This is a list of listed buildings in the S8 district of Sheffield in England. This includes the areas of Batemoor, Beauchief, Greenhill, Jordanthorpe, Lowedges, Meersbrook, Norton, Norton Lees and Woodseats, and part of Heeley.

For neighbouring areas, see listed buildings in S2, listed buildings in S7, listed buildings in S12, listed buildings in S14, listed buildings in S17, listed buildings in Dronfield and listed buildings in Eckington, Derbyshire.

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Building Grade Street Image Date built Notes
20 to 42 Albert Road
53°21′32″N 1°28′28″W / 53.35876°N 1.47438°W / 53.35876; -1.47438 (20 - 42, ALBERT ROAD)
II Albert Road
Albert Road Tram Depot.jpg
1878 Former tram depot
80 Annesley Road
53°19′39″N 1°28′56″W / 53.32749°N 1.48215°W / 53.32749; -1.48215 (80, ANNESLEY ROAD)
II Annesley Road c.1800
Beauchief Abbey
53°19′59″N 1°30′03″W / 53.33317°N 1.50077°W / 53.33317; -1.50077 (CHURCH OF ST THOMAS A BECKET AND REMAINS OF BEAUCHIEF ABBEY CHURCH)
II* Beauchief Abbey Lane
Beauchief Abbey - - 743172.jpg
Beauchief Abbey Farmhouse
53°19′58″N 1°30′02″W / 53.33264°N 1.50043°W / 53.33264; -1.50043 (BEAUCHIEF ABBEY FARMHOUSE)
II Beauchief Abbey Lane
Beauchief Abbey Farmhouse.jpg
Mid-18th century
Beauchief Abbey Farmhouse Farmbuildings
53°19′57″N 1°30′03″W / 53.33239°N 1.50077°W / 53.33239; -1.50077 (FARMBUILDINGS AT BEAUCHIEF ABBEY FARMHOUSE)
II Beauchief Abbey Lane
Beauchief Abbey Farmhouse Farmbuildings.jpg
Late-18th century
Beauchief Abbey House Barn
53°20′05″N 1°30′06″W / 53.33467°N 1.50161°W / 53.33467; -1.50161 (BARN AT BEAUCHIEF ABBEY HOUSE)
II Abbey Lane
Beauchief Abbey House.jpg
Beauchief Hall
53°19′47″N 1°30′27″W / 53.32960°N 1.50753°W / 53.32960; -1.50753 (BEAUCHIEF HALL AND ADJOINING STEPS FORECOURT WALLS AND GATES)
II* Beauchief Drive
Beauchief Hall 16-04-06.jpg
Beauchief Hall Stables
53°19′44″N 1°30′32″W / 53.32896°N 1.50890°W / 53.32896; -1.50890 (STABLE BLOCK 100 METRES WEST OF BEAUCHIEF HALL)
II Beauchief Drive 1667
Beauchief Hall Wall and Gate Piers
53°19′46″N 1°30′29″W / 53.32939°N 1.50809°W / 53.32939; -1.50809 (WALL AND PAIR OF GATE PIERS TO WEST OF BEAUCHIEF HALL)
II Beauchief Drive Late-17th century
Bishops' House
53°21′05″N 1°28′13″W / 53.35133°N 1.47032°W / 53.35133; -1.47032 (BISHOPS HOUSE)
II* Norton Lees Lane
Bishops House 2011.jpg
Bolehill Farmhouse and Outbuildings
53°20′21″N 1°28′19″W / 53.33910°N 1.47205°W / 53.33910; -1.47205 (BOLEHILL FARMHOUSE AND ATTACHED OUTBUILDINGS)
II Cobnar Road
Bolehill Farm.jpg
Early-18th century
Carfield Schools and Shelter
