Taipei 101, Taipei
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei
National Palace Museum, Taipei
Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County
Mount Ali, Chiayi County
Taroko National Park
Jiufen, New Taipei
Yu Shan (Jade Mountain), Yushan Range
Yu Shan (Jade Mountain), Yushan Range
Anping Fort (Fort Zeelandia), Tainan
Anping Fort (Fort Zeelandia), Tainan
Kenting National Park, Pingtung County
Yangmingshan National Park
Love River, Kaohsiung
Shilin Night Market, Taipei
Presidential Office Building, Taipei
Maokong, Taipei
Guningtou War Museum, Kinmen County
Double-Heart of Stacked Stones, Pescadores Islands
Fort San Domingo, Taipei
Gaomei Wetlands, Taichung
Cijin District, Kaohsiung
Chingshui Cliff, Hualien County
Ximending, Taipei
Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, Nantou County
Fengjia Night Market, Taichung
Taijiang National Park, Tainan
Janfusun Fancyworld, Yunlin County
Sanxiantai, Taitung County
Grand Hotel, Taipei
Chimei Museum, Tainan
Longteng Bridge, Miaoli County
Qixingtan Beach, Hualien County
August 23 Artillery Battle Museum, Kinmen County
Dongshan River, Yilan County
Dongyong Lighthouse, Lienchiang County
Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Kaohsiung
Wuling Farm, Taichung
Republic of China Armed Forces Museum, Taipei
Tianliao Moon World, Kaohsiung
National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine, Taipei
National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung
Baguashan, Changhua
85 Sky Tower, Kaohsiung
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
Hinoki Village, Chiayi County
Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center, Kaohsiung
Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center, Kaohsiung
Window on China Theme Park, Taoyuan City
National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taipei
Zhongshan Hall, Taipei
Fulong Beach, New Taipei
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung
National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Pingtung County
Mashan Broadcasting and Observation Station, Kinmen County
Qingjing Farm, Nantou County
Mount Dabajian, Hsinchu County
Yehliu Geopark, New Taipei
Pratas Atoll National Park
Fengjia Night Market, Taichung
Lamay Island, Pingtung County
Taiwan Studio City, Tainan
Qing Dynasty Taiwan Provincial Administration Hall, Taipei
Luce Memorial Chapel, Taichung
National Taiwan Arts Education Center, Taipei
Taipei Fish Market, Taipei
Stone Umbrella, Taitung County
Stone Umbrella, Taitung County
Hong Fa Temple, Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung
Beihai Tunnel, Nangan Lienchiang County
Hakka Round House, Miaoli County
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Popular tourist attractions in Taiwan include the following:


Historical buildings



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Public places, squares and art centers


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Tourist towns

Night markets

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Natural scenery and forest

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Lakes and reservoirs

Mountains and cliffs

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National parks

Main article: List of national parks in Taiwan

City parks and gardens

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Harbors, wharf and piers

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

Hot and cold springs

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Islands and islets

Leisure resorts

Cultural centers

Theme parks


Shopping districts

Shopping centers

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Educational centers


Halls and theaters


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Attractions by region

Former attractions


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