE-DT Global Regina, SK C F REgina 11 11.1
CFRN-DT CTV Edmonton, AB C F Rice Nielsen 12 3.1
CFRS-DT Noovo Saguenay, Quebec C F Radio Saguenay 13 4.1
CFSK-DT Global Saskatoon, Saskatchewan C F SasKatoon or SasKatchewan 42 4.1
CFSO-TV Independent Cardston, Alberta Coming From SOuthern Alberta 32 (analogue)
CFTF-DT Noovo affiliate Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec 29 29.1
CFTK-TV CTV 2 Terrace, British Columbia C F Terrace and Kitimat 3 (analogue)
CFTM-DT TVA Montreal, Quebec C F Télé-Métropole 10 10.1
CFTO-DT CTV Toronto, Ontario Canada's Foremost, Toronto's Own 8 9.1
CFTU-DT Independent Montreal, Quebec Canal Savoir 29 29.1
CFTV-DT Independent Leamington, Ontario Community Focus TV 34 34.1
CFVS-DT Noovo affiliate Val-d'Or, Quebec 25 25.1
CFYK-DT CBC Yellowknife, NT Canada's Finest YellowKnife 8 8.1
CHAN-DT Global Vancouver, BC CHANnel 22 8.1
CHAT-TV Citytv affiliate Medicine Hat, Alberta C Medicine HAT 6 (analogue)
CHAU-DT TVA affiliate Carleton, Quebec 5 5.1
CHBC-DT Global Kelowna, BC C H British Columbia 27 2.1
CHBX-TV CTV Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 2 (analogue)
CHCH-DT Independent Hamilton, Ontario C Hamilton's CHannel 15 11.1
CHCO-TV Independent St. Andrews, New Brunswick CHarlotte COunty 26 (analogue)
CHEK-DT Independent Victoria, BC CHE(C)K 49 6.1
CHEM-DT TVA Trois-Rivières, Quebec 8 8.1
CHET-TV Independent Chetwynd, British Columbia CHETwynd 55 (analogue)
CHEX-DT Global Peterborough, Ontario C H Peterborough EXaminer (newspaper/founder/sister station) 12 12.1
CHFD-DT Global affiliate Thunder Bay, Ontario C H. F. Dougall 4 4.1
CHLT-DT TVA Sherbrooke, Quebec CHerbrooke La Tribune (local newspaper/founder) 7 7.1
CHMG-DT Independent Quebec City, Quebec CH MaG 10 10.1
CHMI-DT Citytv Winnipeg, Manitoba C H Manitoba Independent 13 13.1
CHNB-DT Global Saint John, NB C H New Brunswick 12 12.1
CHNE-TV Independent Chéticamp, Nova Scotia CHéticamp, Nouvelle-Écosse 36 (analogue)
CHNM-DT Omni Vancouver, BC CHaNnel M (former branding) or CHaNnel Multicultural 20 42.1
CHNU-DT ZoomerMedia Fraser Valley, BC C H Nowtv (former branding) UHF 47 66.1
CHOB-TV Independent Maskwacis, Alberta C HOBbema (former name of community) 43 (analogue)
CHOT-DT TVA affiliate Gatineau, Quebec/Ottawa, Ontario C'est Hull-Ottawa Télévision 40 40.1
CHRO-TV CTV 2 Pembroke, ON CH PembROke 7 43.1
CHRO-TV CTV 2 Pembroke, Ontario CH PembROke 5 (analogue)
CHWI-DT CTV 2 Windsor, Ontario CHatham WIndsor 16 16.1
CICA-TV Independent Toronto, Ontario CI Communications Authority 19 19.1
CICC-TV CTV Yorkton, Saskatchewan 10 (analogue)
CICI-TV CTV Sudbury, Ontario 5 (analogue)
CICT-DT Global Calgary, AB C Independent Calgary Television 41 2.1
CIHC-TV Independent Hay River, Northwest Territories C Independent Hay River Community 5 (analogue)
CIHF-DT Global Halifax, NS C Independent in Halifax and Fredericton 8 8.1
CIII-DT Global Paris, Ontario C III (three) 17 41.1
CIIT-DT ZoomerMedia Winnipeg, Manitoba C I ManIToba 35 35.1
CIMC-TV Independent Isle Madame, Nova Scotia Canada Isle Madame Community TV 10 (analogue)
CIMT-DT TVA affiliate Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec 9 9.1
