Little Sandy Desert
IBRA 6.1 Little Sandy Desert.png
The IBRA regions, with Little Sandy Desert in red
Area111,500 km2 (43,100 sq mi)
StateWestern Australia
Coordinates25°16′S 121°52′E / 25.26°S 121.86°E / -25.26; 121.86
Little Sandy Desert crossed by the Canning Stock Route
Little Sandy Desert crossed by the Canning Stock Route
Little Sandy Desert near Durba Spring
Little Sandy Desert near Durba Spring

The Little Sandy Desert, an interim Australian bioregion,[1][2] is a desert located in Western Australia south of the Great Sandy Desert and west of the Gibson Desert.

The bioregion is located to the east of Great Northern Highway south of Newman and approximately 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of Wiluna. To the north the nearest large area identifiable is the Karlamilyi National Park.

It is named because it is relatively close and similar to the Great Sandy Desert, but is much smaller. Its landforms, fauna and flora are all similar to the Great Sandy Desert. Both deserts are crossed by the Canning Stock Route.

Indigenous groups that have identified with the region include the Mandilara.[3]

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Coordinates: 25°16′S 121°52′E / 25.26°S 121.86°E / -25.26; 121.86