Long March 6A
FunctionLaunch vehicle
ManufacturerShanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology
Country of originChina
Height50 m (160 ft)
Diameter3.35 m (11.0 ft)
Mass530,000 kg (1,170,000 lb)
Payload to 700 km (430 mi) SSO
Mass4,500 kg (9,900 lb)
Associated rockets
FamilyLong March
Launch history
Launch sitesTaiyuan LA-9A
Total launches2
First flight29 March 2022
Last flight11 November 2022
No. boosters4
Diameter2.0 m (6 ft 7 in)
Maximum thrust1,214 kN (273,000 lbf)
Total thrust4,828 kN (1,085,000 lbf)
First stage
Diameter3.35 m (11.0 ft)
Powered by2 YF-100
Maximum thrust2,376 kN (534,000 lbf) [1]
Specific impulse300 seconds (sea level)
335 seconds (vacuum) [2]
Second stage
Diameter3.35 m (11.0 ft)
Powered by1 YF-115
Maximum thrust180 kN (40,000 lbf) [1]
Specific impulse341.5 seconds (vacuum) [3]

The Long March 6A (Chinese: 长征六号甲运载火箭) or Chang Zheng 6A as in pinyin, abbreviated LM 6A for export or CZ 6A within China, is a Chinese launch vehicle of the Long March family, which was developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) [4] and the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST). The vehicle is a further development of the Long March 6, with 2 YF-100 engines on the first stage as opposed to 1 on the Long March 6, augmented by 4 solid rocket boosters. The Long March 6A is China's first rocket with solid rocket boosters. The maiden launch of the Long March 6A took place 29 March 2022, successfully reaching orbit.[5] It was also the first launch from the newly built launch complex 9A in Taiyuan.

List of launches

Main article: List of Long March launches

Flight number Serial number Date (UTC) Launch site Payload Orbit Result
1 Y1 29 March 2022
Taiyuan, LA-9A Pujiang-2
SSO Success
2 Y2 11 November 2022
Taiyuan, LA-9A Yunhai-3 SSO Success


After the release of the Yunhai 3 following the Y2 launch of 11 November 2022, the rocket's upper stage exploded and broke into more than 50 pieces of debris.[6]

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