53°21′15″N 1°27′59″W / 53.35415°N 1.46638°W / 53.35415; -1.46638 (CARFIELD SCHOOLS AND ADJOINING PLAYGROUND SHELTER)
II Argyle Road
Carrfield School.jpg
1903 Designed by Joseph Norton
Carfield Schools Boundary Walls and Gates
53°21′13″N 1°27′55″W / 53.35370°N 1.46529°W / 53.35370; -1.46529 (BOUNDARY WALLS AND GATES AT CARFIELD SCHOOLS)
II Argyle Road
Carrfield Schools Wall.jpg
1903 Designed by Joseph Norton
Carfield Schools House and Walls
53°21′14″N 1°28′00″W / 53.35396°N 1.46671°W / 53.35396; -1.46671 (CARETAKERS HOUSE AND ADJOINING WALLS AT CARFIELD SCHOOLS)
II Argyle Road
Carrfield Schools Caretakers House.jpg
1903 Designed by Joseph Norton
Chantrey Cottage and House
53°20′05″N 1°27′25″W / 53.33471°N 1.45698°W / 53.33471; -1.45698 (CHANTREY COTTAGE CHANTREY HOUSE)
II Maugerhay Early-18th century
Chantrey House
53°19′49″N 1°27′38″W / 53.33016°N 1.46066°W / 53.33016; -1.46066 (CHANTREY HOUSE)
II Bochum Parkway Late-18th century
Chantry Cottage
53°20′02″N 1°27′45″W / 53.33376°N 1.46263°W / 53.33376; -1.46263 (CHANTRY COTTAGE)
II Norton Lane
Chantry Cottage.jpg
Cottages North West of Beauchief Abbey
53°20′00″N 1°30′04″W / 53.33330°N 1.50110°W / 53.33330; -1.50110 (PAIR OF COTTAGES 15 METRES NORTH WEST OF BEAUCHIEF ABBEY)
II Beauchief Abbey Lane
Cottages North West of Beauchief Abbey.jpg
Mid-18th century
Croft Farmhouse and Rose Cottage
53°19′37″N 1°29′01″W / 53.32708°N 1.48355°W / 53.32708; -1.48355 (ADJOINING BOUNDARY WALL CROFT FARMHOUSE ROSE COTTAGE)
II Greenhill Main Road Mid-18th century
The Crown
53°21′33″N 1°28′30″W / 53.35910°N 1.47487°W / 53.35910; -1.47487 (THE CROWN INN)
II Chesterfield Road
The Crown Inn.jpg
Drinking Fountain
53°21′17″N 1°28′32″W / 53.35476°N 1.47548°W / 53.35476; -1.47548 (DRINKING FOUNTAIN 150 METRES EAST OF MEERSBROOK PARK HOUSE)
II Meersbrook Park
Meersbrook Park drinking fountain.jpg
1891 Made by A. J. & S. Eaton
Former Bakery
53°21′34″N 1°28′26″W / 53.35953°N 1.47401°W / 53.35953; -1.47401 (FORMER BAKERY ADJOINING NUMBERS 9, 11 AND 11A)
II Thirlwell Road
Thirwell Road Bakery.jpg
Francis Chantrey Tomb
53°20′06″N 1°27′47″W / 53.33508°N 1.46304°W / 53.33508; -1.46304 (TOMB OF SIR FRANCIS CHANTREY 5 METRES SOUTH WEST OF CHURCH OF ST JAMES)
II Norton Church Road
Francis Chantrey tomb.jpg
1841 Designed by Francis Chantrey
Grange Farmhouse
53°20′08″N 1°26′51″W / 53.33559°N 1.44752°W / 53.33559; -1.44752 (Grange Farmhouse and adjoining stables and barn)
II Herewards Road
Grange Farm Hamlet - - 1389478.jpg
Early-17th century
Grange Farmhouse and Cottage
53°19′38″N 1°28′48″W / 53.32726°N 1.48012°W / 53.32726; -1.48012 (GRANGE FARMHOUSE AND ADJOINING COTTAGE)
II Greenfield Drive Late-18th century
