Lois Lane
Arrowverse character
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Adapted byGreg Berlanti
Todd Helbing
Portrayed byElizabeth Tulloch
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AffiliationDaily Planet (former)
Smallville Gazette
SpouseClark Kent
HomeEarth-38 (former)

Lois Lane is a fictional character in the Arrowverse, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.[1] Lois is a reporter for the Daily Planet and the wife of Clark Kent / Superman. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Tulloch and has appeared in six out of the seven TV series of the shared universe: The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow and Superman & Lois.

Concept and creation


The character of Lois Lane first appeared in Action Comics #1 alongside Superman in the first published story featuring either character. Lois was one of the first female characters to appear in an American superhero comic strip. With her long history with the Man of Steel, she has become one of the most iconic love interests in superhero stories and has been Clark Kent/Superman's primary love interest throughout his publication history.

Lois has appeared in all live action adaptions of Superman, starting with her portrayal by Noel Neill in the 1948 serial, by Phyllis Coates in Superman and the Mole Men, by Margot Kidder in the 1980s Superman film series alongside Christopher Reeve, and by Kate Bosworth alongside Brandon Routh in Superman Returns. Kidder's iconic portrayal of Lois won the actress numerous awards and international recognition.[2] She has also appeared in television series: Adventures of Superman, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman played by Teri Hatcher and Smallville by Erica Durance.


Actress Elizabeth Tulloch was cast as Lois Lane in September 2018 for the crossover event Elseworlds.[3][4] According to Tulloch, she got the role because she read a Superman II scene "joyfully".[5] Tulloch became the eight actress to portray Lois in live action. When cast, Tulloch said "i'm so excited [...] to be playing the iconic Lois Lane on the Arrowverse.", while also saying that she will be a "modern woman".[6] When asked how is she going to portray the character on her own show, she responded by saying that she will try to combine the journalist and the mother in the most realistic way.[7] She also described Lois as "badass", and that she may not have superpowers like her husband does, but she still is vital to the story.[8] The executive producers described the character as "dogged, determined and brave".[9] About her signing on appearing in her own show as Lois, she said that she was skeptical as it is a tough character,[10] while also stating that "she’s [Lois] wonderful".[11]

On what attracted her to play Lois Lane, Tulloch stated: "As far as strong women go, it doesn’t get much more impressive or cool than Lois Lane. She was introduced in 1938 and from the time she’s been introduced, she’s remained incredibly appealing and popular and iconic for really understandable reasons: She is determined, she is unafraid, she is uncompromising, she is incredibly intelligent. All of those things are balanced out by a sort of lovable goofiness about her. To me, it’s a dream come true to play someone as wonderful as Lois Lane."[12]

Fictional character biography

Early life

Further information: Supergirl (TV series)

Lois was born in Metropolis to General Sam Lane. She has a younger sister, Lucy, but the two of them don't have good relations. Despite her father's wishes, Lois never attended a military academy nor joined the U.S. Army. Instead, she pursued a career in investigative journalism, rising to become one of the best reporters of the Daily Planet, and the best reporter of the world. Over the years, Lois grew estranged from her father due to his immorality, black and white view of aliens, and control issues over his daughter's life. At some point, she met fellow journalist, Clark Kent, with whom she fell in love with. She also developed a strong rivalry with Cat Grant. During her relationship with Clark, she learnt that he was Superman. In late 2015 she tried to book an interview with Clark's cousin, and superheroine, Kara Danvers / Supergirl, but didn't find the time. After Clark returned from National City, he took Lois to his planet, Argo, to show her his Kryptonian culture. There, she learnt she was pregnant with a son.

