Liz West (born 1985) is a British visual artist. West’s practice comprises site-specific artworks,[1][2] sculpture,[3] and immersive light art installations.[4] Her artworks often combine colour and light with the aim of heightening sensory awareness and experience for the viewer.[5][6][7]


She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2007.[8]

Liz West has exhibited and been commissioned internationally by organisations and institutions including Natural History Museum,[9] National Trust,[10] National Science and Media Museum,[11] Dubai Design Week,[12] and Bristol Biennial.[13]

In 2018 West launched a permanent public commission in London titled 'Colour Transfer'. The site specific sculpture consists of angled coloured mirrors that span the underneath of Paddington Central’s Westway Bridge.[14][15]

West was a finalist for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016.[16]


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