Graves Park North Entrance
53°20′24″N 1°28′12″W / 53.34002°N 1.46998°W / 53.34002; -1.46998 (LODGE GATES AND BOUNDARY WALL AT NORTH ENTRANCE TO GRAVES PARK)
II Derbyshire Lane
Graves Park North Entrance.jpg
59 Greenhill Main Road
53°19′37″N 1°28′58″W / 53.32695°N 1.48266°W / 53.32695; -1.48266 (59, GREENHILL MAIN ROAD)
II Greenhill Main Road 1829
61 and 63 Greenhill Main Road
53°19′37″N 1°28′56″W / 53.32691°N 1.48227°W / 53.32691; -1.48227 (61 AND 63, GREENHILL MAIN ROAD)
II Greenhill Main Road
61 and 63 Greenhill Main Road.jpg
Early-18th century
Grooms Cottage
53°20′07″N 1°27′19″W / 53.33528°N 1.45528°W / 53.33528; -1.45528 (THE GROOMS COTTAGE)
II School Lane
Grooms Cottage.jpg
Holly Farmhouse
53°19′38″N 1°29′03″W / 53.32717°N 1.48413°W / 53.32717; -1.48413 (HOLLY FARMHOUSE)
II Greenhill Main Road
Holly Farmhouse.jpg
Mid-18th century
Jordanthorpe Hall Farmhouse
53°19′52″N 1°27′34″W / 53.33113°N 1.45952°W / 53.33113; -1.45952 (JORDANTHORPE HALL FARMHOUSE)
II Cinderhill Lane Mid-18th century
Jordanthorpe House
53°19′49″N 1°27′44″W / 53.33028°N 1.46220°W / 53.33028; -1.46220 (JORDANTHORPE HOUSE)
II Bochum Parkway Mid-18th century
18, 18A, 20 and 20A Linden Avenue
53°20′25″N 1°29′12″W / 53.34019°N 1.48672°W / 53.34019; -1.48672 (18,18A,20 AND 20A, LINDEN AVENUE)
II Linden Avenue
18 - 20A Linden Avenue.jpg
c.1870 Designed by Norman Shaw
The Manor
53°19′38″N 1°29′06″W / 53.32719°N 1.48490°W / 53.32719; -1.48490 (THE MANOR)
II Greenhill Main Road
The Manor, Greenhill.jpg
Late-16th century
The Manor Forecourt, Walls, Gateway and Outbuildings
53°19′37″N 1°29′06″W / 53.32694°N 1.48496°W / 53.32694; -1.48496 (FORECOURT WALLS GATEWAY AND ATTACHED OUTBUILDINGS TO THE MANOR)
II Greenhill Main Road Late-18th century
Meersbrook House
II Brook Road
Meersbrook House.jpg
Late-18th century
Meersbrook Works
53°21′27″N 1°28′25″W / 53.35740°N 1.47369°W / 53.35740; -1.47369 (FORMER JOSEPH TYZACK AND COMPANY MEERSBROOK SAW WORKS)
II Valley Road
Meersbrook Works 26-03-06.jpg
Memorial Obelisk
53°20′05″N 1°27′43″W / 53.33461°N 1.46192°W / 53.33461; -1.46192 (Memorial obelisk at junction of Norton Lane)
II Norton Church Road
Norton Memorial Obelisk.jpg
1850 At junction with Norton Lane
Norton Cross
53°20′06″N 1°27′46″W / 53.33500°N 1.46264°W / 53.33500; -1.46264 (PREACHING CROSS 15 METRES SOUTH OF CHURCH OF ST JAMES)
II Norton Church Road
Norton Cross.jpg
14th-century In St James churchyard
Norton Grange, Wash House, Stable and Wall
53°20′11″N 1°27′39″W / 53.33651°N 1.46088°W / 53.33651; -1.46088 (NORTON GRANGE AND ADJOINING WASH HOUSE, STABLE AND BOUNDARY WALL)
II Norton Church Road
Norton Grange, Sheffield.jpg
