Location of Lixin in Bozhou
Location of Lixin in Bozhou
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityBozhou
County seatChengguan
 • Total1,950 km2 (750 sq mi)
29 m (96 ft)
 • Total1,236,000
 • Density630/km2 (1,600/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s)0558

Lixin (Chinese: 利辛; pinyin: Lìxīn) is a county located in north-eastern Anhui province, China, under the jurisdiction of Bozhou City. It is a county famous for its education system and beef production. An agricultural county, the people of Lixin have depended on farming (mainly wheat) for hundreds of years. Recently, the industrialisation of China has forced many farmers to migrate to the cities for short-term jobs.


Lixin county is a fairly young geopolitical entity among those that have been many thousands of years in China. The creation of the county did not occur until the People's Republic of China was established in 1949. In the late 1960s, Lixin was created by the combination of parts from three neighbouring counties: Guoyang, Mengcheng and Fuyang.

A county part of Fuyang city, Lixin was recently joined by six other counties to form the prefecture-level city, Bozhou.

Administrative divisions

Lixin County has 19 towns and 4 townships.[1]

19 Towns
  • Chengguan (城关镇)
  • Wangtuan (望疃镇)
  • Kantuan (阚疃镇)
  • Zhangcun (张村镇)
  • Zhangou (展沟镇)
  • Jiangji (江集镇)
  • Jiucheng (旧城镇)
  • Xipanlou (西潘楼镇)
  • Sunji (孙集镇)
  • Ruji (汝集镇)
  • Gongdian (巩店镇)
  • Wuren (五人镇)
  • Wangshi (王市镇)
  • Yongxing (永兴镇)
  • Madianzi (马店孜镇)
  • Daliji (大李集镇)
  • Huji (胡集镇)
  • Chengjiaji (程家集镇)
  • Zhongtuan (中疃镇)
4 Townships
  • Liujiaji (刘家集乡)
  • Jiwangchang (纪王场乡)
  • Sunmiao (孙庙乡)
  • Xinzhangji (新张集乡)
  • Shuangqiao (双桥乡) - it was merged to other.
  • Chundian (春店乡) - it was merged to other.
  • Danfeng (丹凤乡) - it was merged to other.


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Coordinates: 33°10′23″N 116°10′05″E / 33.17306°N 116.16806°E / 33.17306; 116.16806