Visiting Earth-1

Further information: Elseworlds (Arrowverse)

After Lois and Clark returned from Argo, they went and stayed in Clark's home house in Smallville. Together with Kara Danvers, they began upgrading the house barn, when Barry Allen and Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow and The Flash, respectively, from Earth-1 appeared, seeking Kara's help. Then, Cisco Ramon / Vibe appeared and informed them about A.M.A.Z.O.'s attack to Central City and seeks their help. Clark asks Lois if he can join the heroes, and she allows him. After Clark returns to his world, Lois joins him in the Fortress of Solitude, and have a dinner, until Barry, Oliver and Cisco appear again wanting Clark's help to defeat John Deegan who uses the Book of Destiny to destroy reality. Clark and Lois goes, and with the help of Brainiac, Kara, Barry and Oliver defeat him. After the battle, her and Clark go to the Fortress, where Clark proposes to her, with Lois saying "yes". Afterwards they go to Argo.

Crisis and searching the Multiverse

Further information: Crisis on Infinite Earths (Arrowverse)

Clark and Lois' peace was disrupted when a wave of anti-matter threatened and destroyed their planet, Argo. Both were teleported by Lyla Michaels / Harbinger, but their son, whom they had putted inside a pod and sent to Earth, went missing. Lyla informed the heroes that the anti-matter wave must be stopped at Lois' universe, dubbed Earth-38. Lois, Brainiac and Sara Lance / White Canary travel to Earth-16, where Brainiac had located her son's pod in that universe's Star City. There, in the Green Arrow's layer they found him, being protected by that universe's Oliver Queen. After thanking him, they return to the Waverider, where the other heroes were. As Lois reunites with her husband, she observes Oliver's death.

After the Monitor informs the heroes that there are seven individuals known as Paragons, who can defeat the Anti-Monitor, Lois volunteered to help find the Paragon of Truth. With Clark and Iris West-Allen, they begun searching the Multiverse for the Paragon, first traveling to Earth-75, where she watches the news of Superman's death, in the hands of Lex Luthor from her universe, using the Book of Destiny revealing that he is jumping to universes to kill all the Supermen, as one of them should be the Paragon. After that they visit Earth-167, where they meet with that universe's Clark Kent, but Lex, using the Book, kicks them from that Earth, but doesn't kill Clark, as he is powerless. The trio goes to Earth-96, where they meet the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, Clark Kent, who had suffered the loss of all of the people he cared for in a terroristic attack at the newspaper, thus making him the Paragon of Truth. In that moment Luthor appeared, using the Book, forcing Earth-96 Clark to attack Clark. They fight, but Lois knocked Lex out, thus Earth-96 Clark came back to his senses. Clark, Lois, Iris and Earth-96 Clark then returned to the Waverider, to join the other heroes. With the team's best efforts failing, the Multiverse is consumed by anti-matter. Then, a mind-controlled by the Anti-Monitor Harbinger appeared on the ship, killing the Monitor. Nash Wells / Pariah then sends the Paragons to the Vanishing Point, though her, Clark, Iris, John Diggle / Spartan, Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning and Ralph Dibny / Elongated Man are consumed by anti-matter, killing them.

After the fight between the Paragons with the Anti-Monitor and his forces result into victory for the first mentioned, Oliver, now a cosmic being called the Spectre, restarts the Multiverse, combining Lois' Earth, Earth-1 and Jefferson's Earth forming Earth-Prime, restoring everyone to life, including Lois. In the new universe, she calls Clark to infrom him that they have twin.

Life in Smallville

Investigating Morgan Edge

Further information: Superman & Lois (season 1)

With the Crisis over, Lois' memories adjusted to the new timeline, fully aware of and remembering her twin children and new history. Lois gave birth to twins, in 2007, Jonathan and Jordan. She was pregnant to a daughter, Natalie, but she had a miscarriage, an event that hunted her and Clark. To deal with that socking event, she went to phycological therapy. By 2009, Lois became a world-renowned journalist, being short-listed twice for the Pulitzer Prize.