Early-18th century
Norton Hall
53°20′07″N 1°27′49″W / 53.33528°N 1.46372°W / 53.33528; -1.46372 (NORTON HALL HOSPITAL WITH COLONNADE AND ORANGERY)
II* Norton Church Road
Norton Hall 16-04-06.jpg
Late-18th century
Norton Hall Farm
53°20′11″N 1°27′43″W / 53.33639°N 1.46190°W / 53.33639; -1.46190 (NORTON HALL FARM)
II Norton Church Road
Norton Hall Farm 16-04-06.jpg
Norton Hall Stable Block
53°20′10″N 1°27′46″W / 53.33599°N 1.46270°W / 53.33599; -1.46270 (Stable block 200 metres north east of Norton Hall)
II Norton Church Road
Norton Hall Stables 16-04-06.jpg
Late-18th century
7 and 9 Norton Hammer Lane
53°21′04″N 1°29′00″W / 53.35110°N 1.48338°W / 53.35110; -1.48338 (7 AND 9, NORTON HAMMER LANE)
II Norton Hammer Lane
7 - 10 Norton Hammer Lane.jpg
Mid-19th century
10 Norton Hammer Lane
53°21′03″N 1°28′59″W / 53.35095°N 1.48316°W / 53.35095; -1.48316 (10, NORTON HAMMER LANE)
II Norton Hammer Lane
7 - 10 Norton Hammer Lane.jpg
Late-18th century
11, 12 and 13 Norton Hammer Lane
53°21′03″N 1°29′01″W / 53.35088°N 1.48352°W / 53.35088; -1.48352 (11, 12 AND 13, NORTON HAMMER LANE)
II Norton Hammer Lane
11 - 13 Norton Hammer Lane.jpg
Mid-19th century
Norton Nursery Lodge
53°20′00″N 1°27′46″W / 53.33345°N 1.46269°W / 53.33345; -1.46269 (LODGE AT NORTON NURSERY)
II Norton Lane
Norton Nursery Lodge.jpg
Norton War Memorial
53°20′05″N 1°27′44″W / 53.33484°N 1.46225°W / 53.33484; -1.46225 (Norton War Memorial)
II Norton Lane 1922
Oakes Park
53°20′03″N 1°27′05″W / 53.33425°N 1.45152°W / 53.33425; -1.45152 (OAKS PARK AND ADJOINING TERRACE WALL AND STEPS)
II* Norton Lane 1668 Remodelled by Joseph Badger
Oakes Park Garden Entrance Gate and Walls
53°20′04″N 1°27′10″W / 53.33434°N 1.45274°W / 53.33434; -1.45274 (GATEWAY AND ADJOINING WALLS AT GARDEN ENTRANCE TO OAKS PARK)
II Norton Lane Early-18th century
Oakes Park Gate, Railings and Walls
53°20′05″N 1°27′04″W / 53.33465°N 1.45116°W / 53.33465; -1.45116 (GARDEN GATE, RAILING AND WALLS 30 METRES EAST OF STABLE RANGE AT OAKS PARK)
II Norton Lane Late-18th century
Oakes Park Pigeoncote
53°20′05″N 1°27′07″W / 53.33466°N 1.45188°W / 53.33466; -1.45188 (PIGEONCOTE 10 METRES NORTH OF STABLE RANGE AT OAKS PARK)
II Norton Lane Early-18th century
Oakes Park Stable Range and Cottage
53°20′04″N 1°27′06″W / 53.33450°N 1.45167°W / 53.33450; -1.45167 (STABLE RANGE AND COTTAGE AT OAKS PARK)
II Norton Lane Late-17th century
Oakes Park West Entrance Lodge, Gate and Walls
53°20′09″N 1°27′23″W / 53.33586°N 1.45631°W / 53.33586; -1.45631 (WEST ENTRANCE LODGE, SCREEN WALLS AND GATEWAY AT OAKS PARK)
II Norton Lane
Oakes Park west entrance.jpg
Early-19th century