CIPA-TV CTV Prince Albert, Saskatchewan C I Prince Albert 9 (analogue)
CISA-DT Global Lethbridge, AB Canadian Independent Southern Alberta 7 7.1
CITL-DT CTV affiliate Lloydminster, AB/SK C I Television in Lloydminster 4 4.1
CITO-TV CTV Timmins, Ontario C I Timmins, Ontario 3 (analogue)
CITS-DT CTS Burlington, Ontario Crossroads I Television System 14 36.1
CITV-DT Global Edmonton, AB C Independent TeleVision 13 13.1
CITY-DT Citytv Toronto, Ontario City 18 57.1
CIVI-DT CTV 2 Victoria, BC C I Vancouver Island 23 23.1
CIVM-DT Télé-Québec Montreal, Quebec CI Ville de Montreal 26 17.1
CIVT-DT CTV Vancouver, BC C IV (fourth TV station in the city) Television or C I Vancouver Television 32 32.1
CJBN-TV Global affiliate Kenora, Ontario Carl Johnson and Bertil Nilson 13 (analogue)
CJBR-DT Ici Radio-Canada Rimouski, Quebec C Jules A. BRilliant (station founder) 45 2.1
CJCB-TV CTV Sydney, Nova Scotia C J Cape Breton 4 (analogue)
CJCH-DT CTV Halifax, NS 48 5.1
CJCO-DT Omni Calgary, AB C J Calgary's Omni 38 38.1
CJDC-TV CTV 2 Dawson Creek, British Columbia C J Dawson Creek 5 (analogue)
CJEO-DT Omni Edmonton, AB C J Edmonton's Omni 44 56.1
CJIL-DT Independent Lethbridge, AB C J Independent Lethbridge 17 17.1
CJMT-DT Omni Toronto, Ontario C J Multicultural Television 26 40.1
CJNT-DT Citytv Montreal, Quebec C J MoNtreal
49 62.1
CJOH-DT CTV Ottawa, Ontario C J Ottawa-Hull 13 13.1
CJON-DT Independent St. John's, NL C JOhN 21 21.1
CJPM-DT TVA Saguenay, Quebec 46 6.1
CKAL-DT Citytv Calgary, Alberta C K CALgary or ALberta 49 5.1
CKCK-DT CTV Regina, SK 8 2.1
CKCO-DT CTV Kitchener, Ontario C Kitchener, Central Ontario 13 13.1
CKCS-DT CTS Calgary, AB 32 32.1
CKCW-DT CTV Moncton, New Brunswick 29 29.1
CKEM-DT Citytv Edmonton, Alberta C K EdMonton 17 51.1
CKES-DT CTS Edmonton, AB 30 30.1
CKLT-DT CTV Saint John, NB C K Lionel Television 9 9.1
CKMI-DT Global Quebec City, Quebec 20 15.1
CKND-DT Global Winnipeg, Manitoba C K North Dakota (the station's original location as KCND-TV from 1959 to 1975) 40 9.1
CKNY-TV CTV North Bay, Ontario C K North BaY 12 10.1
CKPG-TV Citytv affiliate Prince George, British Columbia C K Prince George 2 (analogue)
CKPR-DT CTV affiliate Thunder Bay, Ontario C K Port ARthur 2 2.1
CKRT-DT Ici Radio-Canada affiliate Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec Charlevoix - Kamouraska - Rivière-du-Loup - Témiscouata 7 7.1
CKSA-DT Global affiliate Lloydminster, AB/SK C K Saskatchewan and Alberta 2 2.1
CKSH-DT Ici Radio-Canada Sherbrooke, Quebec C K SHerbrooke 9 9.1
CKTM-DT Ici Radio-Canada Trois-Rivières, Quebec C K Télévision Mauricie 28 13.1
CKTV-DT Ici Radio-Canada Saguenay, Quebec C K TéléVision 12 12.1
CKVR-DT CTV 2 Barrie, Ontario C K Valerie and Ralph Snelgrove (station founders) 10 3.1
CKVU-DT Citytv Vancouver, British Columbia C K Vancouver UHF 33 10.1
CKWS-DT Global Kingston, Ontario C Kingston Whig-Standard (the original owner of CKWS) 11 11.1
CKY-DT CTV Winnipeg, Manitoba 7 7.1

Other channels

The following is a list of other channels (network cable only channels, former OTA channels, pirate channels) that are Canadian non-specialty channels that do not fall in either categories A, B, or C.

