Lox Club is a membership-based online dating application launched in 2020. Advertised as an "app for Jews with ridiculously high standards," Vogue called Lox Club the "Jewish Raya".[1]

Lox Club was founded by 29-year-old product designer Austin Kevitch, from Santa Monica, California, in 2020.[2] Kevitch claimed he created Lox Club as a joke in response to what he called "cringy" dating apps.[3] Early investors included rappers Lil Yachty and Bhad Bhabie.[4] By December 2020, the company had eight employees and over 10,000 members, with a two-week waitlist because every application was reviewed by eight people.[2][1] In early 2021, the company claimed its waitlist had 20,000 people.[4]

The app is open to both Jewish and non-Jewish members.[4] Kevitch described the app as, "It’s like a deli: culturally Jewish, but anyone can enjoy it."[2] For paying members, the app offers access to a matchmaker, with whom users can message to improve their profiles or find matches.[1][2]

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