Old Rectory
53°20′06″N 1°27′42″W / 53.33495°N 1.46177°W / 53.33495; -1.46177 (OLD RECTORY)
II Norton Church Road
Norton Old Rectory.jpg
Early-18th century
Our Lady of Beauchief and St Thomas of Canterbury
53°20′16″N 1°28′56″W / 53.33780°N 1.48220°W / 53.33780; -1.48220 (Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Beauchief and St Thomas of Canterbury and Presbytery)
II Meadowhead 1932 Designed by Adrian Gilbert Scott
Park Lodge Former Police Station
53°20′44″N 1°29′47″W / 53.34556°N 1.49642°W / 53.34556; -1.49642 (PARK LODGE FORMER POLICE STATION)
II Archer Road 1893
Post Office House
53°20′08″N 1°27′20″W / 53.33546°N 1.45543°W / 53.33546; -1.45543 (THE POST OFFICE HOUSE)
II School Lane
Post Office House, Norton.JPG
Late-18th century
The Poplars
53°20′22″N 1°28′18″W / 53.33950°N 1.47179°W / 53.33950; -1.47179 (THE POPLARS)
II Cobnar Road
The Poplars, Norton.jpg
St Chad
53°20′23″N 1°29′10″W / 53.33984°N 1.48607°W / 53.33984; -1.48607 (CHURCH OF ST CHAD)
II Linden Avenue
St Chad, Woodseats.jpg
1912 Designed by C. and C. M. Hadfield
St James
53°20′07″N 1°27′46″W / 53.33519°N 1.46267°W / 53.33519; -1.46267 (CHURCH OF ST JAMES THE GREAT)
II* Norton Church Road
St James, Norton.jpg
St Peter
53°19′31″N 1°29′19″W / 53.32526°N 1.48866°W / 53.32526; -1.48866 (CHURCH OF ST PETER)
II Reney Avenue
St. Peter
1965 Designed by Peter Sargent
School House
53°20′08″N 1°27′19″W / 53.33563°N 1.45517°W / 53.33563; -1.45517 (SCHOOL HOUSE)
II School Lane Late-18th century
3 and 5 School Lane
53°19′38″N 1°28′57″W / 53.32733°N 1.48255°W / 53.32733; -1.48255 (3 AND 5, SCHOOL LANE)
II School Lane Late-18th century
Sewer Gas Lamp
53°21′07″N 1°28′07″W / 53.35205°N 1.46863°W / 53.35205; -1.46863 (SEWER GAS LAMP)
II Bishopcourt Road Late-19th century
Sewer Gas Lamp
53°21′30″N 1°28′00″W / 53.35827°N 1.46654°W / 53.35827; -1.46654 (SEWER GAS LAMP AT JUNCTION WITH NICHOLSON ROAD)
II Kent Road
Sewer Gas Lamp, Kent Road.jpg
Late-19th century At junction with Nicholson Road
Sewer Gas Lamp
53°21′21″N 1°27′52″W / 53.35587°N 1.46435°W / 53.35587; -1.46435 (SEWER GAS LAMP AT JUNCTION WITH RUSHDALE ROAD)
II Upper Albert Road
Sewer Gas Lamp, Upper Albert Road.jpg
Late-19th century At junction with Rushdale Road
Vestry Hall, Wall and Railing
53°21′24″N 1°28′33″W / 53.35676°N 1.47589°W / 53.35676; -1.47589 (VESTRY HALL, BOUNDARY WALL AND RAILING)
II Meersbrook Park Road
Meersbrook Vestry Hall.jpg
Water Pump
53°19′37″N 1°28′58″W / 53.32681°N 1.48285°W / 53.32681; -1.48285 (WATER PUMP ADJACENT TO NUMBER 66 AND 68 (NUMBER 66 AND 68 NOT INCLUDED))
II Greenhill Main Road
Greenhill Village Pump.jpg
Mid-19th century