Lois quited her job in the Daily Planet, after Morgan Edge bought the newspaper, started firing the personnel, and started becoming manipulative over his journalists, including Lois. When Clark learnt that his adoptive mother, Martha Kent, died from a stroke, Lois and her family go to Smallville, Kansas, to attend her funeral. There, she meets Clark's childhood friends Kyle Cushing and Lana Lang Cushing. During their stay, it is revealed that Jordan has superpowers, like his father. Lois and her husband decide to stay in Smallville, and start a new life there. In the small town, she starts working for the Smallville Gazette, a local newspaper. She starts invastigating Edge and his activities in Smallville, together with the editor-in-chief of the Gazette, Chrissy Beppo. The two were attacked by someone with Kryptonian powers, only to be stopped by Clark. Lois' research was disrupted when a man, called The Stranger started causing problems in Smallville. This attracted the attention of the Department of Defence, which sent General Sam Lane, her father, to contain the event. After his arrival, Lois and Sam had frequent arguments about Clark's actions and the way she was raising her children. Sometime later, Lois finds out Stranger's real identity, a man named John Henry Irons, and informs Clark that he is from another universe, as Irons of their universe was dead. Irons reveals to Clark that he and Lois were married, and had a daughter, Natalie, and he was in their universe because his was destroyed by Superman. After Clark makes it clear to Irons that he is not a threat to humanity, he leaves the town.

After a while Lois finds out that Egde wants to buy out the entire Smallville to exploit its resources of X-Kryptonite. Sometime later, Edge reveals to Clark that he is Kryptonian and the half brother of his, from his mother's side, with his true name being Tal-Rho. The two fight and Edge is able to brainwash him, and put the conciseness of General Zod in his mind. When Lois learnt that Clark was possessed, she called Irons to help him become Superman again. The two succeed, and Clark asked Irons to help him take down Edge, as he became the powerful Eradicator. The heroes defeated Edge and handed him to the Department of Defence. With the threat of Edge gone, she and Chrissy agreed to work together to improve the Smallville Gazette. As Lois, Clark, their sons and Irons were having a small chat before the last one was about to leave, a pod containing Natalie crushed infront of them.

Alternate versions


See also: Crisis on Infinite Earths (Arrowverse)

A version of the character appeared on Earth-75 in the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event. This version is mourning the death of her Superman who was killed by Lex Luthor of their world and was broadcast globally.


Main article: Lois Lane (Smallville)

A version of Lois appeared in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" on Earth-167. This Lois is married to Clark Kent, and lives in Smallville with their two daughters. It was revealed that this version of Superman gave up his powers to be with his family.

Unnamed Earth

See also: Superman & Lois

On an unnamed Earth, Lois a world renowned journalist and working for the Daily Planet is married to scientist John Henry Irons. They have a daughter togethe named, Natalie Irons. At some point, Superman had a breakdown and attacked Metropolis, killing Lois while she was reporting the attacks. When the anti-matter wave destroyed Earth, John and Natalie escaped to Earth-Prime.


Tulloch at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International
Tulloch at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International

Tulloch was cast as Lois Lane in September 2018.[13] The casting came as a surprise to many, as the crossover event was already pacted with characters, and was going to introduce Ruby Rose as Kate Kane / Batwoman.[14] After she was given her own show, comparison between her and Amy Adams's version of the character begun, with people calling Tulloch's version more accurate to the comics.[15] The portrayal of the character was praised by critics, but noted that sometimes she felt like a recurring role in her own show,[16][17] but made clear that she is a driving force.[18][19]

Cinemablend.com praised Tulloch for her performance, writing that thanks to her, the character became more prominent to the Arrowverse and Superman & Lois.[20] Fans also expressed their support for Tulloch, while highlighting that she is as important as Hoechlin's Superman is.[21][22][23] CBR.com added that Lois is comicbook accurate and Tulloch is doing an incredable job at displaying the "ambition, [Lois'] drive, and [Lois'] emotional vulnerability".[24] Others also supported the notion that Tulloch's Lois is "the glue holding Superman and Lois together" and exceeded all expectations.[25]

Comicbook tie-ins

Lois Lane was mentioned in one of the issues, titled "Attack Edge!" of the Supergirl tie-in comics, named Adventures of Supergirl.

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