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Loening Aeronautical Engineering Corporation
Founded1917 (1917)
FoundersGrover Loening
Defunct1928 (1928)
FateMerged with Keystone Aircraft in 1928

Loening Aeronautical Engineering Corporation was founded 1917 by Grover Loening and Henry M. Crane produced early aircraft and amphibious aircraft beginning in 1917. When it merged with Keystone Aircraft Corporation in 1928, some of its engineers left to form Grumman. Loening formed a new enterprise, Grover Loening Aircraft Company, in 1929, which eventually closed in 1932.[1]



Model name First flight Number built Type
Loening Monoplane Flying Boat
Loening M-2 Kitten 1918 3 Convertible amphibian monoplane
Loening M-8 1918 55 Monoplane fighter
Loening PW-2 1920 7 Monoplane fighter
Loening Model 23 1921 16 Monoplane pusher engine flying boat
Loening R-4 1922 2 Monoplane racer
Loening PA-1 1922 1 Biplane fighter
Loening OL 1923 165 Biplane flying boat
Loening C-1 1928 8 Biplane flying boat
Loening C-2 1928 36 Biplane flying boat
Loening XSL 1931 1 Submarine-based monoplane pusher engine flying boat
Loening C-5 1934 1 Development of XSL
Loening XFL N/A 0 Unbuilt carrier-based fighter

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