Ljubljanica Sluice Gate
Ljubljanica Sluice Gate

The Ljubljanica Sluice Gate (Slovene: Zapornica na Ljubljanici), or the Partition (Pregrada),[1]: 180–181  is a sluice gate and a triumphal arch on the Ljubljanica River in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.[2] It is located between Cukrarna (a former sugar factory) and Vraz Square (Vrazov trg) in the Center District, east of the Ljubljana old town, a bit downstream of Ambrož Square (Ambrožev trg).[3] It was designed in 1939 by the Slovene architect Jože Plečnik, who envisaged it as a monumental farewell to the Ljubljanica River on its exit from the Ljubljana city centre.[4] It was planned to be used as a footbridge as well.[4] The sluice gate was built with difficulty from 1940[5] until 1943[1]: 184  by the constructor Matko Curk.[5] Since July 2009, it has been protected as a monument of national significance, along with other major works by Plečnik.[6]


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Coordinates: 46°3′1.2″N 14°31′5.3″E / 46.050333°N 14.518139°E / 46.050333; 14.518139