Channel name Type/network Language Location Ownership Notes
APTN East APTN English, French, Aboriginal Winnipeg, Manitoba Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Cable only
APTN West APTN English, French, Aboriginal Winnipeg, Manitoba Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Cable only
APTN HD APTN English, French, Aboriginal Winnipeg, Manitoba Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Cable only
CTV Two Alberta CTV Two English Edmonton, Alberta Bell Media Cable only
CTV Two Atlantic CTV Two English Halifax, Nova Scotia Bell Media Cable only
Citytv Saskatchewan Citytv English Regina, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Cable only
Knowledge Network Educational English Burnaby, British Columbia Government of British Columbia
Shaw Multicultural Channel Multicultural Ethnic Vancouver, British Columbia Shaw Communications
Cable 14 Community English Hamilton, Ontario Cogeco, Shaw Communications, Source Cable
Coast Cable 11 Community English British Columbia Coast Cable Communications Coast Cable only
NAC TV (CH5248) Community English Neepawa, Manitoba Neepawa Resource Centre
WGCtv (Westman Communications Group) Community English Brandon, Manitoba
EastLink TV Cable operator English ON, QC, NS, NB, PEI EastLink TV Eastlink Cable only
Shaw TV Cable operator English Various cities Shaw Communications
Shaw TV Kenora Cable operator English Kenora, Ontario Shaw Communications
TVCogeco (Kingston, Ontario) Cable operator English Kingston, Ontario Cogeco
TVCogeco (North Bay, Ontario) Cable operator English North Bay, Ontario Cogeco
TVCogeco Windsor Cable operator English Windsor, Ontario Cogeco
TFO Educational French Toronto, Ontario Government of Ontario Previously over-the-air
Rogers TV Cable operator English Ontario Rogers Communications Rogers Cable only
TV Rogers Cable operator French Ontario Rogers Communications Rogers Cable only
TVC9 Cablevision Cable operator French Val-d'Or, Quebec
Vox Cable operator French Quebec Vidéotron
Canal Info Videotron Cable operator French Quebec Vidéotron Videotron Cable only
The Shopping Channel Shopping English Canada Rogers Communications
Made in Punjab TV Indian Punjabi British Columbia Navalpreet Rangi Cable Only
ShopTV Canada (defunct) Shopping English Canada Torstar Media Group Television
Star Ray TV Pirate English Toronto, Ontario Unlicensed, pirate station
House of Assembly Channel Parliamentary English Newfoundland and Labrador Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Cable only
Legislative Television Parliamentary English Nova Scotia Government of Nova Scotia Cable only
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick Television Service Parliamentary English New Brunswick Government of New Brunswick Cable only
Ontario Parliament Network Parliamentary English Ontario Government of Ontario Cable only
Saskatchewan Legislative Network Parliamentary English Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan Cable only
Hansard TV Parliamentary English British Columbia Government of British Columbia Cable only
Canal de l'Assemblée nationale Parliamentary French Quebec Government of Quebec Cable only

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