Lord Strathcona Medal
Lord Strathcona Medal

The Lord Strathcona Medal, is the highest award which can be bestowed upon a Canadian cadet in recognition of exemplary performance in physical and military training.

Lord Strathcona's objectives in establishing his endowment were to:


This decoration consists of a circular copper medallion with ribbon.[1] On the obverse, in relief, is the effigy of Lord Strathcona, below the motto Agmina Ducens. On the reverse, the inscription "Strathcona Trust – Cadets of Canada" along the edge and "Honneur au mérite" at the centre. The ribbon, 1.25 inches (3.2 cm) wide, has three vertical burgundy stripes separated by two vertical green stripes. This medal is presented with an undress ribbon.

Criteria to receive the medal

The criteria for the Lord Strathcona Medal are found in CATO 13-16.[2][3] The criteria are the following: